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Xbox Series X/One Modded Controller Instructions

If you are not very familiar with what the Rapid Fire modding technology is all about and want to learn how our controllers can benefit your gaming performance - you are on the right page. You can see the main menu for Xbox One that has 3 windows with the answers to all your questions. We encourage you to click on all 3 of them now to ensure you get all the information on how to make the best out of your mod.

GENERAL INFO ON ALL MODS will provide you with the information on the technical aspect on our next-gen modchip.

ALL MODS will give you the detailed description and steps on how to operate/set up/switch throughout the mods and sub-modes so you will be able to make a full use of your brand new Xbox One modded controller.

ILLUSTRATED MANUAL offers drawings instructions on each and every mod.

Every Xbox One modded controller comes with pre-installed Rapid Fire of the next-gen that delivers 10 factory speeds and a programming mode where you can customize default settings and set up your own fire rates. You can use Mega Modz modded Xbox One controller as a regular controller - simply do not turn Rapid Fire on and it will play just like a controller that originally came with your Xbox One console.

You are welcome to activate up to 3 non-shooting mods at once in addition to Rapid Fire (or other shooting mod on slot 1) if you added them to your controller.

We guarantee the highest quality of the product and the gaming experience of the next level.

You are all set to start enjoying the gaming performance of another level!

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