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  1. Get on target better with Sniper Breath mod! PS5 Sniper Breath Written Tutorial with more tips. Video Instructions:
  2. Quick Scope will help you master your sniper riffles efforlessly. Check out a comprehensive PS5 Quick Scope written tutorial with more tips.
  3. Hi Dennis, It's a new feature and I am happy to tell you more about it. “Soft” and “Stiff” refer to the push force which is the amount of power you need to generate to engage these mechanisms. The Soft version has a 0.6 N micro switch, the Stiff one has a 1.2 N. They both feel like a mouse click but with different resistance and they both produce a clicky sound. This mainly depends on your gaming style and how hard you prefer to push buttons on your controller. I hope this helps. Let us know which option you ended up getting and how its working out for you 😀
  4. Hello Audie, There are 3 options for the PS5 controller back buttons: - Macro Remap (remap, turbo auto double and tripe tap, continious press) - Straight Remap - a standard, well known button remapping - Turbo Mod - a popular, good old button mashing Macro remap is a stand alone macro chip that can not be combined with standard popular mods (rapid fire etc). Advanced and Straight Remap options can be installed together with mods, and in fact, that is the most popular combination for FPS games. What games do you play? I will advise you on the best option for your needs..
  5. Fast Reload can become a little treaky as there is no universal setting. There is a specific sub-mode to be selected for every weapon. See the Weapon/Sub-mode Chart along more tips via a comprehensive PS5 Fast Reload written tutorial. Simple video instructions:
  6. Yes, the Fate pack has been created for Destiny games specifically. Absolutely! You can use it with Call of Duty, Apex, Fortnite, Battlefield and others https://megamodz.com/games.
  7. Hello Pedro, Destiny 2 mods offered are Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, JumpShot and Quick Scope. You can see more details on each mod here: https://megamodz.com/games/other/destiny-2. Rapid Fire helps with recoil with fully auto weapons (no other weapon types). There is no other special anti recoil mod offered at this time. Check out a very detailed customer review about Rapid Fire and recoil in this thread
  8. Hi Trevor, Operating your controller is very easy. Follow steps from here (you want to read all the tips from the written tutorial for maximizing mods performance https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one And here is a video guide [starting from 1:40] showing most popular mods setup on COD. We are here to help, ask us any questions! -
  9. Mimi, from the bottom of our hearts - IT IS A PLEASURE 🧡
  10. Guys, Watch a VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to operate DROPSHOT JUMPSHOT PS5 mod 🔥 You will learn how to activate each sub-mode, how to change between them and set custom settings. See step-by-step mod PS5 written instructions. Any questions? Ask us - we are always here to help.
  11. UPDATE🔥🔥 The Mechanical Shoulder Hair Trigger & Bumpers Buttons for the PS5 controller are UPDATED and AVAILABLE NOW! Add the option to your PS5 controller NOW : https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller With it, your buttons will react more flexibly and stable during the game. The ergonomic design micro switches are more stable and durable, work by pressing at 0.6N and 1.2N depending on the model (stiff or soft), and have an increased lifespan of over 3 million cycles. Product Features: The Micro Switch Clicky hair trigger kit will always maintain full speed in racing games. The Micro Switch Clicky trigger kit will significantly improve the function of shoulder buttons on the PS5 controller. These accessories will help you fire faster and save valuable time during fast FPS or shooter games. The micro switch is added to the kit, providing an excellent button touch. It is more durable and practical, unlike the soft and weak sound before. Just press down 0.5mm, and the function of L1-R1 can be triggered, saving 1 times the distance. The distance of R2-L2 can be shortened by more than 4.6 times, you can shoot gently down 1.5mm.
  12. Guys, Watch a VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to operate RAPID FIRE PS5 mod 🔥 You will learn the default setttings, how to activate/deactivate the mod, switch between the sub-modes and program own settings. Step-by-step PS5 Rapid Fire Written Instructions and more tips. Any questions? Ask us - we are always here to help.
  13. Hello Wayne, Thank you for choosing Mega Modz. I am happy to troubleshoot the issue you've mentioned. Is the controller well charged? Have you checked instructions online https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4? Do you get lights on when trying to activate a mod?
  14. Hi Mimi, I built the controller with the Macro Remap and the wave design. Just follow the link and click on the oraange Add to Cart button to complete the checkout https://megamodz.com/configured-controller/205735 Let me know if all is good or any changes in controller config needed
  15. Mimi, I am always happy to help you 🙂 Which type of back buttons are you looking to get this time? The Macro Remap is available, the other two (Advanced and Straight Remap) are coming back in stock shortly https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller
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