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  1. Hello Richard, Thank you for your question. In the case of the Rapid Fire Mod, It only can be mapped to the R2 button by default. However, there is a feature called Button Layouts (aka Button Maps). If selected, it will allow the user to map Rapid Fire to R1, L1 & L2 buttons. Quick note, the Rapid Fire feature only implies the controller Shoulder Buttons. The ability to have "Rapid Fire" on the other controller operational buttons is oftentimes called the Turbo function. Our Controllers don't offer such a feature (Turbo function on stock buttons) since it would make a game unplayable. By trading a stock controller button input to the Turbo one the user losses the standard game input function in the game, meaning he/she won't able to perform the action required since the stock controller button input has been altered. The solution for that is to have additional modified input on the Back Buttons/Paddles. This is what our controllers are capable of. Any stock controller button can be mapped to the back paddles and further configured as Turbo presses. More information can be found here: https://megamodz.com/PS5-Controller-Paddles
  2. The controller is a standard DualSense remote. It operates exactly like the one that came with your console. 4-5 hours to hit 2 bars is not normal charging. I am not sure what is wrong with the controller as we never encounter the issue you are describing. If you wish you can send it back. We will take a look at it.
  3. Hello Kevin, Thank you for your recent purchase with us. Quick question. Do you charge the controller with the USB charging cable you purchased from us? In most cases, the problem you describe is caused by a charging supply, not a controller.
  4. Hello Todd, The modchip design phase is done. We expect to receive all the components needed to build the first modchip prototype for the Edge Controller at the end of the next week. Then it may take another week for assembly and testing. The final step will be getting all the instructions ready to be posted on the website. The end of this month as available to the public stage may sound too optimistic by very much feasible. Stay tuned.
  5. Hello Danny, Thank you for your question. Our engineers are currently working on the modchip design and other related components. Unlike the standard DualSense, the new Edge is a quite difficult controller to work with due to its complex design. We need to overcome a lot of challenges to develop an exciting product. As for now, there is no hard time frame. But we're aiming to have the modchip ready by the end of March and then start the testing phase, which can take 2-3 weeks before the product goes public. I suggest following this topic below. As we will be posting all updates there.
  6. Hello, Thank you for your recent purchase with us. Yes. It is possible with the Advanced Back buttons you have on your controller. All you have to do is to scroll to the second sub-mode (Turbo), once one of the paddles on the back was paired with a stock control button. The R2 button in your case. Here is the link below to access the detailed instructions. https://megamodz.com/PS5-Controller-Paddles
  7. How to customize your controller’s button assignments Make using your DualSense Edge™ wireless controller easier for you by changing the button assignments. 1. Create or edit a custom profile, and select Customize Button Assignments. 2. Select the button you want to change and then select the function you want to assign to it. If you select Disable, pressing the button won't have an input. 3. Select Apply. 4. Select Back to Game to return to your game. Your customization is automatically saved. Press and hold the Fn button, and then press the options button to return to the customization menu. Things To Keep In Mind: You can't assign the Fn button to another function, nor can you assign another button to the function of the Fn button. Press Reset to reset all your button assignments to their default values. Pressing the Fn button disables the use of buttons and the functions assigned to them. You always need to assign circle and cross buttons While you can swap L2 and R2 trigger buttons, you can’t assign another button to work as the trigger buttons or assign multiple functions to L2 and R2.
  8. Hi Lewis, Thank you for your question. We have upgraded our PS5 Mechanical Shoulder Buttons' internal components. They are extremely durable now. So far we didn't receive even one return where these mechanical switches were totaled. My personal preference is the Stiff variation. I like the click more on those. However, some players prefer the Soft Version I figured. The Soft Version will be back in stock by end of February. There is a minor shortage of some components we use to assemble these buttons. Here is the quick link below for your convenience to start building your PS5 controller configuration: https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller Please let us know if you have any other questions.
  9. Hello. We don't offer specific mods for the MK11 (Mortal Kombat 11) game. However, there are upgrades you can get to enhance your gameplay. 1. Macro Remap functionality (only available on PS4/5 controllers). It allows the user to execute multiple stock button presses on one paddle click and more. More information can be found here. 2. Mechanical Shoulder Buttons (Smart Bumpers & Triggers). Designed to meet the needs of today’s competitive gamers: - Precise in-game control and feedback - Faster Input and the response time 3. Mechanical Face Buttons (only available on PS5 controllers). Provides instant button activation with minimal travel distance: - Precise in-game control and feedback - Faster Input and the response time Build your controller configuration here: https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller Let us know if have any other questions.
  10. Hello Xavier, Thank you for your question. We are aiming for the beginning of March if everything goes according to plan). Our team has already started working on it. We will be posting updates in the forums frequently. Stay tuned!
  11. Hello folks, This topic is dedicated to answering questions about PS5 DualSense Edge Wireless Controller. RULES: Be sure to read these simple rules below before posting your question. 1. Please search the topic first and see if there are replies that match your question before posting. This topic aims to keep this section clean and informative so everyone can find what they are looking for fast. Therefore, we won't be approving repetitive questions. 2. Be specific and to the point when posting your question. That will insure getting an answer in a timely manner. 3. Users are welcome to answer other users' questions. 4. Keep a positive attitude and be respectful to the other users and moderators. HELPFUL LINKS & INTERESTNING ARTICLES: DualSense Edge Controller Builder https://megamodz.com/Custom-PS5-Edge-Controller DulasSense Edge Controller In-Dept Review https://megamodz.com/blog/PS5-Edge-Controller-Review DualSense Edge Best Controller Settings For WARZONE 2 & MW2 https://megamodz.com/blog/PS5-Dualsense-Edge-Controller-Settings GO AHEAD AND ASK YOUR QUESTIONS - WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
  12. Hi, Yes, by setting up custom fire rates you rewrite the factory default settings. It can be restored via easy steps though. All you need to do to reset the modchip. Here are the steps in the link below: https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods-overview TIP: If you play COD Games, don't go over 17-18 SPS. The game's speed cup set up around that number. Going higher than that may cause your Rapid Fire Rate to slow down. We are glad you like the controller. Thank you. It means a lot to us! Keep practicing and you'll get better.
  13. Hello Antonio, Only one stock controller button can be assigned to each macro button and further configured to perform a sequence. No multiple actions on the same key (macro button) are possible. You can find all the detailed written and video instructions for the PS5 Macro Remap controller here.
  14. Hello James, Thank you for your recent purchase with us. 4 mods can be turned ON at once. 1 Shooting Mod (Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, etc.) and 3 special mods (Jump Shot, Auto Sprint, etc.) All instructions can be found thru the link below https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4 Each mod offers new, unique mechanics. It takes some time and practice to master each of them and utilize them in your gameplay. For first-time users, activating multiple mods simultaneously is not recommended since it may cause confusion. Instead, activate each mod one by one, and get familiar with the new mod's mechanics before creating your own mods combinations.
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