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  4. Hello George, Here is the direct link to purchase a standard black PS4 modded controller with Rapid Fire added -Build your own PS4 Pro Controller (megamodz.com). If you want to change the design or add more bells and whistles, visit the Controller Creator here Let me know if you were able to do it.
  5. Im looking to purchase or build a ps4 controller with just rapid fire r1 l1 buttons, its needed for only 1 game. The game in question has a very buggy r1 l1 sequence that glitches out no matter how fast my finger hits the buttons it ends before i can even move the line, their is no fix currently to it and probably won't ever be fixed. With a rapid fire controller that line will max near instantly and so that's why im here. Im new to all this so i don't know much on what i need to purchase.
  6. No. That would be impossible. Rapid Fire only affects the R1 and R2 buttons. The "firing" buttons in shooting games. It also has nothing to do with the Back Paddles. Here is the full description of what Rapid Fire can and cannot do: https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-rapid-fire As well as the video Instructions:
  7. Hello, Yes, this is exactly what our controllers can do. Rapid Fire is essentially a Turbo Mode for the stock controller buttons (either R2 or R1, depending on the controller-game layout) If you need paddles to perform Turbo Presses you want to go with the Advanced Buttons feature. Please see the picture below. Configure you controller here: https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller
  8. So I want to be able to bind x to a back paddle and have it turbo when I click the paddle. But I still want the X button to be normal and not turbo. Is this possible? DO i just need the rapid fire package?
  9. Change your armor in the most efficient manner with Armor Repair Assist mod! The mod is compatible with Warzone 2 and 1 (no other COD games compatible) See the video tutorial below or check out written insructions:
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  11. Hello, Have you purchased your controller from us? Your account doesn't have any Purchase History with us.
  12. Hello, We got you, to build your Fortnite ZB compatible PS4 mod, please visit the PS4 Controller Creator page. To get the most competitive edge, STEP 1 - Add these mods from the MODS Tab - Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, JumpShot and Quick Scope. See how they can help in your gameplay https://megamodz.com/games/fortnite STEP 2 - Add the Performance pack (Remappable buttons + Trigger Locks):
  13. Hi Wesley, To disable all shooting mods (LED 1), you press the mod chip and dpad down. And to disable all non shooting mods (LEDS 2 - 4 ), you hold down the mod button and tap the button X. Have you had a chance to check the instructions online? Also video tutorials is a good tool To reset the controller follow these 3 simple steps - located at the bottom of this page: - Hold down the mod switch and tap PS-Home button, then release both buttons. All four LEDs will glow WHITE - Hold down the PS-Home button and tap D-Pad Down. A special WHITE blinking LED sequence will play back - Reboot the controller
  14. Can you recommend the best Fortnite ZB controller and button setup? I never play build mode so really just looking for best possible controller build with all of the bells and whistles.
  15. I cannot not turn off the mods. holding down mod button and down on the directional pad is not turning them off. is there a reset button on this controller?
  16. the edit feature asked why i was editing. that was my reply. lol. was talking about me, not you. lol
  17. Thank you for your advices..we are not old, just Experienced
  18. yes, the back paddles. they rock. you hold one down and it rapid turbos, you can get it as fast as you want too. i'm sure they'll set it up for you before they ship if you ask, and tell them how you want your buttons to work. so i play genshin impact, and i have the back paddle as the A button and my right paddle has the square button. and i have them both on the fastest turbo each. i just have to softly hold the paddle in, and watch all that yakking crap in this game to just breeze by.. i'm sure these awesome dudes in here will jump on this when they can. but i hope thats what you meant, sorry if it isnt. prayers to you for an ease on your pain. huggems.
  19. Hi Mimi, I have cerebral palsy and have limited Mobility with my fingers. I run accross your comment and want to ask your opinion. I'm currently interested in mega macro controllers that has a turbo function for more than just the trigger buttons to help me quickly Press buttons. Do you think it will help?
  20. See steps on getting the max of Dual Trigger mod on your controller in the video below. Or check out comprehensive, written tutorial on the mod.
  21. Ahh, ok, gotcha. Thank you, now I understand. Thank you again for your help and for allowing me to return my controller for a reprogram.
  22. Thank you for the detailed reply. Those controller configurations are pre-built. https://megamodz.com/PS5-Modded-Controllers They all have Rapid Fire and other mods installed by default. The Macro Remap function cannot be combined with Rapid Fire and other mods. Therefore, there is no such option (Macro Remap) under those listings. If you wish to build a controller from scratch it would be a better idea to use the Controller Creator platform/page https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller It is more flexible as far as the available options are concerned.
  23. I went to Shop => Modded Controllers => PS5 Wireless DualSense Custom Modded Controller Price is listed as $99.98 Clicking on Back Buttons it drops down to Upgrading Your Hardware - BACK BUTTONS Customize your gaming experience by choosing Mega Modz Back Buttons Please select from available configurations: Ask a Question None (+$0.00) Straight Remap? (+$60.00) Advanced? (+$70.00)
  24. It is possible. Maybe there were some updates being deployed on the website while you were accessing the page to build a PS5 controller. Can you please check again and follow the same pattern to see if you can replicate the issue? It works fine on my end.
  25. When I went to build the new PS5 controller there were only None, Straight Remap and Advanced. But if I went to my old order and clicked the Newer Model link, it shows None, Straight Remap, Advanced and Macro Remap. That's what threw me off and confused me.
  26. Since you are a loyal customer, it will be free of charge adjustment. Here are the steps to return your controller: - Go to the "Purchase History" Tab in your account. - Locate the product and click the "Return Item" button. - Follow the prompts We will send you the return shipping label via email. Please be sure to print it off within 24 hours. Otherwise, it will expire.
  27. Please check the video instructions below at [15: 29 ] on how to set up custom speeds for Turbo Mode.
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