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  2. Oh cool when does the PS5 controller launch? From what I’m understanding the new macro PS5 controller I’ll be able to use the remap to program shot timing etc to get green shots! With that macro controller I’m also able to use macros to do like quick scope, rapid fire, jumpshot with FPS games too? when does it launch !! Definitely interested
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  4. Hello Qui, A macro PS5 controller that is great for NBA 2K is about to be released. It's functionality will be similar to the PS4 macro one, check more on it here: https://megamodz.com/forums/topic/88-controller-for-nba-2k21/ https://megamodz.com/forums/topic/106-best-controller-settings-in-nba-2k21 Speaking of Apex, we do offer popular mods for is that are available right now. You can add Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint, Jumpshot, Quick Scope to a PS5 controller via Controller Creator https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller. The important part is that a macro and a modded controller are 2 separate products with 2 different functionalities (Mods Vs Macros thread will be useful https://megamodz.com/forums/topic/14-mods-or-macros) You will be able to use a macro controller on both games as you can mimic Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Auto Sprint modes functionality via macros. You won't be able to use popular mods with NBA 2K. It's really up to you which product performance meets your needs better.
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  7. Is there a modded controller out for 2k? Does that controller also work for apex ?
  8. Hi Mike, Check out this thread regarding the aimbot in console gaming..
  9. Buy the fully equip modded controller that comes assembled is best ? If so it will come ready to go with aim bot ?
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  11. Hi Xavier, The process is easy. You can log in to you account and navigate to the "Purchase History" tab. After locating your product click the "Return Item" button and follow the prompts.
  12. Hello! I already have the rapid fire PS5 controller. How do I start the process to send the controller back to upgrade to the back buttons after they are released?
  13. Any news on the ps5 macro controller with back paddles becoming available?

    1. James Brady

      James Brady

      Hi Jason, 

      We are talking beginning of August here. I will provide the exact date once confirmed. 

  14. Hi Jason, We are days away from releasing the back buttons. I am not able to give the exact day but we are very close. We've finished with he testing phase and now are working on the instructions and the website changes to make a user experience as friendly as possible. Please stay tuned. As soon as it becomes available we will post an update here. You will receive a notification email right away because you're participating in the topic.
  15. Do you have a date of when back buttons are avaliable. I know you said end of July.
  16. Hello Noah, Mods are designed for certain games, shooters and battle royale genres mostly. Mods won't be useful in Nintendo games.
  17. A very cool custom designed Xbox Series X Controller configured by Gamer Heaven
  18. If I were to buy a modded Series X controller and connect (wired or wirelessly) to my Nintendo Switch would the mods still work?
  19. Hey, I think you should follow general guidelines of esports tournaments, meaning that features like remap buttons, trigger locks are allowed. Because they are more about your play style and ergonomics. Mods or macros is a different story, they are not allowed as they can give you an advantage over others. With that you can def allow pro mega modz controllers with back buttons, trigger locks etc, just not with the mods.
  20. A Mega Mods PS5 Custom Modded Controller review by Frank Sparapani
  21. Hi folks, In this thread we will be posting influencers reviews of our products. Product launches, new features, designs, functional upgrades and just cool reviews that provide users with information and tips on Mega Modz controllers - you will find all of it posed here. Let's go!
  22. Hello Jason, Thank you for your recent purchase with us. Please check this tread out by the link below. https://megamodz.com/forums/topic/247-r1-l1/?tab=comments#comment-925 If you're still having problems please let us know what step you are missing and will be able to assist you further.
  23. Just got my new controller can anyone please tell me how to turn default flip on and off.
  24. Hi Jason, These are trigger locks that allow the user to change the travel distance of controller triggers. For example, many players find it useful to have them on the shortest setting so that they are able to pull the trigger as fast as possible.
  25. This what Quick Scope is all about. On a L1 button press it scopes in, takes a shot and discopes. The timing between scoping in and taking a shot is variable. 5 presets with an ability to adjust the timing manually. It takes practice to become proficient. Somewhat a common mistake is to activate as many mods as possible without knowing the mechanics. it's best to start incorporating mods in your gameplay one by one before creating combination. For some players it may feels overwhelming. Everyone is different.
  26. So I just received my new PS4 modded controller and there is these two switches on the back and I can find nothing in the instructions of what they are for and what they do. Can someone help?
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