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  1. Hello Xavier, Thank you for your question. We are aiming for the beginning of March if everything goes according to plan). Our team has already started working on it. We will be posting updates in the forums frequently. Stay tuned!
  2. Hello folks, This topic is dedicated to answering questions about PS5 DualSense Edge Wireless Controller. RULES: Be sure to read these simple rules below before posting your question. 1. Please search the topic first and see if there are replies that match your question before posting. This topic aims to keep this section clean and informative so everyone can find what they are looking for fast. Therefore, we won't be approving repetitive questions. 2. Be specific and to the point when posting your question. That will insure getting an answer in a timely manner. 3. Users are welcome to answer other users' questions. 4. Keep a positive attitude and be respectful to the other users and moderators. Helpful Links: DUALSENSE EDGE CONTROLLER BUILDER https://megamodz.com/Custom-PS5-Edge-Controller GO AHEAD AND ASK YOUR QUESTIONS - WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
  3. Hi, Yes, by setting up custom fire rates you rewrite the factory default settings. It can be restored via easy steps though. All you need to do to reset the modchip. Here are the steps in the link below: https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods-overview TIP: If you play COD Games, don't go over 17-18 SPS. The game's speed cup set up around that number. Going higher than that may cause your Rapid Fire Rate to slow down. We are glad you like the controller. Thank you. It means a lot to us! Keep practicing and you'll get better.
  4. Hello Antonio, Only one stock controller button can be assigned to each macro button and further configured to perform a sequence. No multiple actions on the same key (macro button) are possible. You can find all the detailed written and video instructions for the PS5 Macro Remap controller here.
  5. Hello James, Thank you for your recent purchase with us. 4 mods can be turned ON at once. 1 Shooting Mod (Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, etc.) and 3 special mods (Jump Shot, Auto Sprint, etc.) All instructions can be found thru the link below https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4 Each mod offers new, unique mechanics. It takes some time and practice to master each of them and utilize them in your gameplay. For first-time users, activating multiple mods simultaneously is not recommended since it may cause confusion. Instead, activate each mod one by one, and get familiar with the new mod's mechanics before creating your own mods combinations.
  6. Hello Justin, Thank you for your recent order and for being a loyal customer. The blue flashing light around the touchpad indicates that the controller is very low on charge. Make sure to use high-grade charging cable or a power station/stand. If you cannot sync your controller and the blue light keeps blinking, please consider changing your charging supply.
  7. Hi Jose. Thank you for your question. Yes, that setup is possible on Mega Modz PS5 Controllers with Advanced Back Buttons or Macro Remap. First, you need to pair one of the paddles on the back with your "Fire" button (R1). Then, you need to scroll to sub-mode #2 (Turbo Mode). Here are the full instructions https://megamodz.com/PS5-Controller-Paddles
  8. Hello Dennis, Thank you for your question. Only one stock controller button can be paired with one of the paddles on the back and further configured with simple macros such as turbo mode, auto double & triple taps, and continuous press. The detailed instructions for the Macro Remap function can be found here: https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/macro-remap
  9. We have the date when it'll be in stock. It is Thursday, December the 22nd. Sorry about the delay. It was supposed to arrive a little earlier but the shipment got delayed due to the holyday season.
  10. Hello, Here is a quick summary of the Fast Reload Mod: - There is no universal Fast Reload speed/sub-mode that fits all guns. - Depending on the gun you play with and most importantly the setup (attachments and perks) a sub-mode has to be configured with custom unit delays in order for the Mod to work properly. - 10 sub-modes/slots are available to be preset with custom Fast Reload unit delays. Please see the video instructions here As well as the detailed written instructions here https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-fast-reload
  11. Hi. Quick question. What does the left stick do on your controller now? I am trying to figure out your controller stock button layouts. If it's not the default configuration it may not work before you do some adjustments.
  12. It's important to understand each function's performance to properly operate a modded controller. For instance this particular example. It looks like you have activated the Auto Spot Mod but didn't change the sub-mode. The one you have ON right now is designed for Battlefield Games and you are playing Warzone. The reason it gets confusing is that the wrong sub-mode was activated. There is no intuitive way to use it. Each function presents an additional layer of controller functionality. Activating mods without knowing how they work will make your gameplay confusing. I would recommend getting familiar with each Mod functionality one by one before creating mod combinations. We have mods video instructions here https://megamodz.com/forums/53-ps5-mega-modz-controller-video-instructions/ As well as the detailed written instructions here https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4
  13. Hello, Yes, mods work in DMZ mode as well. Can you please be more specific? What mod are you trying to play with and what is not doing?
  14. Hi Derrick, Please visit this thread below there is an answer to your question. All ps5 modded controller instructions can be accessed here Mods Video Instructions https://megamodz.com/forums/53-ps5-mega-modz-controller-video-instructions/
  15. Hi Gabriel, Thank you for your question. We are expecting both items you've mentioned to be back in stock in a week or so.
  16. I am not familiar with those codes provided in the app. You can send it to our facility if you wish. We have our own tools to hook up with the controller and read all the inputs. Or wait if someone on the forums has any other ideas to share. I don't believe there is a programming solution that can fix your remote. I would guess that the hardware components may have worn off on the controller's motherboard considering the age of the remote.
  17. Yes you can. Available on: PC, Xbox console, Mobile, Surface Hub, HoloLens OS: Windows 10 version 19041.0 or higher Architecture: x86, x64 I have another app in mind you can also try. Will provide an update tomorrow.
  18. To clear things up that was an assumption, not a conclusion. The most effective way to get your controller checked and possibly fixed is by sending it back. Right now it's unclear what device is malfunctioning. The reason why I suggested using the app is to illuminate one or another. If the controller works in the app then it's the other device. If the inputs are still off in the app then the problem is with the controller itself. But no worries. Send it back and we will take a look at it.
  19. Does it sound like a conclusion to you? If you don't have a chance to test the controller either on a PC on a console via the Accessories App I have no other suggestions to troubleshoot it remotely. If you wish to send your controller to our facility for an inspection you can contact our support team ([email protected]). They will explain the process.
  20. Hi. It seems like whatever device you're using causing this issue. The best way to test the controller inputs is by doing it in the Accessories App. If the controller's inputs are still off in the app, please record a short clip where you press the controller's buttons and the inputs that get registered on the screen. That way may be able to troubleshoot it further.
  21. Hello Chris, It looks like you are using the wrong instructions to deal with the back buttons on your controller. Here is the link below to the PS4 Back Buttons Instructions. https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/paddles
  22. Yes. Orange is available. If you decide to place an order, please DM me so I can make notes for your order.
  23. Hello Galen, Thank you for your question. It is certainly possible. What color R2 L2 buttons are you looking to add to your controller configuration? I will check if we have those in stock. Quick note. If you wish to get Mechanical Shoulder Buttons (R1.R2 - L1, L2) installed on your controller, then, it is not recommended to replace R2 L2 buttons. The stock ones work the best. The click on those is more satisfying. But it's totally up to you.
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