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  1. Good Evening, What is the process on returning items to get looked at? I would greatly appreciate it. Other than this issue I am thoroughly happy with my purchase thus far.
  2. Good Afternoon, Yes, I am utilizing the cable that came with the controller, I just let it sit for another 4-5 hours on charge and it finally hit 2 bars, is the battery life bigger than normal controllers? Is there a specific port I should be plugged into to charge the controller?
  3. Good Morning Everyone, I have recently purchased a custom-built controller from MegaModz, it came about a day or two ago and I plugged it into charge overnight. When I logged on the next day the battery was still at 1 bar. I didn't get anything added other than mechanical buttons and bumpers. Is there a specific way I need to charge this controller in order to receive a full charge or is this an issue where I would need to send the controller back?
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