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Auto Spot/Ping

Auto Spot/Ping

Mega Modz Auto Spot Mod For Xbox Series X/One

You’re about to read the latest and up to date Xbox One S Modded Controller instructions. If you’ve purchased your controller before 4/19/2019 then visit the archived page as you may not happen to have the updated version.

This article contains the following sections:



At Glance

Auto Spot is a very useful mod designed especially for Battlefield games. You know that you can help your team in BF by spotting an enemy that will show on your teammates’ radar. You may earn extra points once a spotted enemy is defeated. This action is accomplished by manually pressing the Right Bumper on the Xbox One controller. With activated Auto Spot you no longer have to press the Right Bumper, as the mod will automatically do it for you every time you scope your weapon.

Auto Spot can also be configured to press the ‘spotting button’ (Right Bumper) every 3 seconds automatically.

The mod works well on Battlefield 4 and 1. However, it works differently on the latest BF 5 since the spotting system has been changed in BF5 dramatically.

Update 1/4/2021

The Auto Spot Mod now features 4 sub-modes. The 3RD and 4TH “Enemy Auto Ping” sub-mode are designed to be utilized in Modern Warfare Warzone.

Enemy Ping Game Mechanics.

In Warzone, you can ping enemies and danger by double-tapping “UP” on the D-pad. Pinging is context-sensitive, meaning the ping depends on what you’re currently looking at.

  • When you want to specifically alert teammates about enemies in an exact area, then double-tap on the D-pad “UP” button, and enemies will appear marked to you and your squadmates, as long as you have LOS (line of sight). If the LOS is broken, the last location where you had a visual of the enemy turns into a hostile ping marker.
  • Danger doesn’t require you to look at anything specific, so you can ping the area that you suspect might have enemies hiding in it or an area where you recently spotted hostiles. If you press the ping button (D-Pad UP) twice, then a red marker will appear. This is a danger ping, and it signals to your squad that the designated area may be unsafe.

Auto Ping Mod Mechanics.

The Mod has been designed to ease the enemy pinging process and take away the need to double-tap on the D-pad “UP” button to perform standard pinging. Accomplishing this action may make you lose the game rhythm by unnaturally moving your right-hand fingers to the left side of the controller; which will lead to the loss of control of the right stick and operational buttons located on the right side.

Here is how it works:

  1. Activate the Mod and scroll to the 3RD or 4TH sub-modes.
  2. Anytime you scope in your rifle, press the X button (3RD Sub-mode) or Left Stick (4TH Sub-mode) one time while aiming at the enemies. The modchip will then take over and double-tap the d-pad “UP” button on your behalf. Your enemies will get marked.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • f you're using the 3RD Sub-mode make sure your gun magazine is always full before performing Auto Pinging. Otherwise, your character will start reloading the gun right after performing the Auto Ping.
  • If you don’t look directly at the enemies while performing Auto Pinging then you will ping Danger (see above - game mechanics section)
  • The ADS button has to be pressed for you to perform Auto Pinging. The secondary function (double-tapping on the D-Pad) of the X button (3RD Sub-mode) only becomes available when you ADS your weapon. The same thing is true for the 4TH sub-mode and the Left Stick.

In Depth

Turning the Mod ON & OFF

To turn the Mod ON

  • Hold down the mod button on the back of the controller.
  • Hold down the Right Bumper and then tap UP on D-pad.

How To Turn Auto Spot Mod Onf

How To Turn Auto Spot Mod On

How To Turn Auto Spot Mod On

One of the open LEDs will glow in Yellow indicating that special feature has been activated.

How To Turn Auto Spot Mod On

Want to learn more how LED MOD Indicator works? Click here

To turn the Mod OFF

The mod can be turned OFF the same way it has been turned ON (see above).

Modes located on 2 - 4 LED Indicator slots (Including Auto Spot) can be turned OFF all at once by holding down the mod button on the back and tapping the button A.

How To Turn Auto Spot Mod Off

How To Turn Auto Spot Mod Off

All 2, 3 and 4 LEDs will turn off indicating that all special features have been turned OFF.

Checking Current Sub-Mode

Auto Spot offers 2 sub-modes. You can always check what sub-mode you have currently active by following these steps:

  • Hold down the mod button on the back.
  • Hold down the Right Bumper and then hold down UP on the D-pad for 3 seconds.

How To Check Current Auto Spot Sub-mode

How To Check Current Auto Spot Sub-mode

How To Check Current Auto Spot Sub-mode

The LED indicator will flash all 4 slots in WHITE indicating that the modchip entered the sub-mode menu. Then it will show the number of a sub-mode you have active:

  • 1ST Sub-mode - 1 Red LED, the top left LED slot is taken
  • 2ST Sub-mode - 2 Red LEDs, top left and right slots are taken
  • 3RD Sub-mode - 3 Red LEDs, top left, top right, and bottom left slots are taken
  • 4TH Sub-mode - 4 Red LEDs

How To Check Current Auto Spot Sub-mode

Upon checking the sub-mode, the modchip will take you to the place you were before in 3 seconds automatically. You are welcome to expedite the process by pressing the mod button on the back and exiting the sub-mode menu.

Changing Sub-Modes

To change Auto Spot sub-modes, you will have to go thru a sub-mode checking menu first (see above):

  • Hold down the mod button on the back.
  • Hold down the Right Bumper and then hold down D-pad UP button for 3 seconds.

The LED indicator will flash all 4 slots in WHITE indicating that the modchip entered the sub-mode menu.
It will then show the number of a sub-mode you have active currently.

  • Use the Right Trigger to increase the number of a sub-mode or use the Left Trigger to go down on a sub-mode.
  • To save the setting, you will have to press the Mod Button.

NOTE: Keep in mind, there is a “3-second rule” that applies every time you check or change sub-modes. If you’ve been inactive for more then 3 seconds, the modchip will exit checking/changing sub-mode menu automatically

There are 4 sub-modes available:

Sub-Modes Performance Games
1 Spotting button (RB) is being pressed when aiming down sight Battlefield 4, 1 and 5
2 Spotting button (RB) is being pressed every 3 seconds automatically Battlefield 4 and 1
3 Spotting button (D-Pad Up) is getting pressed when ADS and tapping X Button COD Warzone
4 Spotting button (D-Pad Up) is getting pressed when ADS and pushing IN Left Stick COD Warzone

SUB-MODE 1 NOTE:‚Äč If you hit the traditional “spot” button in Battlefield 5, you’ll place a marker exactly where your aim is pointing. This marker will remain stationary, drawing your team’s attention, but not tracking enemies. In Battlefield 1 and previous games, players could tag an enemy and have a dot appear above their head. This dot would remain visible for a few seconds, allowing teammates to train their fire on the easy-to-see marker. It doesn’t work like that in BF5. Players can spot a location, but that’s it.

BATTLEFIELD TIP: In BF5, the Scout’s gadget can tag and track enemies in a more traditional way.

Compatible Games

Auto Spot mod is compatible with Battlefield 4,1 and 5. Auto Ping feature is compatible with COD Warzone.

Happy shooting!

Having issues operating your Auto Spot Mod? Visit our Help Desk for troubleshooting.

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