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PlayStation 4 Modded Controllers

State-Of-The-Art Lineup of PS4 Controllers

If you are not happy with your performance in favorite shooting games, there is a quick solution that will dramatically improve your Kills to Death ratio and get you on top of the player list. Mega Modz offers many design and functional modifications available for PS4 controllers that will provide a better and more intense gaming experience as opposed to regular PlayStation remotes.

Great Features For First Person Shooter Games

You are welcome to select from 14 different mods with each of them adding a special skill to the performance of your gaming character. These modifications are similar to perks that you get to unlock as a game progress that will enable your character to shoot and reload weapons faster, aim with better accuracy, perform jumps or drops with simultaneous shooting and many others.

PS4 options can be added through pre-configured bundles or individually to ensure a personalized experience with our modding technology.

Advanced Controller Creator Like No Other

We understand that your brand new modified remote will be an accessory used in your gaming routine daily, therefore its appearance is very important. Tons of add-ons offered in controller configurator will help you efficiently create your own design and add more usability to a product via various anti grip options.

Budget Friendly Controller Prices

On our website you will be able to find products at the prices you can afford plus take advantage of the mod bundle deals, sale of the day items and other promotions. At a low price you will be able to get the latest version of Mega Modz modchip with the same functions and features that are on the more expensive models by going with a simpler design.

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