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  1. Jay, The question you asked is pretty commom and I thought I haven't elaborated on it enough. The reason why we don't offer macros (Continuous press for the Auto Green Shot in your case) on the stock controller buttons is because these inputs are modified. If you modify the stock buttons then you are stuck with a programmed input and can't perform any other actions with this button in the game. Modern games requires various buttons presses (taps, short and long presses) in order to execute different actions. For example, if you have your Square button set up for the Auto Green Shot, you won't be able to perfrom any other shots with it. So the game would become unplayable. But when you modify input on the back buttons, you get to execute the command you want with a paddle and still have a standard button input for for any other actions required by the game. Does it make sense?
  2. Hello Jay, No, you will have to map the Square button to one of the paddles.
  3. Hi Rosina, You will have a mod switch for mods activating and deactivating, but it won't be a red button on the side, it will be a button located at the middle of the attachment.
  4. Let's just clarify terms to make sure we are on the same page. If you are referring to standard classical mods (Rapid Fire, Dropshot etc) - these can be used with Remap and Turbo (button mashing) macros. You get MODS + mentioned macros via Straight Remap or Advanced Back Buttons feature. You do not need to have buttons involved when using mods. You can not use MODS with Continuous Press, Double and Triple Press macros. If you do need all avilable macros, please get Macro Remap.
  5. Hello Fidel, For Macro Remap option - you can map a stock button to any of the paddles, and then program it with desired macro input (Remap, Turbo, Double & Triple Tap, Continious Press). You can not program a stock button directly.
  6. Hunter, If you have issues with your mods/leds not functioning right, please go ahead and send the controller back to us for inspection. Instructions are provided via the link Returns & Repairs | megamodz.com
  7. Hello Keanou, You absolutely can and morever, it is recommended to get updates regularly.
  8. Christine, In this case the controller needs an inspection. Please go into your account and request RMA Account/Orders/Return Item. We are sorry about the inconveniece.
  9. Hello Shawn, Which game do you play and what layout are you in? Geneally you need to be in sub-mode 1 or 2 for the Dropshot to work. Sub-modes 3 - 6 are for Jumpshot DropShot + JumpShot Mod Instructions For PS5/PS4 Controller | Megamodz.com What is the issue with the Armor Repair Assist?
  10. For Rapid Fire and other standard mods performance, you need a MODDED controller. You can add it via Controller Creator as well.
  11. Great question Qui! For NBA 2K you want to get a PS5 Macro Remap controller to get a Green Shot mod. Here is a video tutorial (it's on a PS4 controller, but the principle is exactly the same) More useful topics on the subject: thread 1 and thread 2. To add the Macro Remap to your order: - Click on the Back Buttons option on the righe hand side in Controller Creator Custom PS5 Controller Creator - Build Your Own | MegaModz.com - Select the last option
  12. Hi Detavious, Thank you for your order with Mega Modz. Have you tried resetting the controller? Steps located at the bottom of this page If it doesn't help and the controller is well charged, it has to be sent back to us for inspection. Please go ahead and request RMA in your account with us Account/History/Orders/Return Item Button https://megamodz.com/returns-and-repairs. Let me know if you have any questions.
  13. Hi Christine, Thank you for your order. Are you referring to the Rapid Fire mod? It is compatible with semi auto and single shot weapos, it won't work with Destiny fusion rifles or similar.
  15. PS5 Back Paddles and Macro Remap functionality is out! Click below for details:
  16. BACK BUTTONS FOR PS5 CONTROLLER ARE OUT. CLICK BELOW 👇 Macro Remap PS5 is available as well 🔥
  17. Play better, play smarter, play how you want to play! MEGA MODZ BACK BUTTONS FOR PS5 IS OUT 🔥 Everything you've asked our controllers to have - they now have it. After months of building and testing the feature, we are now confidently saying we've delivered THE MOST ADVANCED BACK BUTTONS on the market yet. HOW IT LOOKS LIKE: You get a nice looking attachment on the back consisting of: - 2 rear buttons (for different configurations) - LED indicator (for easy profile customization) - Mod Switch (to remap and configure inputs on the fly) HOW IT WORKS: Comes with 3 available sub-modes for the Back Buttons: - Straight Remap - a standard, well known button remapping - Turbo Mod - button mashing (so much wanted!) - Quick ON/OFF switch for MODS - both back buttons serve as ON/OFF switch for mods for instant in-game control WHAT YOU CAN CHOOSE FROM: You get to select the level of advancement for the Back Buttons to be installed on your PS5 controller: 1. Two Rear Buttons with Standard Remap only. ALLOWED IN ESPORTS TOURNAMENTS. 2. Two Advanced Rear Buttons with Standard Remap and Turbo function. ONLINE/OFFLINE GAMING COMPATIBILITY. NOT ALLOWED IN ESPORTS TOURNAMENTS. 3. Option 1 ( Two Rear Buttons with Standard Remap) + MODS. ONLINE/OFFLINE GAMING COMPATIBILITY. NOT ALLOWED IN ESPORTS TOURNAMENTS. 4. Option 2 ( Advanced Rear Buttons with Standard Remap and Turbo) + ON/OFF Switch function+ MODS For detailed info and steps, visit here Instructions For PS5 Controller Advanced Back Buttons | MegaModz.com To build your PS5 with Advanced Back Buttons - Custom PS5 Controller Creator - Build Your Own | MegaModz.com Ask questions - we are here to answer them!
  18. Hello Shon, The following 3 steps should fix the issue: 1. Try BRAND NEW regular batteries, especially if your rechargeable battery's been in use for some time. This step is often neglected although 90% of problems with MODDED CONTROLLERS get resolved via this simple tip 😁 2. Update the controller firmware via the Xbox Accessories App. 2. Perform a factory reset of the controller following simple steps found at the bottom of this page: https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one/mods-overview If suggested steps do not help, we need to have it back to our facility for inspection and repairs/replacement. Please go ahead and request RMA in your account with us Account/History/Orders/Return Item Button https://megamodz.com/returns-and-repairs. Let us know if t/s helped.
  19. 👍 As for your question, only one stock controller button can be assigned to each macro button at a time and be further configured to perform a macro. The main concept of the product is a super user-friendly macro controller that doesn’t require any software or applications to operate it. All is done through the existing controller components, and an ability to create macros containing multiple button presses would complicate the user interface even more.
  20. Hi Estevan, Thank you for the recent order with us. Go ahead and reset the controller: - Hold down the mod switch and tap the PS-Home button, then release both buttons to enter “Programming Mode”. All four LEDs will glow WHITE indicating the mod is now awaiting further input. NOTE: If you entered “Programming Mode” accidentally or changed your mind on the way, you’ll have to wait 8 seconds for the modchip to exit “Programming Mode” automatically. There is no other way to exit the Programming Mode. - Hold down the PS-Home button and tap D-Pad Down. A special WHITE blinking LED sequence will play and the modchip will reset itself back to the factory default settings. Now select the button on the controller you want to turbo and map it to one of the paddles: -Hold down the mod switch on the back, then hold down the macro button, and finally hold down the stock button to be assigned for 2 seconds. - When the button is assigned, the LED Indicator will show the corresponding color in the Slot 1 or Slot 2 position (top row) corresponding to the left or right Macro Button respectively. - The rumble motors will vibrate for 1 second indicating the successful assignment of the stock button. Now you are automatically in the 1st sub-mode and you need to get to sub-mode 2 - Turbo. So you hold down the mod button on the back. Then press and hold the macro button for 2 seconds to enter the sub-mode menu. The LED indicator will flash all 4 slots in GREEN showing that the modchip entered the sub-mode menu. It will then show the sub-mode 1 (1 Red LED, the top left LED slot is lit) To get to the sub-mode 2, you tap R2 once (just tap, do not hold it down), and you click the mod button again to save it. Now you can check the sub-mode you are in by holding down the mod button and the macro button for 2 sec, you get 4 green lights, and then you are supposed to see the turbo su-mod led configuration 2 Red LEDs, top left and right slots are lit. Let me know if this work or if not, which step do you get stuck on?
  21. Hi Max, Yes, we do. Every controller comes with a Quick Guide tutorial. However, to get the max out of the product performance, it is important to read the info and tips provided online https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one Macro functionality and advanced back buttons are to be launched soon. Mods are up to date.
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