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  4. Hello Jorge, Thank you for your question. It depends on what upgrades you want to get on your controller. Your current controller mods configuration is only missing the Auto Heal mod. You can definitely get that one installed on your controller. If you want the Macro Remap controller, then, it's going to be a whole new controller. Let us know if you have any other questions.
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  6. If I wanted to add more mods to my controller, would I need to buy a whole new controller?
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  8. thank you for the reply and plese email me once available . look forward to it
  9. Hello, Thank you for contacting us. Zombie Wolves shell will be available within 1 - 2 weeks. We can email you once it's in stock.
  10. question , im getting two controllers but still waiting for the Ps5 zombie wolves exterior design . any chance u would know when it will be available ?
  11. Hello, Thank you for reaching. This is no porblem at all, just email to [email protected] your contact info and a reason for inspection/return. Let us know if your issue has been resolved
  12. I returned a controller today but didn't know that i had to include the contact info what should i do?
  13. I have found the issue, with the current update to the game, to we exploit the X mash mechanic the speed would have to be faster. I'm not sure how much faster. Probably 10-30 ms instead of 50 ms
  14. Not sure what you mean by that. If you need a Triple Tap you would wanna use the sub-mode #4 - Triple Tap. (Anytime you hit a paddle once the modchip will press the paired stock controller button 3 times on your behalf). If you need a Turbo function you would want to select the sub-mode #2 - Turbo Mod. (Once a paddle is being held down the modchip will spam the paired controller button on your behalf until released). The triple tap feature has the same maximum speed capability (50ms/50ms) You will need to press a paddle 12 times if you want the modchip to fill out the window of 3 seconds while using the Triple Tap feature. Not to mention it will be nearly impossible to hit a paddle on time every time. Just run an experiment and see how many times you will be able to press the X button in 3 seconds manually.
  15. Is there a way I could make the triple tap turbo? I think it is not enough presses of x in 3 seconds (30 maximum) on turbo
  16. Is the speed with which you're mashing the button only factor of a success? Are there any other factors involved when it comes to kick outs? As far as I understand you also have to follow a gauge indicator on the screen. Maybe you release the button too earlier or too late?
  17. It can only kick out of about one finisher (standard for finger mashing) when fast finger mashing can kick out of 3-5 finishers
  18. That's the exact speed the modchip is mashing the button. I have no other guesses why it is not performing the required action in the game as I am not familiar with that particular game and its mechanics. It looks like the controller is doing its job just fine. There could possibly be some limitations in the game.
  19. I meant when you finished the configuration and your paddle is ready to go. Anytime you press it the bottom row of the LEDs (left or right) will show the speed with which the modchip is pressing and releasing the paired button.
  20. Its 4 yellow(0), 4 yellow(0), then top left green the rest red (5) for both on and off speed
  21. You can record a short video where you hold a camera against the controller's custom LED indicator. Then press and hold the paddle that has been configured with the custom values. By looking at the led indicator I will be able to tell if your speed is the fastest. Maybe something has been missed during the configuration process.
  22. I really like the controller and the quality overall of it. I think it can do x mashing I just don't know how to do it
  23. I understand your frustration. If your not satisfied with your purchase please go ahead and ship your controller back for a refund. You are within the refund window. I am hopping that you will be able to find a product that meets your expectations.
  24. I have tried a large variety numbers including 100 ms100 ms. Very disappointed but confused as most say turbo controllers work and are op on the game
  25. Try inputting 100 ms and 100 ms. The other possibility would be is that you reached the speed cup and then the game could potentially slow your presses down artificially. Just play with numbers between 50 ms and 150 ms. If that won't help then I would run out of guesses.
  26. After going into mode 2 (turbo) then program I tap the paddle with the x button assigned and put it on 0 0 5 for 50 ms then I go program again hold it for off button this time, input the same 0 0 5 for 50 ms. I make sure to press mod button to save the numbers after my inputs
  27. The video you shared earlier indicates that the speed the person is pressing and releasing the button with about 100 ms ON & 100 ms OFF times (definitely not faster than that). The modchip can mash buttons even faster. I don't see how that's the case. My best guess would be is that you only tune 1 variable instead of 2. Can you describe how exactly you tune in the speeds for Turbo Mode after you entered a programming mode (Mod Button + PS button)?
  28. Setup the fastest speed (50ms/50ms) and then follow a gauge promts. Press the paddle down, hold it and then release it as soon as a gauge arrives at a finishing point.
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