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  1. Hello Todd, Yes! We have yet to announce the option , but we have completed all testing - the thing came out beautifuly and we are super excited! The team is finishing up with tutorials to be added to the site as we speak. Just few more days and we do the launch🔥 Bare with us
  2. It's been a hot minute since we've heard any feedback on our Xbox controllers. Let's fix it with the latest review of a Mega Modz Xbox Series X custom controller with back buttons done by the Xbox Hub: https://www.thexboxhub.com/megamodz-custom-xbox-controller-review/
  3. Check out what GamingPH.com had to say about our PS5 Macro Remap controller: https://gamingph.com/2023/05/mega-modz-ps5-controller-review/
  4. WhatIfGaming.com recently published a review of the Mega Modz PS5 custom modded controller and here is what they had to say. Check it out: https://whatifgaming.com/megamodz-custom-ps5-controller-review/
  5. Hello Larry, You can pair one stock controller button with one of the paddles on the back and make it turbo. No multiple button sequences are possible. Turning turbo on/off is very simple, please scroll to the Setting Back Buttons On n Off section here.
  6. Hello, To request RMA, please access your User Dashbboard www.megamodz.com/account/sign-in, navigate Account/History/Orders/Return Item Button and follow the steps provided on the screen.
  7. Hello, Thank you for reaching out. There is no cofrimed date yet, but its in the works! We will be posting updates as soon as we know.
  8. Hello, Unfortunately, there won't be such option avaialble. A modded Edge will have to be purchased from us.
  9. Hello there, We are sorry, mods+back buttons combo for the Xbox controller platform is not in the works currently.
  10. Hello, Please find the manual for the 2015 Rapid Fire modchip version here Modded Controllers - Playstation 4 Rapid Fire Mod | megamodz.com.
  11. Hello, Absolutely. You can get a controller with: 1. Mods and no back buttons 2. Mods + Advanced or Straight Remap back buttons 3. No mods + any style back buttons
  12. Hello Bob, Great question - you are able to set the R3 to the back buttons and then disable the actual R3 Stick(melee). This way if you press the R3 stick nothing will happen (no more accidental melee during gun fights). You can then press the back button to activate R3. Hope this helps 🙂
  13. Hello, Thank you for reaching out. Yes, this is absolutely correct. If you are interested in Turbo only, go ahead and add just the Back Buttons - Advanced or Macro Remap option to add the feature to your order.
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