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Mega Modz Button Layouts Feature For PlayStation Controller

You’re about to read the latest and up-to-date PS4 Pro Modded Controller instructions. If you’ve purchased your controller before 1/14/2019 then visit the archived page as you may not happen to have the updated version.

This article contains the following sections:



At Glance

Button layout maps allow users to activate and use all controller mods in 9 additional configurations on top of the standard Default option. Mods such as Rapid Fire, DropShot, Fast Reload etc will now work on your favorite game button layout as long as you set the appropriate mode on your controller.

Keep in mind the feature does not come standard by default and has to be purchased either individually or through Multi-Mod packages.


Changing Button Layouts

Begin Here:

  • Change the desired button layout in your game settings (Lefty, Tactical, etc.)
  • Activate desired mod (Drop Shot, Rapid Fire, etc.)

Switch to a different button layout on your controller:

  • Hold the mod switch on the back and then tap the PS Home button (PS4 or PS5 Controller) or D-pad Up (DualSense Edge controller) to enter the mod programming menu. All four LEDs will turn WHITE awaiting your further selection.
  • Press the Triangle button to change your button layout. The mod will blink all four LEDs in WHITE to confirm that you are now about to change your button layout.
  • Press the R2 button to go to the next button layout.
  • Press the L2 button to go to the previous button layout.

There are 10 button layout maps available:

Layout Number Layout Name Indication
1 Default
2 Tactical
3 Lefty
4 Nom4d
5 Nom4d Tactical
6 Default Flipped
7 Tactical Flipped
8 Lefty Flipped
9 Nom4d Flipped
10 Nom4d Tac Flipped
  • Tap the mod switch to save your selection. All four LEDs will blink three times to confirm that your selection was saved.

NOTE: Keep in mind that you can activate desired mods in layouts other than Default by tapping on the buttons responsible for specific actions in the game. Example: You activate Rapid Fire by holding down the mod button on the back and tapping “Fire Button”, which is the R2 in Default, and the L2 in Lefty. To activate Drop Shot you will hold down the mod button and tap the crouch button which will be the Circle button in default, and the Right Stick in Tactical.

NOTIFICATIONS: Mega Modz modchip technology notifies you when mods get turned ON and OFF. The modchip will send a signal to rumble motors anytime you activate or deactivate mods. The feature will allow you to focus on gameplay and keep your eyes on the screen without looking at the LED Indicator.

Want to learn more about Mega Modz Haptic Technology? Click Here

Happy shooting!

Having issues operating your Mega Modz Controller? Visit our Community Forums for troubleshooting.


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