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  1. The minimum unit of time that can be changed in the settings is 10 ms. 1 ms (the difference you're referring to) is too small/fast to make any difference in any game. As a reference, the blink of an eye is between 200 and 300 ms. Games don't operate on such small numbers, not to mention a human brain processing speed starts from 100 ms at the very best.
  2. It depends on the sub-mode you are in. If you’re referring to the continuous press, then the answer would be yes. Tap the Macro Button and the modchip holds down a paired stock button for a programmed period of time. (1,2,3 seconds e.t.c) It works differently in the other sub-modes: 1. Straight Remap. You just mimicking the paired stock button. 2. Turbo Mod. You spamming the paired stock button by holding down the Macro Button. 3 &4. Double & Triple Tap. Tap the macro button once the modchip taps the paired stock controller button 2 or 3 times with configured timing.
  3. Hi Dan, Thank you for your input on the subject. We are not planning to come out with anything similar to this. As our main focus now is the new-gen controllers. Our PS4 Macro Remap controller is not game-specific. It is a universal tool that can be utilized in almost every game out there. It offers very simple customizable macros by setting up instructions on the macro buttons. (straight remap, turbo mod, double & triple taps, and continues press) In our last product hardware update, we’ve also added trigger locks. A very nice addition to have. As for the latency issue, the main question is how often the green shot timing is getting changed. Is it something that depends on your player position? What else contributes to it? Or it’s something that gets changed whenever a new game update is out? Changing timing is easy via programming mode. It gets saved every time you configure new settings. Plus you can configure 2 Macro Buttons with pretty close timing to cover the most cases.
  4. Hello Edward, Thank you for your recent order with us. If you’ve already paired the desired controller stock button with the macro one and scrolled to the 5TH sub-mode (continuous press) you are one step away from setting up a green light shot timing. The macro remap function allows users to customize ON and OFF button timing. ON - the time a stock button is being held down. OFF - pause/s between button presses. In the 5TH sub-mode, there is no OFF button timing since the modchip presses and holds a stock button for you therefore you can only adjust ON button timing. Once in programming mode, if you tap the macro button you would program OFF button timing (It’s not applicable in the 5TH sub-mode). Instead, you need to hold down the macro button for 2 seconds in order to start changing the timing. You can find full macro remap instructions here. Let us know if that helps.
  5. Hello Tim, Setting up custom values (timing) is a multi-step process. First, you need to enter a programming mode: - Mod button + PS Home Button. Second, you need to press the macro button you want to change the timing on. Then, you need to configure the timing in seconds, milliseconds, and tens of seconds. - Right Trigger/R2 to increase the number - Left Trigger/L2 to decrease the number. And lastly, you need to hit the mod button to save the configured settings. It may be a good idea to have both Macro Buttons programmed with close timing. For instance, 550ms on the left one and 570ms on the right one. That would be the most efficient approach in your case.
  6. After a quick research, we can confirm that our Mega Modz Macro Master controller https://megamodz.com/ps4-macro-controller will be a perfect fit for a green shot in NBA 2k21. In essence, green shot is a technique where the user is holding the X (Xbox)/ Square (PS4) the needed amount of time in order to execute the perfect shot in the game. The Macro Remap function https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/macro-remap features the “continuous press” sub-mode that can be tuned in with a specific timing for any stock controller button press. The value of a stock button being pressed can be configured in the range of 300 ms to 10 seconds. The minimum unit of time that can be changed is 10 ms. It’s just a matter of finding the exact timing when the white line lines up in a certain area of the meter. You can use a stopwatch to get a rough idea how much time the X (Xbox)/ Square (PS4) is being held down for a perfect shot, then programm one of the macro buttons with that timing via programming mode . If it doesn’t match at first, then try increasing/decreasing timing in small portions (100ms) until you reached the green timing shot. When the programming routine is done all you have to do is to briefly tap the programmed macro button (whenever needed), the modchip will take over and press and hold the button for you and your character will execute a perfect shot. The Macro Remap function is only available on PS4 controllers currently. We are planning to come out with this feature for the upcoming PS5/Xbox Series X/S controllers as well. Stay Tuned !!!
  7. Do you need to press X at the right time and the game will take over and hold the X for you? Or you need to hold the X a certain amount of time on you own?
  8. Hello Sherwin, Can you please elaborate on what is the green shot and how you perform it normally with your fingers. That would help a lot.
  9. Hello Nick, Please see the detailed answer to your question above.
  10. Hello James, We have received your RMA request on Friday and the return shipping label has been sent to your email box shortly after. Please return your controller in order to be inspected or refunded. Elaborating on the issues you are experiencing: It sounds to me that there could be a potential problem with the soldering job on your controller. Perhaps, there may be a small bridge somewhere that causes this issue. This problem has nothing to do with Rapid Fire or any other software programming code. A perfectly working controller doesn’t do this. Auto Heal mod is exclusive to the BO4 game. It doesn’t work with any other game on the market. It features 3 sub-modes and it’s critical to select the right one depending on whether it’s multiplayer or the Blackout gaming modes. In Multiplayer, the healing button which is the Left Bumper is mapped to the X button. Anytime you press the X the modchip will automatically press the Left Bumper on your behalf. If the health meter bar is full then it will do nothing. There are no delays you describing in this configuration. It is a very quick Left Bumper press. In Blackout, the mod configuration is completely different. The modchip will hold the healing button (Left Bumper) as soon as you briefly tap it. It will allow you to free up your index finger for up to 5 seconds so you can focus on tracking enemies and finding a spot to get to cover quickly. There is a limitation in this Blackout sub-mode though: - The user is able to cancel the Left Bumper press (healing) by tapping on the Right Bumper once. This may be required in particular gaming situations. For example, when you got shot by an enemy and have to enter a building while healing, but unable to do so since the button X (open the door) is blocked by the Left bumper being held. In this case, you will need to tap on the Right Bumper to cancel healing and open the door. More info can be found here: https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one/mods/auto-heal Not selecting the correct sub-mode and understanding its mechanics will cause a lot of confusion. There is no such thing as a universal Fast Reload sub-mode. Depending on the gun you play with, each sub-mode has to be configured with custom timing. In our last software update, we’ve tuned all 10 fast reload sub-modes to match the most of MW guns reload timing. In other words, if the fast reload sub-mode doesn’t match the gun it supposes to work with it will not perform fast reloading. More info can be found here: https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one/mods/updated-fast-reload This is how the mod works normally. It zooms IN and Out very quickly causing your rifle to shake. This action is needed in order to lock your aim automatically on the enemy’s head or chest. This video below demonstrates the Auto-Aim mod in action https://youtu.be/P0bkGcpiCFw?t=365 There is no intuitive way of using these mods/configurations. It takes a learning curve and practice in order to be able to use it efficiently. We generally, don't recommend using multiple mods at a time. Each mod adds an additional layer of controller functionality that may be too hard to keep up with.
  11. Hello Benjamin, Thank you for your question. The mods that you have on your modded controller are not transferable. It would be impossible to do so since there is no enough hardware - the additional modchip, as well as, the mod button and the custom LED indicator on a standard controller that would allow the user to utilize these special settings (mods). Let us know if you have any other questions.
  12. We never send unfixed controllers back. However, there can be multiple reasons why you still experiencing the same problem. Using third party rechargeable batteries, station, or charging cords may cause the issue you're having. We have a very small number of such cases and it's challenging to find the root of the problem since every user's setup is different. There is one particular capacitor on the modchip that gets burned out for some reason. Unfortunately, the only option we have left is to send your controller back for a refund, since we can’t guarantee that the problem will be solved considering the history and events of your case. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  13. Hello Arlie, Thank you for your recent order with us. It’s a bug that has been successfully fixed in our latest software update. I assume you turn the Mod off by holding down the mod button and pressing the X. In this case, the LED light (pink) gets shut off but the mod itself stays ON. This is where it gets confusing since you have no indication of the mod being active but it’s still engaged. There are other ways to turn it off though: 1. You can disable the mod by pressing the same buttons you were using to turn it ON. Mod button + R1 + Triangle.This method works just fine. 2. You can perform a factory reset. It will also get the mod in the “OFF” state. Follow the link below to learn how to perform reset to a factory default https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods-overview Scroll all the way down. With that being said, you can utilize different methods to turn the mod Off. If that is still inconvenient for you please go ahead and send the controller back to us. All it takes is to get your modchip reprogrammed with a new update.
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