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  1. Hi, final stages of testing are in process. The PS5 controller is a little more cumbersome than others. All mods have been tested, they work like a breeze 🔝 However we need to make sure the product is 100% bug free and ready to go. Bare with us!
  2. Hello Andy, If the issue is not similar to the one described in this thread, the controller has to be sent back for inspection.
  3. Hello Jeremy, We are glad you like the controller 🔝 No, we don't offer anything like this and unfortunately I am not able to point you in the direction of a company that does...
  4. Hello Nick, Juggernaut PS4 controller is a modded controller, it comes with a set of Warzone compatible mods by default, plus you can add remappable buttons on the back (optionally). Macros are installed on a Macro Remap PS4 controller. It has no mods on it, but 2 macro buttons on the back allowing you to use macro functionality in the game as opposed to mods. It's 2 different products, and their functionality can not be combined in one controller. You can check more details in similar threads: https://megamodz.com/forums/topic/18-macro-ps4/
  5. Hello Mega Modz Community, We are very delightful to announce you can now choose FedEx shipping services when shopping with Mega Modz. We've been getting many requests from you guys about adding premium shipping options that we couldn't ignore the need any longer. Why Choose Fedex: Once you built your controller perfectly to your taste, you simply can not wait another day for the package to not be on time. We totally understand that USPS may not be the optimal option to have your product delivered when in a hurry. FedEx is by far the fastest and most reliable shippin
  6. Hello Bishal, Thank you for your inquiry. The Macro Xbox Series X controller (or Turbo controller) is in development and will be launched later this year. You can follow this thread and the main one for all the updates.
  7. Hi Jason, We are happy you like your controller 🔝 As for fixing other controllers you own that have not been purchased from out store - we do not offer such services. Let us know if you have more questions.
  8. Hi James, We are not taking pre-orders, we are just going to launch the product once testing is complete. We are counting days. Please bare with us!
  9. Hello Christopher, Xbox Series X Macro controller is in the works. It is not available yet. At this time, the only product compatible with 2K21 is a PS4 Macro Controller. We will announce the release date at the later date. Stay tuned!
  10. Hello Richard, Both packages are designed for COD games. However the Reinforced pack is marketed for the Cold War and has 11 mods. While the Juggernaut comes with 13 features and is targeted for for Warzone (as it inlcudes 2 mods compatible with Warzone exclusively, - Armor Repair Assist and Auto Ping). Check out the complete list of mods here: Modded Controllers Compatible With Black Ops Cold War | MegaModz.com Modded Controllers Compatible With COD Warzone | megamodz.com If you play Warzone as well, the Juggernaut pack is probably a bette
  11. * UPDATE* NEW OPTIONS FOR MEGA MODZ PS5 CUSTOM CONTROLLER 🔥 More exterior design options are now being offered for the Dualsense controller - trims, touchpads, R1/L1, d-pads, buttons, thumb sticks, thumb grips! Check out all customizations now PS5 Custom Controller Creator - Build Your Own | MegaModz.com
  12. Hello Adam, We can surely repair the trigger lock issue. Please go ahead and ship your controller to our facility: MegaModz: 16112 NW 13th Ave, STE C, Miami, Fl 33169 Make sure to add a note with your order and contact information along with a brief description of the problem and an agent will contact you back once the controller is inspected. Let us know if you have more questions.
  13. * UPDATE* NEW OPTIONS FOR MEGA MODZ XBOX SERIES X CONTROLLER 🔥 We will be updating you once any new options come out, exterior design or mod-wise. A wide selection of custom and textured controller BACKs is now available - gold, chameleon, wood, matte colors! Add more personality to your Xbox Series X mod at https://megamodz.com/Xbox-Series-X-Custom-Controller
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