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  1. Hello folks, We are excited to announce that we are about to make Mods, Macro Remap, and Advanced Paddle Inputs options available for selection through the Edge Custom Controller Creator page https://megamodz.com/Custom-PS5-Edge-Controller Available Mega Modz Edge Controller Configurations: 1. MODS. Enjoy the full line of Mega Modz's most popular and highly effective Controller Mods. Compatible with major FPS titles. Tailored to COD games. 2. MACRO REMAP. Macro Remap lets the user utilize repeatable and continued stock button presses in the game via simple macros. Macros can be set up on existing Edge Back Paddles. The Macro Remap is not a game-specific feature. It can be utilized in any gaming title out there to help the user become a better player and get an edge over an opponent. Custom Macro Remap inputs can be mixed with the Edge standard back button assignments allowing for binding 2 controller stock buttons to one paddle. 3. ADVANCED CUSTOM PADDLE INPUTS + MODS. This configuration combines All Mods and 3 additional Back Paddle sub-modes to configure custom inputs. The 3 Back Paddles sub-modes are Straight Remap, Turbo Function, and Quick ON/OFF switch for mods. The Advanced Paddle inputs allow binding 2 controller stock buttons to one paddle at a time. RULES: Be sure to read these simple rules below before posting your question. 1. Please search the topic first and see if there are replies that match your question before posting. This topic aims to keep this section clean and informative so everyone can find what they are looking for fast. Therefore, we won't be approving repetitive questions. 2. Be specific and to the point when posting your question. That will ensure getting an answer in a timely manner. 3. Users are welcome to answer other users' questions. 4. Keep a positive attitude and be respectful to the other users and moderators. HELPFUL LINKS DualSense Edge Controller Builder https://megamodz.com/Custom-PS5-Edge-Controller Blog Article https://megamodz.com/blog/Modded-DualSense-Edge-Controller-Review PS5 Controller Mod Instructions https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods PS5 Mods Video Instructions https://megamodz.com/forums/53-ps5-mega-modz-controller-video-instructions/ Macro Remap Instructions https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/macro-remap Advance Back Buttons Instructions https://megamodz.com/PS5-Controller-Paddles GO AHEAD AND ASK YOUR QUESTIONS - WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
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