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  2. Jumpshot comes in a bundle with Dropshot, there are 6 sub-modes in the mod. Sub-modes 1 and 2 are for Dropshot. You have to be in sub-modes 3 - 6 to enable Jumpshot, depending on a sub-mode selected you will be able to jump every time you fire or not. Sub-modes 4 and 6 are the best, you can press l2 before r2 if you just need to shoot normally without jumping, gives you more control.
  3. What's your gaming system? What game do you play?
  4. How do I initiate jump shot instead of jump shot? I’ve tried everything
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  6. Yes you can. The controller can be used as a standard remote to play on any compatible devices. If you are asking about mods, they are specific to games, guns you use, situation in game. Check out more on Remote Play https://www.playstation.com/en-us/explore/ps4/remote-play/
  7. Thanks!! How you like the mods on Apex? Do they really work?
  8. Hi, you can use Rapid Fire Auto Burst Auto Sprint Jumpshot Quick Scope. They don't have a special Apex mod package, so I added them on mine from Controller Builder.
  9. What controller would you recommend for Apex Legends online play and what specifically does it come with and what works? I’m not into computers, old, and only play to keep in touch with my older boys that play this game.
  10. Allan, that's correct, if you play MW and Warzone and want to use M13, Fast Reload mod comes pre-set with the optimal unit delays for these games, so all you need to do is switch to sub-mode 2 as per the MW Chart. ⭐ Check out the user video tutorial as well, from [8:00] is demonstrates how to use Fast Reload in the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zMtDLZ4obY&t=616s ⭐ For other COD games, you may need to program suggested unit delays yourself using the values provided in game charts: PS4 Fast Reload Instructions Xbox One Fast Reload Instructions
  11. Last week
  12. Can I use the controller on PS4 remote play?
  13. Tristan - yes it does affect fully auto guns. Certain guns it doesn't mess it up too bad. Also affects using vehicles in warzone because R2 is drive. Rapid fire does have a tactical mode where you double tap triangle to turn it on and off, that is pretty handy for switching between fully auto and single shot guns. I've also started switching my guns to single burst, if it has it. Basically makes it fully auto still without messing other things up.
  14. Does it effect the rate of fire on a fully automatic gun? I run the kilo and FAL didn’t know if it would make the kilo shoot slower.
  15. Just got my controller after an extended wait used it for 2 days so far and everything is working as it should so far so good .... great work megamodz
  16. Yes, we do 😉 Mega Modz offers Zombie Auto Aim mod which is compatible with CAMPAIGN and ZOMBIE modes in all COD games, no multiplayer or Warzone compatibility 😒 With the mod on, you will pull the L2 button and the mod will to lock onto the nearest enemy. Check more here: https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one/mods/updated-zombie - Xbox One https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-zombie - PS4
  17. Thanks!! So do you have any other aim assist mods? Anything at all? These dudes online gotta be using smth
  18. Oh I see so for M13 on warzone I have to go to the sub-mode 2? Thanks for helping me out man
  19. Hello Ellen, Your package came back as undeliverable. The address provided is insufficient. Please contact our customer care and provide the correct shipping address so we can ship the package over ASAP. https://megamodz.com/contact-us
  20. Hello Ulices, Thank you for your question. There is no such thing as a modded controller with aimbot when it comes to console gaming. In short, an aimbot is a very complex piece of programming that, in effect, takes data from your game, and uses that data to lock on the heads of enemy targets. It is only possible on PC. There are a few thighs to keep in mind: - An aimbot is hacking and as a consequence, you will get your account in suspension. - By using Aimbot you change the game output. - By using a modded controller you modify a stock controller button input, which is perfectly legal. - Mega Modz controllers do not provide cheats or hacks. They let the user utilize automatic button presses (macros) in an efficient way. If you want to learn more about Modded Controllers and how they can improve the user experience we recommend reading this article by accessing the link below. https://megamodz.com/blog/modded-controllers-5-things-you-need-to-know
  21. Hello Dean, You’re right about that. This is a sort of limitation of the Sniper Breath Mod when it comes to variable zoom or Hybrid Scopes. Once you zoom IN your sniper rifle (by pressing the ADS button) the modchip will press and hold the Left Stick for you (when the Mod is activated), holding your character’s breath. If you press the Left Stick to change your zoom the game won’t register that because the Left Stick has been already pressed by the modchip. With that being said, the Mod is most effective with Sniper Rifles that don’t offer variable zoom. You can find more info on the Mod specifics here https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-sniper-breath
  22. Hi, fast reload is a bit complicated compared to other mods. If you get the lights on when activating the mod, it means it's on but most likely you are in the wrong sub-mode. Fast reload has 10 sub-modes and they have a chart on their site that tells you which sub-mode you should be in to be able to use the weapon you want. If you don't use the sub-mode your weapon is assigned to, it won't fast reload for you.
  23. Looking to see how to set up the fast reload for the M13..Lights indicate that they are on but don't function... To be more exact when I set quick reload it doesn’t reload my weapon it starts too reload but doesn’t fully finish.. I am getting frustrated this is one of the mods I wanted to the most. Help anyone? 😭
  24. Yes, this is about how long I've waited for mine. Check your eta you can find it in your purchase email or your account with Mega.
  25. Hi Mega Forums! I'm wanting to purchase a mod controller. But I have a question Does the controller have AIMBOT? And is it comparable for ps4 COD?
  26. I'm stupid that fixed it. Thank you. Sorry for the hassle.
  27. I ordered my co troller and it’s been over a month and the expected date was a week ago? Is this normal?
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