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Instructions For Mega Modz Xbox Series X LED Controller

Instructions For Mega Modz Xbox LED Controller


The Mega Modz Xbox Series X LED Mod offers 7 illuminating colors: red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, cyan, And 2 additional sub-modes with slow and fast blinking, cycling through all available colors. RGB Lighting can be turned OFF at any time.

The Illuminating components on the controller are the following:

  • Right & Left Sticks
  • D-pad
  • ABXY
  • Menu, View, and Share




There are 2 stock controller buttons involved in the process of configuring LED Illumination on the Mega Modz RGB Xbox Controller.

The configuring buttons are the following:

  • Menu Button
  • View Button
XSX LED Indicator

Depending on the operational step a combination of these buttons needs to be either quickly pressed or held down for a certain amount of time.

Turning the Controller LED Illumination ON and OFF

To turn the Controller’s Illumination ON, please follow the steps below:

  • Hold down the Menu button for approximately 7 seconds
Xbox Series X LED Indicator
Hold down the Menu button for 7 seconds

All Illuminating Components on the controller will light in the color/mode you’ve used before powering down the controller last time.

  • Use the same steps as above to turn the Illumination OFF.


Changing LED Colors/Modes

  • To change the LED color/mod quickly press and release the combination of the View and Menu Buttons
Menu buttons LED Indicator Xbox Series X
Quickly press the View and Menu buttons at the same time

All Illuminating Components on the controller will change the color/mode.

Please refer to the table below with LED colors/modes

  1. Red Color
  2. Green Color
  3. Blue Color
  4. Yellow Color
  5. Pink Color
  6. Purple Color
  7. Cyan Color
  8. Slow Blinking Mod
  9. Fast Blink Mode

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