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  4. VIDEO TUTORIAL IS OUT 🔥 For NBA 2K21 fans and those struggling to set up a Macro Remap PS4 controller to perform a Green Shot Mod, here is a detailed video tutorial that covers everything starting from setting up the correct sub-mode on the controller to programming custom values. Suggested timing and the factors affecting it are also included. Enjoy https://youtu.be/XQWCtxE7_rQ
  5. Due to many requests, we've put together a video tutorial explaining and demonstrating how to set up Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 controller for a perfect Green Shot mod in NBA 2K21. Enjoy folks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQWCtxE7_rQ 🔥
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  7. Do you have ideas on what would you like to see in PS5 modded controllers? Share!
  8. Hello folks! Are you waiting for PS5 Modded Controllers as much as we are? Are you thrilled? 😀 Mega Modz team is literally counting the days until the PS5 and DualSense release, as we are going to offer you something absolutely epic! PS5 controller is a very powerful device on it's own, and we can't let our supporters down and offer some basic technology. It will be the next-den PS5 modding functionality with some exclusive features not available anywhere else. Follow the thread to receive updates on the release date, pricing, sneak peeks and more! 🔥
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  10. The minimum unit of time that can be changed in the settings is 10 ms. 1 ms (the difference you're referring to) is too small/fast to make any difference in any game. As a reference, the blink of an eye is between 200 and 300 ms. Games don't operate on such small numbers, not to mention a human brain processing speed starts from 100 ms at the very best.
  11. Is it possible to set the macro to .541 or will it have to be .540?
  12. It depends on the sub-mode you are in. If you’re referring to the continuous press, then the answer would be yes. Tap the Macro Button and the modchip holds down a paired stock button for a programmed period of time. (1,2,3 seconds e.t.c) It works differently in the other sub-modes: 1. Straight Remap. You just mimicking the paired stock button. 2. Turbo Mod. You spamming the paired stock button by holding down the Macro Button. 3 &4. Double & Triple Tap. Tap the macro button once the modchip taps the paired stock controller button 2 or 3 times with configured timing.
  13. Hi Dan, Thank you for your input on the subject. We are not planning to come out with anything similar to this. As our main focus now is the new-gen controllers. Our PS4 Macro Remap controller is not game-specific. It is a universal tool that can be utilized in almost every game out there. It offers very simple customizable macros by setting up instructions on the macro buttons. (straight remap, turbo mod, double & triple taps, and continues press) In our last product hardware update, we’ve also added trigger locks. A very nice addition to have. As for the latency issue, the main question is how often the green shot timing is getting changed. Is it something that depends on your player position? What else contributes to it? Or it’s something that gets changed whenever a new game update is out? Changing timing is easy via programming mode. It gets saved every time you configure new settings. Plus you can configure 2 Macro Buttons with pretty close timing to cover the most cases.
  14. Now with NBA 2K21 adding shot aiming, Is there a way to mod a controller just to pick up a straight down movement? I remember years ago, a company made one for Tiger Woods PGA & you would press a little button at the back of the controller and its would disable the right stick of any side movements from the stick and just pick up a straight up and down movement, and when you want its to go back to normal, you would just press the little button at the back again. Maybe its not possible now but with that you would not have to worry about latency's as it would just come down to you're shot aiming. I am looking into getting an Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 controller, but I will wait to see how people get it with it. My worry the timing will always be different due to latency & you would have to keep programming it.
  15. It's a great idea to use the Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 controller for programming a green shot mod in NBA 2K21, as it allows to program own timing for the Square button to be held down for. To execute a perfect green shot, you will need to: - Assign the Square button to one of the macro buttons on the back - Get into sub-mode 5 which is Continuous Press and configure the timing in a programming mode (from 300 ms to 10 sec) - Every time you tap the assigned macro button, the mod will hold it down for you for the time programmed Configuring exact timing is another story and we suggest using a stopwatch, for example, to get an idea and then play around with the settings by increasing/decreasing timing in small portions (100ms) until you get it right. It would be great if you share your experience with us!
  16. Thank you for the reply i really appreciate it . I had it set for the 2nd sub mod . I will try your suggestion tomorrow.
  17. Thank you, this made me want to order right now. But I still have one question regarding tax and customs, I live in a country up north were I'd have to pay up over 80% the controllers price in custom when getting the controller. The way to solve this is to get the controller as a gift, does Megamodz provide this service?
  18. Hello Edward, Thank you for your recent order with us. If you’ve already paired the desired controller stock button with the macro one and scrolled to the 5TH sub-mode (continuous press) you are one step away from setting up a green light shot timing. The macro remap function allows users to customize ON and OFF button timing. ON - the time a stock button is being held down. OFF - pause/s between button presses. In the 5TH sub-mode, there is no OFF button timing since the modchip presses and holds a stock button for you therefore you can only adjust ON button timing. Once in programming mode, if you tap the macro button you would program OFF button timing (It’s not applicable in the 5TH sub-mode). Instead, you need to hold down the macro button for 2 seconds in order to start changing the timing. You can find full macro remap instructions here. Let us know if that helps.
  19. Well.. we haven't tried that 😀 Technically it can be possible but it's not the recommended way to use the product functionality. You can adjust 2 timing types: 1. ON button timing ( how long a paired button is being held) 2. OFF button timing (pause between button presses) You can program the timings anywhere from 50 ms to 3 sec.
  20. Thank you, I can just put something heavy on that button so its stays pressed in. Would that work? And how long can it auto-click? With intervals of 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 seconds?
  21. Hi, default timing for each button is different and you can change the timing via programming mode (min value 50ms. max 3 seconds). Keep in mind please there are 2 timing adjustments you can make: 1. ON button timing ( how long a paired button is being held) 2. OFF button timing (pause between button presses) So if you want the modchip to spam the X button really fast , you want to configure ON and OFF button timing around 100ms. Refer to this page https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/macro-remap Setting Up Custom Values Section You will only need to configure it once and the modchip will always remember your setup/timing. The same stock button can be configured on both Macro Buttons with different settings/timing. Reset to factory default will erase your previous settings.
  22. Hi, you can not do that with the Macro Remap, as a macro button has to be held down in order for the modchip to spam a stock button (turbo mode).
  23. So I binded my R2 to mash really fast and when I set it to x so it can press x really fast it was just pushing it super slowly. Is this normal for it to mash R2 super fast and X super slow?
  24. Thank you very much. Does this mean I can program the controller to press a certain button over and over again while I'm away from the controller for lets say 1 or 2 hours?
  25. If you are a PS4 user, you can definitely use Macro Remap controller and its turbo mode. You get to program the time between button presses and the time the button is pressed for https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/macro-remap
  26. You purchase them and program via the controller itself, you don't download them https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/macro-remap
  27. Hello everyone. I'm looking for a controller that can be programmed to auto click a button every 2 or 5 seconds until I stop it myself. Does the controllers sold on this website provide this kind of service? Best regards
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