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Order Processing time will depend on the type of product selected and will vary from 3 to 5 business days. Same Day Assembly (24-hour order completion) option may or may not be available for your product type. You will be able to check it along with an ETA at checkout. Thank you for choosing us.



Modded Controllers Modded Controllers

Build Your Own PS5 Controller

Custom DualSense 5 Gaming Controller

PS5 DualSense Controller is a gaming controller of the future loaded with state-of-the-art technical capabilities allowing the player to get immersed into the action on-screen on a much intense level. Once upgraded with Mega Modz modded technology, the PS5 controller becomes even more powerful as it now offers additional layers of functionality to the product. More information on the PS5 controller and its modifications can be found here.

You can build your controller exactly per your performance needs and customize the look to your liking via the advanced Controller Creator platform. Available design add-ons are laid out on the right-hand side of the page offering you an ability to try various colors and textures available for the product body and components, see how they match each other, and ultimately create your own customized PS5 controller.

The two main types of performance upgrades involve either adding standard mods via the Mods option such as Rapid Fire, Dropshot, etc that improve gameplay in all popular shooting and battle royale series (Call of Duty, Destiny, Fortnite, etc). Another PS5 controller modification comes in the Macros tab and offers an exclusive Macro Remap chip that can be used with a game on any genre.

Gameplay enhancements do not end here and include the Advanced Back Buttons option which goes way beyond standard remap functionality. It offers more modified inputs, such as turbo, continuous press, and more.

Trigger Locks is another modification widely popular among pro players, as its trigger travel distance adjusting functionality comes in handy in practically all video games on the market. To get a better understanding of all PS5 controller modifications delivered by Mega Modz, you are welcome to join our online community of passionate gamers where we discuss PS5 products, games, and share tips.


Product Name: PS5 Wireless Controller
Color/Design: Choose Your Own
Compatible Platform(s): PlayStation 5, PC
Connectivity Technology: Wireless
Wireless Range: 30-40 feet
Bluetooth connectivity: Yes
USB Receiver: Yes
Included Accessories: Not Available
Required Battery: Built-in Lithium-ion
Haptic Feedback: Yes
Rumble Vibration: 2 HD Rumble Motors
Model Number: N/A
Customization App: Not Available
Headset Jack: 3.5mm
Remap Buttons: 2 "Programmable Remap" Buttons are Optional
Paddle System/Pro Buttons: Optional
Interchangeable Components: Not Available
Hair Trigger Locks: Not Available
Adjustable weight: Not Available
Indicator Light(s): 4 LED Lights Mod Indicator
Illumination: Not Available
Modified: Optional
Mod Switch: Optional
Rapid Fire Mod: Optional
Special Mods: Optional
Turbo Buttons: Optional
Macros: Optional
Standard: 90 Days
Extended: 1 Year
Choking Hazard Warning: No
Assembly Time: 3-5 Business Days


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