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  1. Hello Jay, No, you will have to map the Square button to one of the paddles.
  2. Hi Rosina, You will have a mod switch for mods activating and deactivating, but it won't be a red button on the side, it will be a button located at the middle of the attachment.
  3. Let's just clarify terms to make sure we are on the same page. If you are referring to standard classical mods (Rapid Fire, Dropshot etc) - these can be used with Remap and Turbo (button mashing) macros. You get MODS + mentioned macros via Straight Remap or Advanced Back Buttons feature. You do not need to have buttons involved when using mods. You can not use MODS with Continuous Press, Double and Triple Press macros. If you do need all avilable macros, please get Macro Remap.
  4. Hello Fidel, For Macro Remap option - you can map a stock button to any of the paddles, and then program it with desired macro input (Remap, Turbo, Double & Triple Tap, Continious Press). You can not program a stock button directly.
  5. Hunter, If you have issues with your mods/leds not functioning right, please go ahead and send the controller back to us for inspection. Instructions are provided via the link Returns & Repairs | megamodz.com
  6. Hello Keanou, You absolutely can and morever, it is recommended to get updates regularly.
  7. Christine, In this case the controller needs an inspection. Please go into your account and request RMA Account/Orders/Return Item. We are sorry about the inconveniece.
  8. Hello Shawn, Which game do you play and what layout are you in? Geneally you need to be in sub-mode 1 or 2 for the Dropshot to work. Sub-modes 3 - 6 are for Jumpshot DropShot + JumpShot Mod Instructions For PS5/PS4 Controller | Megamodz.com What is the issue with the Armor Repair Assist?
  9. For Rapid Fire and other standard mods performance, you need a MODDED controller. You can add it via Controller Creator as well.
  10. Great question Qui! For NBA 2K you want to get a PS5 Macro Remap controller to get a Green Shot mod. Here is a video tutorial (it's on a PS4 controller, but the principle is exactly the same) More useful topics on the subject: thread 1 and thread 2. To add the Macro Remap to your order: - Click on the Back Buttons option on the righe hand side in Controller Creator Custom PS5 Controller Creator - Build Your Own | MegaModz.com - Select the last option
  11. Hi Detavious, Thank you for your order with Mega Modz. Have you tried resetting the controller? Steps located at the bottom of this page If it doesn't help and the controller is well charged, it has to be sent back to us for inspection. Please go ahead and request RMA in your account with us Account/History/Orders/Return Item Button https://megamodz.com/returns-and-repairs. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. Hi Christine, Thank you for your order. Are you referring to the Rapid Fire mod? It is compatible with semi auto and single shot weapos, it won't work with Destiny fusion rifles or similar.
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