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All PlayStation 5 and 4 Mods

Mega Modz Armor Repair Mod For PS5/PS4

Armor Repair Assist

Mega Modz Akimbo Mod For PS5/PS4


Mega Modz Auto Burst Mod For PS5/PS4

Auto Burst

Mega Modz Auto Heal Mod For PS5/PS4

Auto Heal

Mega Modz Auto Sprint Mod For PS5/PS4

Auto Sprint

Mega Modz Auto Spot/Ping Mod For PS5/PS4

Auto Spot/Ping

Mega Modz Drop Shot+Jump Shot Mod For PS5/PS4

DropShot + JumpShot

Mega Modz Dual Trigger RF Mod For PS5/PS4

Dual Trigger

Mega Modz Fast Reload Mod For PS5/PS4

Fast Reload

Mega Modz Jitter Mod For PS5/PS4


Mega Modz Button Layouts Feature For PS5/PS4


Mega Modz Quick Scope Mod For PS5/PS4

Quick Scope

Mega Modz Rapid Fire Mod For PS5/PS4

Rapid Fire

Mega Modz Sniper Breath Mod For PS5/PS4

Sniper Breath

Mega Modz Turbo Melee Mod For PS5/PS4

Turbo Melee

Mega Modz Zombie/Auto Aim Mod For PS5/PS4


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You are looking at the menu with all mods that are available for PS4 modded controllers on the current market. Mega Modz Planet modding technology offers 15 exclusive packs including the mods that have never been introduced for Play Station controllers of previous generations before.

Here are some heads up about the new-gen PS4 chip and its improvements compared to the previous version.

The brand new mods for PS4 are Auto Sprint, Auto Spot and Jump Shot.

Drop Shot Pack now offers 2 sub-modes as opposed to the previous mod version that only had one configuration. Now users can choose if they want to drop to the ground and shoot no matter what or if they don’t want to drop in certain situations, for example falling on the ground and shooting won’t be beneficial when taking cover and firing.

PS4 Akimbo mod pack now features Mimic sub-mode that allows users to shoot both fully auto dual wield pistols with a press of the Right Trigger only. When using Mimic mode with Primary single weapon, the modchip will press the Left Trigger for you so that your soldier will scope in and shoot until you release the Right Trigger.

A number of PS4 mods now offers a Programing Mode where users can set up custom speeds or unit delays in addition to factory settings. Programmable mods now are Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Akimbo, Jitter, Quick Scope, Fast Reload, Turbo Melee.

Overall PS4 modchip of the next generation delivers a more intense and deep gaming experience compared to the previous version software as it offers more functions and more flexibility to users. An ability to program your own settings for many of the mods also contributes to a better engagement in the game as now users can adjust the abilities of the gaming character 100% to their liking.

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