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Modded Controllers Modded Controllers Modded Controllers Modded Controllers

Compatible Mods for Call Of Duty games


The Time Has Come. Show Off Your Skills With MegaModz Controllers


COD Ghosts
Outperform Your Competitors With Ghosts Compatible Multi Mod Controller

Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2
Get The Ultimate Black Ops 2 Modded Controller

Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3
Improve Your Kill/Death Ratio With COD Modern Warfare 3 High Performance Controller.

Black Ops

Black Ops
Get Your Gaming Performance To The Next Level With COD Black Ops Rapid Fire Controller

Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2
Experience The Ultimate Game Play With Exclusive Controllers For COD Modern Warfare 2

World At War

World At War
Discover A New Level Of Gaming With WAW Compatible Rapid Fire Controller

COD Modded Controllers

At this section of the website you will find the latest remotes for Xbox and PlayStation systems compatible with all Call of Duty games. You will be able to find the information about mods available for the COD game of your interest and select a product that comes equipped with all compatible features by default. The option of adding mod packs one by one onto any custom designed gaming pad you like is also available.

Call Of Duty Titles

COD is the most successful and positively appraised first-person shooter franchise published and owned by Activision. Its story began over a decade ago with over 250 million total units sold worldwide. World famous Black Ops 3, Black 2, Modern Warfare 3 are considered to be the most popular installments of the series. Experimental games such as Advanced Warfare release and Ghosts haven’t gained that many fans.

Call Of Duty Game Mods

COD-ready features offered by Mega Modz support a number of functionalities designed to improve your gaming experience. They include shooting mods such as Rapid Fire, Akimbo etc., and other functional perks that will benefit your character in a variety of ways with an ability to aim better, shoot and drop or jump simultaneously and much more. Most mods come with several factory settings to choose from and some offer a programming mode where you can customize the settings.

All COD games with 3 standard modes: Campaign, Multiplayer and Zombie. Our mod options are compatible with all three of them with an exception of Zombie Auto Aim perk that doesn't work in the Multiplayer.

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