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  1. Thank you. Ok, 50 ms is the timing between the button presses (off timing) will be the fastest. 50 ms is tens of milliseconds and is displayed via digit 4 on the LED indicator, all other steps are found under the section I mentioned above in https://megamodz.com/PS5-Controller-Paddles. Let us know if you were able to program it.
  2. What button are trying to map and what timing are you programming in?
  3. Hello, Thank you for choosing our Mods + Remap +Turbo PS5 controller configuration. The first step is to map a back button to the desired face button, and then get into the sub mode 2 (Turbo). Turbo comes with pre-set timings, but if you find them not optimal for you game, you can program your own timings for button presses and the time between the presses. You can choose any value from 50 ms to 3 sec. To program own timings, please scroll down to the Setting Up Custom Values For Turbo Function section in the Instructions here https://megamodz.com/PS5-Controller-Paddles
  4. Hello, If you follow same exact steps with the left paddle and it won't do anything, there may be a problem with it and we need to have the controller back for inspection. Please ship the controller to: MegaModz: 16112 NW 13th Ave, STE C, Miami, Fl 33169 Make sure to include a note with your order number, a brief description of the issue and your contact info. An agent will contact you back with inspection results within 2 - 5 days once the product is received. More details on the Return Policy can be found here. Let us know if you have any questions.
  5. Hello, Thank you for placing an order with us. We are very sorry about the delay. Due to a challenging situation in the market of electronic supplies, they are out of some parts. They will be back in stock early next week (Mon - Tue) and your controller is scheduled to be shipped out then. Please bare with us few more days.
  6. Hello Nick, To activate Zombie mod, you hold down the mod switch and the right bumper and then TAP the left trigger. An LED on slot 2 - 4 will glow in white indicating the mod has been activated. You can check detailed instructions, images and mod demo in action here https://megamodz.com/instructions/xbox-one/mods/updated-zombie. Now keep in mind, the mod is compatible with Zombie and campaign modes in COD games, no multiplayer compatibility.
  7. Hello, COD Vanguard mods work across all COD titles plus you get Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, JumpShot and Quick Scope - Destiny, Apex, Fortnite compatibility. You can see more on games/mods compatibility here https://megamodz.com/games
  8. Hello Cecil, We need to have the controller back to our facility for repairs. Please ship your controller to us with a note containing the order info: MegaModz: 16112 NW 13th Ave, STE C, Miami, Fl 33169 Thank you.
  9. Cecil, They updated the package whereabout yesterday, it finally left TN and the next update should happen in NM. They emailed us back with the same info I see in your tracking, I followed up to get eta on delivery. We are terribly sorry for this experience, please give it a couple of more days.
  10. UPDATEπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Mechanical Triggers are back in stock! Add the option to your PS5 controller NOW : https://megamodz.com/PS5-Custom-Controller
  11. Good morning Cecil, Yes, it is πŸ˜€ The issue is pretty common around the holidays time, and once a request is submitted, the package gets back on route. Thank you for your patience!!!
  12. Cecil, Not yet. It's unlikely to get updates on the weekend. Please allow few more days. Thank you.
  13. The service request has just been created, typically takes 1 - 3 days to get addressed by USPS. You are welcome to use it or your tracking number when contacting them.
  14. Hello Cecil, Here is the service request number for your package - Service Request Number: 34484531. Based on our experience, the best thing to do is to contact USPS via 800 275 8777 with your tracking number. Normally packages appear back on route within a day or two after a phone inquiry. Thank you.
  15. Hello, Thank you for your honest and thoughtful review on our product πŸ”₯ We value our customers feedback a lot as it helps us to improve. Fast Reload is an advanced feature that needs to be custom setup by you as there is no universal setting that works for all weapons. The mod needs to be tuned in for the weapons you wish to use it with specific unit delays from the Chart in the instructions: https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/mods/updated-fast-reload What weapon you use and which sub-mode you re in? Here is a video tutorial on the mod at [8:21]demonstrated on the Xbox controller but the principle is the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zMtDLZ4obY. πŸ”πŸ”
  16. Hi Jared, At the moment we don't plan on adding a special anti recoil mod. You you may find this thread useful as well...
  17. Hello Henry, Thank you for reaching out. Sorry about the mix up, a cable is being shipped to you.
  18. Hello, We will inspect the controller to find what caused the issue and either repair or replace it. You will receive back a unit with zero performance issues. Let us know if you have more questions.
  19. Derek, You are very welcome. You can have up to 4 mods enabled at the same time - one shooting and three non shooting ones. For more details on operating mods, please visit this page: https://megamodz.com/instructions
  20. It's finally out - the new Warzone map Caldera! The map is a replacement for the Verdansk one. The adventure features Battle Royale, Resurgence, Plunder modes and since it's becoming the main game map, player playlists, weapons and arsenal are moving over to Caldera alongside with new features! It's a beautiful colorful experience that comes via 45 GB of brand new content. A massive map with a paradise Pacific island setting features palm trees, blue sky, seaside and mountains. At a glimpse, it looks pretty amazing. Among the new contract types are the Supply Drop, a Big Game Bounty and the Top Secret contracts. Stay tuned for more details as we are exploring the map, or better yet explore it on your own with the help of our Warzone compatible modes and features πŸ”₯ To check out available options, check out the page https://megamodz.com/games/cod/warzone.
  21. Hello Michael, We appreciate your patience so much and hate keeping you waiting. The batch with the parts we need to start offering the mechanical trigger has finally dispatched and is in transit. The option will be back in less than 2 weeek. Solid.
  22. Hello, please use a brand new regular USB cable.
  23. Hello Derek, We are absolutely offering mods for BF Hardline. Compatible mods are Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Auto Spring, Quick Scope and Sniper Breath. You can add them via the Mod Tab on the Controller Creator https://megamodz.com/controller-creator
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