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  1. grooovy, nice n easy. thanks buddy, will ship back out thursday, husbands got the day off. you guys are theeee best humans ever, like omgaaa i am sooo shurrrrre...for sure...like totally, like ya know, like totally....like bitchin... oh gawd, okay i'm done here.lol, huggems.
  2. thank you!, will do, ..i saw youtube videos on how to fix drift. no way could i do that, that looks so hard to take all that apart. so absolutely i'll pay whatever you want. address on your store page? i'll look for it, ship it out, i'll put RMA? and i'll put MEEMS on it , because you know, being famous and all, you get a pretty penny for my name on ebay. , thank you again! woohooo'
  3. Not sure what to do, pretty sure i cant send it to sony. lol. you know how much I love Genshin, well the drift problem is bad so i cant play it anymore. characters just keep walking, and well not sure if you know genshin, but half the place is cliffs. lol. its the left analog , everything else works fine. i notice i on gta as well, in the menus. i'm pretty sure i have a warranty with you cute souls, but maybe you could check for me, if not, i dont mind paying. cant take it anywhere else . so hows everybody? hope your getting lots of biz, no one deserves it more than you furry freaks. love ya Meems
  4. the edit feature asked why i was editing. that was my reply. lol. was talking about me, not you. lol
  5. yes, the back paddles. they rock. you hold one down and it rapid turbos, you can get it as fast as you want too. i'm sure they'll set it up for you before they ship if you ask, and tell them how you want your buttons to work. so i play genshin impact, and i have the back paddle as the A button and my right paddle has the square button. and i have them both on the fastest turbo each. i just have to softly hold the paddle in, and watch all that yakking crap in this game to just breeze by.. i'm sure these awesome dudes in here will jump on this when they can. but i hope thats what you meant, sorry if it isnt. prayers to you for an ease on your pain. huggems.
  6. WOOHOOO!!, omgaaaa, i'm so in love love love. i wouldnt have even bought the ps5 console, if you guys didnt exist. NO Way i would have been able to play with my arm. the week between getting the ps5 and the modded controller, was a week of hell, really got bad again, my arm, with the carpal tunnel, sciatica deal', so man was i stoked to see this bad boy in the mail. you guys doing the macro speeds for me on the back paddles, just made me almost cry with freakin happiness, I am sooo freakin happy. I am now playing genshin impact, with no pain, and trust me, with the amount of dialogue in this game, lol. you have no idea. lol. one story line took a day, literally a day. you guys, seriously THANK YOU again. , you really will never understand how much this means to me, you've allowed me to play games again on a console. i had given up, til i found you. You've made a 60 year old broad's year... BIG HUGS! will post this over at the reviews for the controller as well. Mimi
  7. Easy to be loyal. you make the best controllers. simple as. have a great long weekend, and god bless!
  8. oh , and i paid for the fast assembly too. weeee
  9. okay just bought paid for it. i changed the analog stick buttons to silver. looks nicer. so all i need now is for you to not forget to speed those macros to the hilt. heee. so if your holding it. the left back paddle would be with the x button and the back right paddle is with the square. so yay, hows that can you do that? with that timing sub thingy majingy to make them both super repetitive fast. i cant think of words today. hope you know what i'm trying to say. hugs. and thank you! soo beautiful.
  10. hi buddy, whichever can do repetitive , like turbo but as fast as it can be customized. for both paddles. i would love it like the ps4's you did for us. i would like back left paddle as X button and the back right paddle as SQUARE button. i dont need anything else, no bells and whistles, the types of games are never shooters. or sniper types, i never use my gta weapons for macros. lol. i dont care, i'm a cheap cheap date. low maintenance. just get those two buttons doing all the work for me, and i'm happy. so if this back configuration (macro remap) does that, then i'm happy. i'd like to purchase this as soon as possible my ps5 is coming any minute. so i'd love to get this sorted. as for skin. i love your new WAVE skin. just tell me what to do on my part and i'm good to go right now. hugs.
  11. Thanks James, now help me buy this dam thing will ya? lol its not as easy as the last one, i cant figure out how to add the back buttons for the macro. says not available. and i've put in here my button selections for the fastest speed possible. someone said they would do that for me. now i just want to buy one. if you want me to post any more info let me know. getting the emails now. huggems. Mimi
  12. i would want both buttons to be fast as possible in repetition, x and square. In genshin impact the x is for whipping thru the most insane amount of character dialogue, and the square is for picking things up fast as possible, which was also a pain doing manually. hope this helps. hope i remember to keep coming back to check messages, theyre not going to my email so i have to keep coming back here. lol. thats your plan isnt it? keep me coming back. i missed you all too. lool
  13. okay i think this worked. lol. i would love the same set up as the ps4, not sure how different the ps5 is in comparison. i had the left paddle for x and the right paddle was square. i had the macro controllers. i have pics in here, with my 'how much i loved the controller' somewhere in here. i tried to build one but there was no back paddle option for the ps5, it said unavailable. i love your controllers but getting there, is tough, its confusing to me. i dont play cod etc, just genshin impact and gta, and in gta i never use it. so yah. one game. hahahah. but as you know with my arm i have to get the macro version. i cant consistently hit x or square, kills my arm. but i am desperate to get it as fast as possible , i got the ps4 to go a bit faster than a regular turbo but that last step the sub in the sub in the sub mode, was too hard. lol. so yah, i wish you could just replicate the ones i bought here for my husband and i , to the ps5 but not sure what you can do. i'm sorry, i'm 60, old broad, ..everythings a learning curve. but i'm getting there. hugs.
  14. i dont know how to reply under your posts , so my apologies for posting at the bottom of this thread. your welcome mundus. I have come back to get a ps5 modded controller, not planning on using the ps5 dualsense, one, because i'm not waiting til christmas, and 2, i love everything about these controllers. i just got the ps5. i do have a small request. is there a way someone could do the fastest speed possible for repetition on one of the paddles for me? lol, i cant remember how to, and i'm too afraid i will screw it up. maybe someone could email me. huggems. Mimi
  15. Raymundo sorry i just got this. lol. a year later. yes its been a godsend. i cant tell you how insane the difference is. i would never be able to play 8 hours before, now i can play 20 if i wanted, have not ever had a painful day since. i wear a brace which helps a bit, but its 99 percent these controller paddles. will be getting one for the ps5 shortly too. hugs, hope it helps you.
  16. no, i cried. when i found this remappable controller. because you saved my carpal tunnel and tendonitis. i not longer have to buttom mash, and this actually did make me cry. i could play my game again (genshin impact)...i could barely make an hour a day, now i'm back to hours and hours. so your all awesome for helping me. i wonder how many others are like me, unable to play because of these problems, i wish i could tell them all there is a solution!
  17. WHOOOHOOO!! i finally got it. took awhile, i gave up way too many times. finally forced myself to do this. and i watched frank sparpani's video. and i paused it and started it til i got it. i'd be lost without his video. now i have it going super fast on the turbo macro, with the fasted timing option. dayumm my character is jumping like shes on crack now..i could hug all of you megamodz staffers. i love you!!! Meems
  18. Thanks James and Mundus, i have the two paddles in the back for square and x buttons. so i'll take the 50ms. thats great, thanks!
  19. couldnt figure out a better way of saying the title. first off, omgaa i'm soo loving this thing. one question tho, for the turbo, is there a way to make it even faster? the timing? i know i can input for slower, but does the milliseconds work for faster then the default ? hope that makes sense. thanks Meems
  20. shoot me now. i just figured that out as well. sorry. lool. f'.
  21. hey james i do have one issue. how do i get the vibrate to turn off. after setting up my macros. the vibration keeps going. i reset the macros and now this wont stop. thanks.
  22. sorry AGAIN. everytime i ask for help, seconds later i figure it out. lool. ignore both my questions. lol
  23. i was able to do the mod/macro hold 2 seconds , leds turn green, then i could put sub mode option 5 on my left paddle. everything worked perfect. but on the right paddle doing the same thing for the square button. mod/paddle, the lights turn green but then turned off the macro. it will just turn it off. wont allow me to go thru the sub modes.
  24. love mine too, hubby loves his too! these things are awesome. i'm 59 and have arthritis and sciatica, it was killing me to push buttons, mainly the A button for genshin impact, omg the freaking talking in that game, so much talking and i having to constantly hit the A button to go thru it skipping was almost unbearable. i went looking for something to alleviate it, and stumbled up on this on youtube, a reviewer. so i got one but i forgot to get the paddles so i gave that to my hubby and got me the remap one. i am so in love with this. i have the A on left paddle now and number 5 option for permanent holding down thingie , whatever its called. now i just hold the button downand skip skip skip the yakking. husband loves hit, he uses turbo on gta. mines the purple his is the orange and i designed both. yay me. lol cannot thank these guys enough for creating something more than just macros but saving my arm from killer pain. Meems
  25. yah, i'm thinkin get a megamodz controller?, lol. i love mine.
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