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  1. This is my 2nd mega Modz controller and I’m loving it so far, especially the flush mounted LED indicators vs the previously raised LEDs. My first controller was damaged from one of kids stepping on it and crushing it. So I switched to a different company’s modded controller. One thing that theirs did differently in a good way is to activate rapid fire, you just pressed the mod button. No need to push mod and R2/R1 (PS4) respectively. With mega Modz method of activating rapid fire In a warzone setting for example, this is bothersome to me if I want to activate rapid fire during the game, I have to let off a shot that might be unsuppressed giving away my position to my opponents. Sure, I could switch to a suppressed weapon IF I have one, that takes away time though, or I could drop the unsuppressed weapon activate the mod and then pick the weapon back up taking up even more time. anyone have a better way of activating rapid fire that is less of a burden?
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