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Mega Modz Zombie/Auto Aim Mod For Xbox Series X/One

You’re about to read the latest and up to date Xbox One S Modded Controller instructions. If you’ve purchased your controller before 4/19/2019 then visit the archived page as you may not happen to have the updated version.

This article contains the following sections:



At Glance

In special Campaign and Zombie modes in COD games, repeatedly pulling the Left Trigger will cause the sights to lock-on to the nearest enemy.

Zombie mod allows the player to auto-aim to the nearest enemy's head or chest when scoping a rifle.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Auto Aim Mod doesn't work in the Multiplayer mode
  • You will still have to keep your crosshair close to the enemy as the Mod won’t lock-on to the enemy across the screen
  • The modchip presses and releases the Aim Buttons a number of times causing your rifle to shake. You can get a better idea about the Mod mechanics via the video:

In Depth

Turning the Mod ON & OFF

To turn the Mod ON

  • Hold down the mod button on the back of the controller.
  • Hold down the Right Bumper and then tap the Left Trigger.

How To Turn Zombie Mod On

How To Turn Zombie Mod On

How To Turn Zombie Mod On

One of the open LEDs will glow in WHITE indicating that special feature has been activated.

How To Turn Zombie Mod On

  • Pull the Left Trigger like normal to aim and move the target near a zombie, the mod will pulse the scope-weapon button and cause the crosshairs to lock onto the nearest enemy.

Want to learn more how LED MOD Indicator works? Click here

To turn the Mod OFF

The mod can be turned OFF the same way it has been turned ON (see above).

Modes located on 2 - 4 LED Indicator slots (Including Zombie) can be turned OFF all at once by holding down the mod button on the back and tapping the button A.

How To Turn Zombie Mod Off

How To Turn Zombie Mod Off

All 2, 3 and 4 LEDs will turn off indicating that all special features have been turned OFF.

Compatible Games

Zombie Mod is compatible with Campaign and Zombie modes in Call of Duty games. The only exception is the AW Zombie.

Happy shooting!

Having issues operating your Zombie Mod? Visit our Help Desk for troubleshooting.

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