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  1. Hello Jared, Xbox updates don't affect the mods functionality in any way. You can always update your controller with a fresh firmware whenever it's available. If your controller (LED Indicator) stopped working, then, you will need to send it back. The process is easy and free. Just log in to your account, press "Return" button under the Purchase History Tab button and follow the prompts.
  2. Hello David, Sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues operating your controller. Let's troubleshoot it real quick. What happens on the LED indicator when you hold down the mod button and tapping the Sync button?
  3. Hi James, What kind of USB cable are you using. It looks like you may be using an incompatible cord.
  4. Please try connecting the controller with another USB cable. If that won't help please go ahead and send it back for an inspection.
  5. Hello James, Our record indicated that you've received your controller 2 weeks ago. Were you able to connect the controller to the console before or it didn't work right of the box?
  6. Hi Xavier, The process is easy. You can log in to you account and navigate to the "Purchase History" tab. After locating your product click the "Return Item" button and follow the prompts.
  7. Hi Jason, We are days away from releasing the back buttons. I am not able to give the exact day but we are very close. We've finished with he testing phase and now are working on the instructions and the website changes to make a user experience as friendly as possible. Please stay tuned. As soon as it becomes available we will post an update here. You will receive a notification email right away because you're participating in the topic.
  8. Hello Jason, Thank you for your recent purchase with us. Please check this tread out by the link below. https://megamodz.com/forums/topic/247-r1-l1/?tab=comments#comment-925 If you're still having problems please let us know what step you are missing and will be able to assist you further.
  9. This what Quick Scope is all about. On a L1 button press it scopes in, takes a shot and discopes. The timing between scoping in and taking a shot is variable. 5 presets with an ability to adjust the timing manually. It takes practice to become proficient. Somewhat a common mistake is to activate as many mods as possible without knowing the mechanics. it's best to start incorporating mods in your gameplay one by one before creating combination. For some players it may feels overwhelming. Everyone is different.
  10. When you drive a vehicle in Warzone Rapid Fire Mod needs to be desabled. There is a way to be able to switch it on/off quicky. Just refer to the instructions. Rapid Fire does make semi-auto shoot as fully auto ones. However, it's not designed for fully auto guns. The controller cannot change the game presets and make fully auto guns shoot even faster. Quick Scope. How do you expect the Mod to work? Fast Reload. The mod has to be turned in depending on the gun you're playing with. Each gun has its own reloading time therefore there is no universal Fast Reload setting. Reading the instructions and understanding the functionality of each Mod is the key. There is no way of using modes intuitively. Each and one of them is a precise setting. Activating as many mods as possible without the mods mechanics knowledge will make a gameplay confusing. https://megamodz.com/instructions
  11. I use the standard button layouts with only 2 back paddles attached. 4 seem too much for me. The left one is configured as the “Shift Button”. It replaces the function(Fire Button) of the Right Trigger with the Switching Weapon button (Y) once the Shift Button is pressed. Whenever I exhaust a clip of the Primary weapon I then quickly change the weapon by pressing the Right Trigger (the Left Paddle is pressed/Shift Function) and start shooting my secondary gun faster. This setup also provides a better overall character control (moving and aiming), since I don’t have to move my fingers from the sticks. The right paddle is configured as the Jump button (A) for the same reason to keep my fingers on the stick at all times.
  12. You can definitely buy a controller now and then send it in for an upgrade. There will be no extra fees except for the shipping. You just pay for the option you wanna upgrade your controller with.
  13. Hello folks, We got an update on the design of the back buttons. The back body will have a fixed attachment where 2 paddles/buttons will be located. Depending on the controller configuration the back body will also have one or two custom LED indicators. 1 LED Indicator: Straight Remap Configuration (Standard Remappable Buttons Only) Straight Remap + Turbo Function Configuration Macro Remap (5 sub-modes) Rapid Fire + Mods 2 LED Indicators: Rapid Fire + Mods + Straight Remap Rapid Fire + Mods + Straight Remap + Turbo Function + Quick ON/OFF function to operate mods. Many more colors and textures (Rubberized, Chameleon, Soft Touch, and Chrome) of the back body will be available upon launch. The estimated time of arrival is the end of July. Stay Tuned! VID_20210624_193307.mp4
  14. We may start offering engraving in the near future. But it will only be possible on certain types of shell such as solid colors and non soft-touch. That's funny)). Looks like you take a great care of your babies😀
  15. The mods we offer are very specific settings. There are no ways to operate it intuitively. The first step would be is to learn each and individual mod/setting by reading the instructions. https://megamodz.com/instructions If you are not using the default button layouts on the controller then it may become difficult to execute the mods the right way, although it is still possible but requires a deeper knowledge of the mods functionality. Addressing the problems you're currently experiencing: 1. Auto Ping. The mod itself has 4 sub-settings/sub-modes. With the first 2 being present for Battlefield games. If you play Warzone then, you would want to use either sub-mode 3 or 4 depending on your game style and preferences. It won't work in Cold War as the game does not have this mechanic (pinging enemies) in its game core. Remember, the mods are just shortcuts that allow you to simplify actions. 2. Rapid Fire. The mod offers 6 sub-settings/sub-modes with the first one being the slowest one. Scroll to the third sub-mode to get the fastest RF speed available for COD games. If that doesn't seem to be fast enough, then, there is also a programming mode which allows the user to fine-tune Rapid Fire manually and be able to fine the absolute maximum. Although, it might be tricky and requires an extensive knowledge about the factors such as the game speed cup, internet connection and the guns capabilities. We recommend using present settings. 3. Auto Sprint. In Warzone you want to use either sub-mode 1 if you want you solder to sprint or sub-mode 3 if you want your character to super-sprint. It also important to know how exactly these mechanics are executed. And lastly, if you find it very hard to operate the controller and execute the mods properly you're always welcome to send your controller back for a refund. Each mod adds a certain level of complexity to the game. But as soon as you get ahold of it, it definitely brings some advantages and fun to your fav game. The key is to know what controller is doing while a certain mod is activated Hope it helps. Let me know if can assist you with anything else.
  16. Hello folks, A quick announcement. We have added a Download button on all Controller Creator pages. You can now configure a unique controller design, download the picture onto your computer or smartphone, and then attach it in this thread or elsewhere on the forums in similar posts. Each unique design will have a QR Code. Scan it with your mobile phone camera to see all custom options applied as well as the price for the configuration displayed in the picture. You are welcome to share your thoughts about your own and other’s designs. Quick Instructional Screenshots: Step 1. https://monosnap.com/file/nFuGaAxfoUmP1KycaPuVwu3GbfIeLE Step 2. https://monosnap.com/file/2nYzApGnMxoIyxTgQIMIjRX8QLs8Eu Step 3. https://monosnap.com/file/lChw7bqHUMdVgh7Y4qNpo78Mox1Y1a Quick Reference Links: PS5 Controller Creator https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller Xbox Series X Controller Creator https://megamodz.com/Xbox-Series-X-Custom-Controller PS4 Controller Creator https://megamodz.com/controller-creator/build-your-own-ps4-controller Xbox One Controller Creator https://megamodz.com/controller-creator/build-your-own-xbox-one-controller Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Creator https://megamodz.com/controller-creator/build-your-own-nintendo-switch-pro-controller LET'S GO !!!
  17. Hello Josh, Thank you for your feedback. You can use Rapid Fire sub-modes 4 -6. These sub-modes offer a tactical feature that allows the user to turn Rapid Fire On and Off on the fly by double-tapping on the switching weapon button (Triangle on PS4/ Y on Xbox) More information can be found here.
  18. Hello, Your controller is in transit and arriving on Wednesday. For the tracking number please visit your account or contact the support team at [email protected]
  19. We will be offering back buttons only (no mods) that will include a Turbo Mod where the user will be able set turbo function.
  20. Hello Daniel, Thank you for your support. We really appreciate that. We will be releasing the macro remap feature soon. If everything goes as planned then it should be available to order mid July. It shouldn't take longer than a month. We will be sharing pictures of the back buttons design sometime next week. A more accurate ETA will be provided as we get closer. Stay tuned.
  21. Hello Timoteo. That's a great idea. I guess we gonna need to add a download button in Controller Creator, so users can save and then upload photos of their complete designs here.
  22. Hi Vince, Thank you for your recent purchase with us. Quick question. Do R1 and L1 buttons work?
  23. Yes. It's been worked on. The user will able to set up a Turbo Function on the Back Buttons. The back buttons can be also configured as a quick on/off switch for active mods. Traditional straight remap is standard. You can always send it In for an upgrade. No need to buy a new every time.
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