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  1. Would it be cool to have a thread where users can post what they designed?
  2. You can do it while you are changing classes on spawn and mod button + a = all off. Or mod button + dpad down = shooting mod off. But for the most part you are right, I do think there is a “tactical sub mode” 6? That allows you to change in between full auto and semi auto weapons. Maybe turn that on if your primarily plan to use rapid fire for your session. But yeah - in game while you are alive as far as I know you have to let off a shot.
  3. Okay so I can answer this one as I bought an elite 2 from a different place recently. I think what I really like about megamodz is exactly this. The forum interaction, the blog posts, etc. it is clear this is an modded controller website but it is also an all around gaming website IMO. Aside from getting impatient on my first order, and (probably) emailing too often, the staff has been incredibly patient and willing to help.
  4. Try popping out the battery and putting it back in - this does the trick for me
  5. Loved into much I had snag another haha wood grain and gold. Will post pics when it gets here.
  6. Mine is wearing from me having a death grip and carpel tunnel. However I used some duster spray to clean the area around the sticks as well as a q-tip with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol and it works great again.
  7. Bro turn on jump shot, ping, and sprint with the right subs and you’ll be golden
  8. I was antsy waiting for it to come - I think I changed basically every piece from the base controller, so it took awhile, however Stephen was awesome about responding to my emails. The quality is top notch - there are no loose parts and the controller does not flex as if it has been taken apart and put back together. The site admins can preach to you all day about reading the mod instructions - however if you just follow the quick guide you are missing out on sooo much. For example- I thought auto sprint was the same thing as turning it on in COD, but it is much better and will
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