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  1. Please go ahead and send your controller back. We will take a look at it.
  2. We remove that button to install the modchip (It takes extra space). That button doesn't have any exclusive function. All it does is turns a controller OFF. If you need to turn your controller off without looking at your screen, just hold down the PS Home button for 10 seconds. It will turn off. Please click the link and scroll all the way down. https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods-overview What game are you playing and what gun are you using? It's best to start by reading the instructions before activating any mods. Sniper Breath Mod Instructions
  3. Hello there, Please go ahead and ship your controller back for an inspection. We will take a look at it. The return shipping label was issued minutes ago and sent directly to your inbox. Please make sure to print it off within 24 hours, otherwise it will expire.
  4. Hello Seth, Please follow these steps below: - Go ahead and connect the controller to your Xbox One console. - Navigate to the Accessories App - Install the latest controller firmware update - Sign Out from Xbox One - Try connecting to the Series X console again. This part is strange. The action above should allow you to skip the steps I mentioned earlier. Can you please describe what happens with the controller once it's being plugged in, especially with the Xbox button (is it off, blinking, staying lit)?
  5. Great job, Andrew. Please keep us posted on your progress. Never heard about this one. Can you please share a link to download it?
  6. Hello Christopher, I am just following up to see if you were able to resolve the problem as we never received a return request from you.
  7. Hello Mhendi, Your order was processed yesterday. It will be shipped out today. (You'll receive an email once your package is picked up by the shipping carrier). You can also track your order status by heading over to your Account Dashboard. Sorry for the slight delay, we experience a higher volume of orders than usual. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello Jake, You can see your current order status in your Account Dashboard. We also send emails every time an order gets an update or a status change.
  9. Hello Robert, Are you referring to Thumbsticks? Please head over to the Accessories App available in your console interface and update your controller firmware. It will solve the issue. Also, using an old rechargeable battery pack or charging cord may cause similar issues. Let us know if you are able to fix it after following the troubleshooting suggestions above.
  10. Hello John, It looks like you may wanna try a brand new USB charging cord. Even if your current one charges your standard controller just fine. We've seen these cases before. I can almost guarantee the problem has nothing to do with the controller itself. Please keep us posted. If that won't help we will replace it, no problem.
  11. Hello Amer, Yes, it will, every function of Mega Modz PS5 controller will work on PC.
  12. Hi James, Thank you for your question. Body shells are in production. We expect to start offering them in mid-February. The next options we're gonna add are the trim and operational buttons. We will be frequently posting updates in this thread. Please stay tuned.
  13. HI Walter, Yes, it will be under the "straight remap" feature. Any stock controller button (except for the Menu and Options) can be assigned to back buttons.
  14. Hello Jared, Your review will be posted here: https://megamodz.com/store/custom-nintendo-switch-pro-controllers/mint-green
  15. It looks like your controller needs to be sent back for an inspection. You can do so by logging in to your account and requesting RMA. The process is easy and free. For further inquires please email support@megamodz.com
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