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Instructions For Mega Modz PS5 Controller With 4 Back Paddles

Mega Modz PS5 Pro
Controller With
4 Paddles
Perfectly Placed Ergonomic Back Buttons for Consistently Sharp Performance
Mega Modz PS5 Pro Controller With 4 Paddles

At a Glance

Extra 4 paddles/buttons can be installed on the controller, and these extra buttons can be re-mapped to perform the function of any stock button. For example, the re-mappable button can be set up to control the operational buttons (ABXY), so that any time the user presses the re-mappable button, the modchip presses those buttons for them. Remappable buttons are generally used so that the player doesn’t have to move their thumbs away from the thumbsticks during gameplay.

Please refer to the table below for all (15) remappable stock controller buttons:

  • D-pad Up
  • D-pad Down
  • D-pad Left
  • D-pad Right
  • L1
  • R1
  • L2
  • R2
  • X
  • Circle
  • Square
  • Triangle
  • Right Stick
  • Left Stick
  • Touchpad

NOTE: For this back button configuration only the Straight Remap function is possible—no multiple-button binding. If you are interested in what Mega Modz Macro Remap functionality can do, please visit this page.

TIP: One controller stock button function can be remapped to two back paddles.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with any game on the market.
  • Four Tactile Rear Buttons allow multiple Straight Remap configurations
  • LED Indicator for easy customization
  • Dedicated switch to enter a programming mode and configure inputs on the fly



There are 3 main components besides the stock controller buttons involved in the process of configuring rear buttons.

LED Indicator

The LED Indicator gives the user feedback (flashing or staying lit in red) whenever a programming mode is entered, the back buttons get assigned or the assignment gets canceled.

PS5 LED Indicator Schema

Mod Button

It is an additional built-in button located in the center of the attachment. The main and only purpose of it is to simplify the configuration process.

PS5 Mod Button Schema

Back Buttons

These two large and 2 small ergonomic buttons are located on the back of the controller in the area of middle and ring finger placement. The location of these buttons is very convenient because the user does not have to reach for them.

PS5 4 Back Buttons Schema

Pairing Stock Buttons

In order to assign controller buttons to the back K1/K2/K3/K4 paddles please follow these steps:

NOTE: Make sure the controller is turned ON and synced to the console

  • Press and hold the Mod Button on the back for 5 seconds.
    The LED Indicator will light up in Red (small red dot) indicating that the modchip has entered the programming mode and is waiting for further input.
  • Hold down the desired controller stock buttons and then hold down the paddle/button you want to be paired with for 3 seconds.
    The red LED light will flash 3 times quickly and stay lit, indicating that the assignment has been successful.
  • Proceed to configure the rest buttons following the same steps if needed.

TIP: You can cancel the previously configured buttons assignment by following the same steps as above: controller button + back button for 3 sec. In the event of cancellation, the red LED light will flash 3 times slowly, indicating that the assignment has been canceled and the back button is cleared

  • Press and hold the Mod Button on the back for 5 seconds to exit the programming mode.
    The red LED Indicator will turn OFF, indicating that the modchip has exited the programming mode.

NOTE: The back buttons won't perform in the programming mode. It’s important not to miss the step above in order to utilize the back paddles assignment in the game.

  • Now, you are ready to get the W !!! Anytime you press the assigned button the modchip will press the stock button on your behalf.

TIP: You can Factory Reset (clear assignments all at once) the back buttons by entering the programming mode (mod button + 5 sec) first, and then holding down the following controller buttons: D-pad Up, D-pad Left, Triangle, Circle, L1, and R1 for 7 seconds. After completing the Factory Reset the modchip will exit the programming mode automatically.

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