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  4. Hello, please click on the Return Item button in your Order History in your account with us to request RMA https://megamodz.com/returns-and-repairs
  5. may you send me an email ; fijiless@outlook.com on details of where to send controller. thank you
  6. Please go ahead and send your controller back. We will take a look at it.
  7. Last week
  8. the right analog stick and the left analog stick seem to be acting weird, the left analog just twitches to the side (in game) and the left analog stick cancels my sprint. Both with mods on and off, please help
  9. Hello, i fully charged my control and kept it plugged in after, as i was using the controller started acting up and jittering as i moved forward, tried resetting the control, mods and my console, no idea what to do
  10. We remove that button to install the modchip (It takes extra space). That button doesn't have any exclusive function. All it does is turns a controller OFF. If you need to turn your controller off without looking at your screen, just hold down the PS Home button for 10 seconds. It will turn off. Please click the link and scroll all the way down. https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods-overview What game are you playing and what gun are you using? It's best to start by reading the instructions before activating any mods. Sniper Breath Mod Instructions
  11. Hello there, Please go ahead and ship your controller back for an inspection. We will take a look at it. The return shipping label was issued minutes ago and sent directly to your inbox. Please make sure to print it off within 24 hours, otherwise it will expire.
  12. i’ve also tried using a pin and inserting into the small hole beside the L2 button but there doesn’t seem to be a button inside.
  13. I’ve finally figured it out! is there any other threads on how to reset the controller mods that are set? my sniper breath isn’t working and i’d like to maybe try and reset the preset functions
  14. Hello, I recently purchased a Switch Pro modded controller during the holiday season for my nephew. He advised yesterday that he is no longer able to charge the controller using the charging port. He tried multiple cables and multiple USB outlets with no success. Thinking the charging port is broken. How can I go about getting this sent in for repair? Thank you for your time.
  15. Hello, thank you for you recent order with us. What action are you trying to complete and are you able to get any lights on the controller?
  16. Hey staff team! i’ve watched videos on youtube, i’ve read the site instructions and i’ve also read about it on my manual, but my controller mod button will not turn on after either, tapping or holding. I believe it is broken and i just received my controller today!?
  17. Hello, I am glad to help. Check out all the details on how to use the mod via this thread https://megamodz.com/forums/topic/120-default-flipped Let me know if all is clear 😊
  18. i have a quick question... i bought the mod where you can flip L2 and R2 to L1 and R1 but i’m not sure how to do it can you explain it please?
  19. Carl, Thank you for your order with Mega Modz. Rapid Fire comes with several pre-set speeds that you can choose from via sub-modes or you can program your own in a programming mode. Please see steps on how to do here https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-rapid-fire. Yes you can add more mods or other modifications to your existing order at anytime. Just contact support@megamodz.com or request RMA in your Order History to send the controller for an upgrade. Let us know if you have further questions.
  20. Hi, with the Fast Reload mod you need to make sure you are using the correct Fast Reload sub-mode for your weapon. There is the Chart in online instructions you can refer to or you can let me know which game and weapon you use and I will advise you
  21. Hello and thank you for the order with Mega Modz. Your controller has Layouts added. All you need to do is activate the mod and change the layout to Default Flipped in the game and your controller. You can check out more details here https://megamodz.com/forums/topic/120-default-flipped
  22. I purchased a controller with rapid fire. First I was wondering how do you change the fire rate and also I wanted to get drop shot and jump shot is there a way I can add it?
  23. Does anyone have issues with the fast reload mod? Because I can’t even reload at all if I have any rounds still unless I clear out my mag.
  24. Hello MegaModz staff and other forum users, i had a question, i honestly don’t recall adding controller layout to my custom controller, i haven’t yet received it, i’ll receive it within a week or 2 from now. I was just curious, because currently i use flipped settings which causes me to shoot and ADS with R1+R2 instead of L2+R2, does the controller pick that up after a mod is activated? or will i have to switch to default settings and use L2+R2? it’s been a big concern of mine and want to know ahead of time, thanks !
  25. Hello Seth, Please follow these steps below: - Go ahead and connect the controller to your Xbox One console. - Navigate to the Accessories App - Install the latest controller firmware update - Sign Out from Xbox One - Try connecting to the Series X console again. This part is strange. The action above should allow you to skip the steps I mentioned earlier. Can you please describe what happens with the controller once it's being plugged in, especially with the Xbox button (is it off, blinking, staying lit)?
  26. I bought an Xbox one modded controller for warzone mainly for rapid fire and I cannot get it to connect to my series x. It will connect to my Xbox one but not series x. Even if I plug it into my series x hard wired it will not work. What am I doing wrong?
  27. Great job, Andrew. Please keep us posted on your progress. Never heard about this one. Can you please share a link to download it?
  28. So I learned that after you solder the base onto the circuit board you leave the potentiometers unsolders and adjust them back and forth till your thumbstick are centered. You can use a gamepad troubleshooter on a computer to test the alignment. So the thumbstick problem has been solved. Still havent figured out my b button yet. Drew
  29. I was able to replace the left stick just fine. The right one is giving me a run for my money. I took another look at the schematics and I know there are 6 pins for the left and right movement. 1 signal for both x and y axis and the two other measure how much you are moving the stick left or right. My assumption would be one of the two pins measuring the left or right is cold soldered and making the processor read that the stick is fully engaged up and to the left due to the cold solder. I'll be taking it apart again tonight and seeing if I can get around it. I'm going to resolder my extra b b
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