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Quick Scope

Quick Scope

Quick Scope

These Quick Scope Instructions is an outdated version. If you purchased your controller after 1/14/2019 or want to get familiar with the latest software update please visit this page.

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Download PlayStation 4 Quick Scope Mod Instructions

What is Quick Scope Mod?

Quick Scope will get the timing and the aiming down for your sniper rifle just perfectly as it will scope in and fire the shot just as the gun scopes in. The mod is used in Call of Duty games.

How Do I Operate Quick Scope Mod?

To activate:

  • Hold down mod switch on the back
  • Tap L1 button (in default button layout). A special LED (2, 3 or 4) will turn ON and stay lit in RED, indicating that special feature has been activated.

Once mod is enabled, TAP L2 button (in default button layout) to fire a Quick Scope shot. The mod will automatically scope in, take the shot, and descope. If you hold down L2 button then the mod will scope in and be taking shots until you release the button.

The Quick Scope "Delay" (that is, the time from when you press the scope key to the time the shot is taken) can be programmed. Five customizable modes are available. These programmable modes can be used to tune in the quick scope for the various Call of Duty games. The delay might be slightly different for each game or even each gun.

To scroll to the next mode:

  • Make sure Quick Scope Mode is ON in order to change to the next modes
  • Hold down mod switch on the back
  • Hold down L1 button (in default button layout). A special LED (2, 3 or 4) will start blinking in RED. When a desired mode is reached, release buttons to stop changing modes.

Factory default speeds for the five modes:

  • Mode 1: 30 delay number
  • Mode 2: 40 delay number
  • Mode 3: 50 delay number
  • Mode 4: 60 delay number
  • Mode 5: 70 delay number

To turn OFF:

  • Hold down mod switch on the back
  • Tap L1 button (in default button layout). A special LED (2, 3 or 4) will turn OFF indicating that Quick Scope Mod has been turned OFF.

You can turn OFF all special modes (2, 3 and 4 LEDs) at any time by holding down mod switch on the back and taping X button. All 2, 3 and 4 LEDs will turn off indicating that all special features have been turned OFF.

What Games Is Quick Scope Mod Compatible With?

Quick Scope Mod is compatible with Call of Duty, Destiny, Battlefield and some other FPS games.

What Is Programming Mode?

Don't like the pre-tuned Quick Scope unit delays we've provided? Create-your-own!

Reprogram your Quick Scope delay to work with virtually sniper rifle gun in the Call of Duty series.

Quick Scope delays are programmed by individually setting the hundreds digit, the tens digit, and the ones digit. For example, if the reload delay is 30 units, "0" is the hundreds digit, "3" is the tens digit, and "0" is the ones digit. Any time an LED flashes very quickly, this means one of your numbers is set to "0". Otherwise, it will slowly blink the number.

How do I program in my very own custom Quick Scope unit delays?

You’ve mastered the use of Quick Scope and you’re ready to dial in your own custom Quick Scope speed. Quick Scope can accept a “delay number” from 0 through 255. The lower the number, the “faster” the quick scope.

  • Turn on Quick Scope and scroll to the mode you would like to edit.
  • Hold the mod switch on the back and then tap the PS-Home button. All four LEDs will light up in WHITE to let you know that it’s waiting for further input.
  • Tap L1 button. All four LEDs will blink in RED to let you know we’re going to start programming the quick scope delay.
  • Let’s say your speed started at a speed number of 30. The mod will blink the “hundreds” digit on LED 1. The mod will do a very quick flash to indicate a “0” number. Now, you can →
  • Tap the L2 Button to decrease the hundreds digit, or tap the R2 Button to increase the hundreds digit. The mod will blink to let you know what the current number is. When you’re happy with the number →
  • Tap the mod switch to move to the next number. Now we’re at the “tens” digit and the tens digit will blink on LED2. Follow the procedure from above;
  • Tap the L2 Button to decrease the tens digit, and tap the R2 Button to increase the tens digit.
  • Tap the mod switch to save that digit and move to the ones place.
  • Lastly, we’re at the ones place. Digits will blink on LED3. Follow the procedure from above one last time;
  • Tap the L2 Button to decrease the ones digit, and tap the R2 Button to increase the ones digit.
  • Tap the mod switch to save your selection. The mod will blink all LEDs in RED three more times to let you know that your new speed was saved.

The controller will always remember the last programming speed you have before powering down.

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