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Modded Controllers Modded Controllers Modded Controllers

PS5/PS4 Modded Controller Instructions

Are you new to DualShock and DualSense modding technology and would like to learn how the Mega Modz gaming controller can boost your performance? 

You are at the right place:

Instruction pages provide information on all features available for PS4, PS5, and DualSense Edge controllers and are divided into sections with detailed information.

* Instructions for PS4, PS5, and DualSense Edge mods are almost identical. In places where they are different, additional notes are provided*

General Info - Start with this page to learn the concept of our technology and how to work your PS4, PS5, or DualSense Edge mod

All PlayStation Mods - Learn how to operate each mod

Illustrated Manual - Check how to use mods in drawings

Macro Remapping - Learn how macros can help you play video games

Every page with instructions can be downloaded and printed off.

Now that you've learned the steps, it's time to try the Mega Mods technology in your favorite video games.

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