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Vanguard PS5

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22 hours ago, Noel White said:

Would the modded ps5 controller work with the new update on the PS5 due to Vanguard anti cheat system?

Hello Noel, 

Great question! - YES, Mega Modz PS5 modded controllers will work with COD Vanguard after the  ROCOCHET anti cheat update. Same applies to all other COD titles. 

Our mods is not something that hacks the game code or anything of that nature.

Please see more details on the subject in this thread .


22 hours ago, Noel White said:

where can I find the instruction

Here they are. 


22 hours ago, Noel White said:

Are there updates to the controllers? if how often? 

Updates happen periodically, not too often. The PS5 controller mod technology is up to date, the latest PRO feature released was the Back Button Attachmen. No updates are planned in the nearest future. 

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