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  1. I see you placed another order and are sending the original one for a refund. That's the best way to approach it.
  2. Hello, Please try it again. It should work this time.
  3. Hello, Yes, if you just remove the microphones it shouldn't affect anything else in the controller.
  4. Hello, When you press the mod button and tap the PS Home button you enter the Programming Mode. The four LED lights will come up in white and stay lit. If the user stays inactive the modchip will exit the Programming Mode Menu automatically in 3 seconds. The 4 LED lights will go off and the controller will vibrate. It's the feature, not the bug. If you wish to edit the pre-set Rapid Fire speeds, you are missing a few more steps. Generally, it's not recommended to tune in factory speeds as the default ones can handle most games/games just fine. Here is the link to the detailed written instructions below: https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-rapid-fire The section that describes the default speeds customizing process is "Setting Up Custom Values" Let us know if that helps.
  5. Hello Felix, Thank you for your recent purchase with us. Entering the programming mode on the DualSense Edge is a bit different. Instead of holding down the Mod Button and PS Button you will need to press and hold the Mod button and D-Pad UP Button. The instructions were missing that nuance and it has been corrected. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let us know if you have any other questions.
  6. Hello Erin, Thank you for your recent purchase with us. That's correct. The modification you have bought has only 1 Custom LED Indicator on the back. The other LED indicator is for the Advanced Back Paddles functionality. Your controller doesn't have that. let us know if that helps.
  7. We use updated LED boards now. For the new LED board to work with the modchip you have the latter needs to be reprogrammed. Even if you can swap the LED board yourself it won't work.
  8. Unfortunately, the only fix is to replace the LED board. The procedure can only be done by our technicians.
  9. Hello, DualSense controller firmware updates do not affect mods in any way. From what you describe it looks like the LED indicator is malfunctioning. Please go ahead and send it back. We will take a look at it. Here is the link with the instructions below: https://megamodz.com/returns-and-repairs
  10. Hello Haindong, Thank you for your question. Yes, we accept and ship products (Send-ins) to most countries. Could you let me know what country you're curious about?
  11. Hi Kyle, Yes, it has been. We are receiving about 20 front and back shells of different colors/designs this week (the shipment is in transit currently) as well as the other controller parts (trims, attachments, and buttons). It will take a few more days to edit pictures and upload them onto the website. Realistically speaking, I would say those new options will become available by the end of the next week. We know it has been quite a while since we announced custom parts for the PS5 Edge Controller. We are finally getting closer. Thank you for your patience and understanding. That means a lot to us.
  12. Yes, as a long as the Jump Button is assigned to the X button on the controller it will work. This feature is for old COD games primarily. It allows the use of all mods in different preset COD button layouts such as Tactical, Lefty, Nom4d, etc. The main use of it in the latest COD games is to be able to set Rapid Fire on the R1 button instead of R2 (Default Flipped).
  13. If it's the X button then the Jump Shot will work fine.
  14. What controller button is the Jump button in Xdefiant?
  15. As long the the game features semi-auto and/or single-shot weapons Rapid Fire Mod will work.
  16. Hello Nate, Thank you for your question. Yes, your assumption is correct. You can perform the "fake show" movement in the FIFA game by only pressing the back lever on the Edge Macro Remap controller. Only the back levers can have modified stock button inputs. The stock/face controller buttons (inputs) themselves cannot be modified. The back levers can only have 2 stock controller buttons assigned and be further configured with sub-modes through the modchip interface. Here is the link with the detailed instructions below: https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/macro-remap Let us know if that helps.
  17. Hello Rachel, Thank you for your question. That depends on the controller mods configuration. There is an option to leave the stick modules replaceable but at the cost of some mods and functions. Mods such as Auto Sprint, Sniper Breath and Button Layouts will require hard soldering of the PS5 Edge thumbstick therefore the stick modules will become unreplaceable by the user. If you build a PS5 Edge Controller through the Controller Creator Platform you will have an option to specify with Stick Modules Configuration (swappable/unwrappable) you would like to go with. Please refer to the screenshot below: Let us know if you have any other questions.
  18. Yes, our mods are compatible with all COD games including the upcoming ones. Select the Reinforced Multi-Mod package if you will exclusively play MW3. Select the Juggernaut Multi-Mod pack if you play MW3 and Warzone.
  19. Hello Estefano, Thank you for your recent purchase with us. For the Auto Ping Mod to work in Warzone please follow the instructions below: https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-auto-spot In short, the Auto Ping Mod has 4 sub-modes. The number 3 and 4 are designed for Warzone. The first 2 won't work properly in Warzone. You will need to scroll to either 3 or 4 by following the steps in the link above. Let us know if that helps.
  20. Here is the link with simple step-by-step instructions below: https://megamodz.com/instructions/Xbox-Series-X/LED-Mod
  21. Hello Matt, Thank you for your question. Yes, the price for the high-resolution screen (1920x1200px) will be $149.99 if you configure a new Deck and $199.99 if you sending In your own Deck. Let us now if you have any further questions.
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