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  1. After entering a programming mode (mod button + PS home button) you need to tap a back button you want to pair. Then you need to tap a stock button you want your back button to be assigned with. Then, the final step is to press button to save the setting. The path you are describing above isn't the right one.
  2. Can you please describe the steps you take to configure paddles?
  3. Are you trying to turn it ON, change sub-mode or configure custom Rapid Fire speeds? What do you mean by "trying to set up"?
  4. Hello Brian, What are you trying to do?
  5. Hello James, It is still in the works but pretty close to the testing stage. We are targeting the end of March as a launch date.
  6. Every game, including Cold War Warzone, has a speed cup for how fast you can shot semi-auto or single-shot guns. Cold War Warzone has a pretty low-speed cup for the majority of the semi-auto guns. M16, AUG, and FR 5.56 have the lowest threshold, so players with standard controllers can achieve the maximum speed. If increasing SPS speed doesn’t make a difference, then it means that the maximum speed threshold has been achieved. Rapid Fire Mod is a controller setting that allows you to hold the fire button to empty a clip of semi-auto guns instead of tapping it many times. Users with sta
  7. Hello Lain, We will work on it this week. Will update you here once new reload times are available.
  8. Yes, It doesn't affect Sniper Breath Mod. Anytime you scope in your rifle, it will hold the sniper's breath automatically. You don't need to hold the left stick down. You can also turn mods ON and OFF without looking at the LED Indicator. Anytime you do so, the motors will vibrate. Short vibration when a mod turns OFF. Longer vibration when a mod turns ON.
  9. The 4TH Auto Ping sub-mode won't work while Sniper Breath Mod is enabled. That's the only limitation for this particular sub-mode. Once you scope in your rifle the modchip holds the Left Stick automatically (Sniper Breath Mod) if you press the Left Stick to perform Auto Ping the modchip won't register it since it already has been pressed.
  10. Hello Marty, Thank you for your question. Aim assist is COD (game setting). Once enabled, your aim speed slows down while the crosshair passes over a target. It is to make it easier to keep the target in your sights as you are less likely to “over aim”. Auto Aim Mod in Zombies and Campaign (mod setting). The controller aims for you. If you see the target moving around and you scope your rifle In It'll auto-aim to the nearest enemy's head or chest. More information can be found at the link below https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-zombie
  11. Hello Shawn, Your controller has the “Layouts” feature. It allows the user to match button layouts in the game settings and the mods menu. Once matched, you’ll be able to activate and use mods in the preferred button layout. If you have already configured Flipped Tactical in the game, the next step would be to change it in the mods menu. To do so: 1. Enter a programming mode (Mod button + PS Home button) 2. Press the triangle button to start configuring layouts in the mods menu 3. Press the R2 button to go to the next button layout. Press the L2 button to go to t
  12. Do you have any other Special Mods (Slot 2-4 LED's) active?
  13. How do you execute the 4TH sub-mode? If you don't reload you gun every time you exhausted the clip, then the 3RD sub-mode may not be a good fit for you. The instructions describe this case https://monosnap.com/file/EXtuZE2cTkynvY7GWRr28JXSZub5W9 Full Auto Ping Instructions can be found here https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-auto-spot
  14. Hello Nick, You can follow this topic. Anytime there is an update you'll receive an email notification.
  15. Hello there, Please go ahead and ship your controller back for an inspection. We will take a look at it. The return shipping label was issued minutes ago and sent directly to your inbox. Please make sure to print it off within 24 hours, otherwise it will expire.
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