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PS4 Modded Controller Instructions

Are you new to a PS4 modding technology and would like to learn how your gaming controller can boost your performance? You are at the right place - PS4 Main Menu offers 3 windows containing all necessary information regarding product operation.

Click here to read about the specifics of our next-gen PS4 modchip. We suggest you visit this page first to learn more about the hardware abilities and how it can affect your character's performance.

Click here to learn how to operate/set up/program each of the mods and how to scroll between available factory sub-modes.

Click here to see how to use our mods in drawings.

You are welcome to enable one shooting mod and up to three special features at one time. You can also use your brand-new gadget as a regular controller by not activating any pre-installed mod features.

Now when you've learned the theory, it's time to try the mods in action. Happy Shooting!

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