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Important Update
Mega Modz is ceasing operations and liquidating the beloved business following a combination of challenging economic factors and declining sales since 2023. This was an extremely difficult decision that we reached only after many months of careful evaluation. We want to thank all our customers for trusting in our brand for all these years.

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Why Mega Modz

who we are

We are in business of building custom modded controllers for Xbox and PlayStation from simple models with few design and functional modifications to state of the art custom designed gadgets with advanced multi mod packages installed to meet aesthetic and technical needs of players around the globe.

The co-founders of Mega Modz got engaged in the modding industry in 2008, right about when it all started. Having learned each aspect of the business from the production process to customer relation management, we felt confident to start our own company. Mega Modz was founded in 2011 by a group of creative like-minded gamers with a deep knowledge of the gaming industry and a strong desire to be first and produce the best. With the appearance of controller modification service we realized we have found our calling. Our passion coupled with our knowledge has become a business. We love what we do, we know what we offer and we are responsible for what we produce.

why you need our product

If you:

  • Want to constantly be on the list of top players
  • Want to add extra abilities to your character performance
  • Want to increase a controller usability via remapping buttons functionality
  • Want to own a unique looking modded controller

Then you came to the right place. At MegaModz online store you can find custom modded controllers for Xbox One & Elite, Sony PS4 and Nontendo Switch built from scratch to fit your gaming style and ambitions.


We believe that 2 main factors that determine the success of any business are quality product and customer satisfaction. Therefore we will never intentionally misrepresent a product, steal your money or leave you without assistance. Everything we do is genuine and every controller we sell is guaranteed 100% authentic Microsoft, Sony PlayStation or Nintendo Switch product modified and tested by the team of our professional technicians. We provide sales support to new customers to ensure you will make a knowledgeable decision when selecting features for your controller and our strongest point is a post purchase technical support to existing customers where our tech agents will troubleshoot any issues you may have with a product and/or walk you through step by step on how to operate each mod correctly for the best possible performance.

how to contact us

We offer 24/7 email support and Live Chat

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