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  1. shoot me now. i just figured that out as well. sorry. lool. f'.
  2. hey james i do have one issue. how do i get the vibrate to turn off. after setting up my macros. the vibration keeps going. i reset the macros and now this wont stop. thanks.
  3. sorry AGAIN. everytime i ask for help, seconds later i figure it out. lool. ignore both my questions. lol
  4. i was able to do the mod/macro hold 2 seconds , leds turn green, then i could put sub mode option 5 on my left paddle. everything worked perfect. but on the right paddle doing the same thing for the square button. mod/paddle, the lights turn green but then turned off the macro. it will just turn it off. wont allow me to go thru the sub modes.
  5. problem was me, controller was innocent of all charges. figured it out. all is good. loving this so much. hugs, Meems
  6. love mine too, hubby loves his too! these things are awesome. i'm 59 and have arthritis and sciatica, it was killing me to push buttons, mainly the A button for genshin impact, omg the freaking talking in that game, so much talking and i having to constantly hit the A button to go thru it skipping was almost unbearable. i went looking for something to alleviate it, and stumbled up on this on youtube, a reviewer. so i got one but i forgot to get the paddles so i gave that to my hubby and got me the remap one. i am so in love with this. i have the A on left paddle now and number 5 option for permanent holding down thingie , whatever its called. now i just hold the button downand skip skip skip the yakking. husband loves hit, he uses turbo on gta. mines the purple his is the orange and i designed both. yay me. lol cannot thank these guys enough for creating something more than just macros but saving my arm from killer pain. Meems
  7. yah, i'm thinkin get a megamodz controller?, lol. i love mine.
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