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Best Xbox Series X Mod Controllers By Mega Modz

Xbox Series X modded controller delivers a powerful mix of software and hardware innovations developed by Microsoft along with the latest modding technology installed by Mega Modz. The new generation of Xbox controllers feature a series of improvements aimed to appeal to more players. Overall shape and some components like the d-pad have been re-designed to better ergonomics. Advanced connectivity capabilities, instant sharing social and reduced latency contribute to enhanced user experience as well.

Upgraded with the latest modchip, the Xbox Series X modded controllers help the gamer play favorite first-person shooters and battle royale titles while competing with pro players effortlessly. This is achieved via using mods, such as Advanced Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Akimbo and others with each of them adding more fun to your gameplay.

Mega Modz is known for being a developer of exclusive functional features not available anywhere else on the market. Each big title is marked by the release of a mod built especially for it. Auto Heal is a COD Black Ops 4 exclusive mod that optimizes the healing process in the game. Armor Repair Assist has been engineered exclusively for Warzone and allows to repair armor while not keeping focus on the action. The highly requested Auto Mark mod is now a part of Auto Spot mod and lets you spot the enemies in Warzone with one click.

You are welcome to build your gamepad the way you want it via a state-of-the-art Xbox Series S Controller Creator. On there, you are able to select desired mods, add highly popular Trigger Locks together with Remmapable Buttons and play around with the appearance of your controller. Trying different skins, colored, and textured components before settling for a final look is a fun and fast process. Best gear of Xbox Series X is ready for you, are you ready to up your game?

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