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  4. Hello, I just received my PS5 Macro Remap controller, and first thing I did was try to put it on my PlayStation 5 DualSense Wireless Controller Charging Station for charging. Much to my chagrin, the macro remap buttons appear to get in the way so the controller won't connect and I can't charge. Am I doing something incorrect? I had checked before ordering and there was no statement anywhere that I could find indicating that I would no longer be able to use a standard OEM product to charge, so very much hoping this is user error on my part and not design oversight. Thanks for your time. https://www.playstation.com/en-ca/accessories/dualsense-wireless-controller/#charging-station
  5. Lol for those that will inevitably make the same mistake as me, i made a mistake reading the instructions. I thought turning on the LEDs was done by holding the mod switch as step 1. It was actually holding down the switch, the rear button, as well as the desired stock button.
  6. I'm having the same problem though. I have the macro remap PS5 but the mod button doesn't work or turn on LEDs except when I press both mod button and PS button. In another forum it seemed like this issue meant the person bought a mod and not a remap but I for sure bought a remap. I'm looking at my receipt right now.
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  8. Mega Modz 16112 NW 13th Ave, Suite C Miami, FL 33169 Please follow the link below for all instructions https://megamodz.com/returns-and-repairs
  9. Hello, Please ship your controller back to us. We will take a look at it.
  10. I cannot turn on any mods, the light indicator isn't even turning on. I've had the controller for months and, haven't dropped it or done any damage.
  11. Hi Rosina, You will have a mod switch for mods activating and deactivating, but it won't be a red button on the side, it will be a button located at the middle of the attachment.
  12. Hi, If I were to purchase a PS5 controller with straight remap back button + rapid fire, will it have the mod switch on the back (red button on the side) for activating rapid fire or do I activate rapid fire with the back button?
  13. Let's just clarify terms to make sure we are on the same page. If you are referring to standard classical mods (Rapid Fire, Dropshot etc) - these can be used with Remap and Turbo (button mashing) macros. You get MODS + mentioned macros via Straight Remap or Advanced Back Buttons feature. You do not need to have buttons involved when using mods. You can not use MODS with Continuous Press, Double and Triple Press macros. If you do need all avilable macros, please get Macro Remap.
  14. Hello Fidel, For Macro Remap option - you can map a stock button to any of the paddles, and then program it with desired macro input (Remap, Turbo, Double & Triple Tap, Continious Press). You can not program a stock button directly.
  15. Hi, Sorry if I wasn't clear..For the programing, can I place one of the 5 macro types to any of the stock buttons?
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  17. Hi Fidel, If you go with the Macro Remap option then, MODS won't be available. Macro Remap does not affect the actual stock controller buttons. All the sub-modes can be configured on the back paddles. If you go with MODS, then, you can select Straight Remap or Advanced feature. You can use all the functions separately. They are all independent. We put up the article explaining the basic difference between MODS and Macro Remap. You can read it here. Let us know if that helps.
  18. Hi, I am looking to get this option. I do have a question... Can I program one of the 5 sub modes to any of the stock buttons? Or are the mods only activated when using the back buttons.
  19. Hunter, If you have issues with your mods/leds not functioning right, please go ahead and send the controller back to us for inspection. Instructions are provided via the link Returns & Repairs | megamodz.com
  20. Hello Keanou, You absolutely can and morever, it is recommended to get updates regularly.
  21. Same issue, none of the trouble shooting worked. I just want a replacement for real.
  22. Just wondering, wouldn't want to update it and then end up messing my controller.
  23. Meems, arthritis is no joke man and I m younger than you. So you saying the controller does help good to know
  24. shoot me now. i just figured that out as well. sorry. lool. f'.
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