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  1. I have found the issue, with the current update to the game, to we exploit the X mash mechanic the speed would have to be faster. I'm not sure how much faster. Probably 10-30 ms instead of 50 ms
  2. Is there a way I could make the triple tap turbo? I think it is not enough presses of x in 3 seconds (30 maximum) on turbo
  3. It can only kick out of about one finisher (standard for finger mashing) when fast finger mashing can kick out of 3-5 finishers
  4. Its 4 yellow(0), 4 yellow(0), then top left green the rest red (5) for both on and off speed
  5. I really like the controller and the quality overall of it. I think it can do x mashing I just don't know how to do it
  6. I have tried a large variety numbers including 100 ms100 ms. Very disappointed but confused as most say turbo controllers work and are op on the game
  7. After going into mode 2 (turbo) then program I tap the paddle with the x button assigned and put it on 0 0 5 for 50 ms then I go program again hold it for off button this time, input the same 0 0 5 for 50 ms. I make sure to press mod button to save the numbers after my inputs
  8. There is a gauge though that needs to be filled with x presses
  9. No, the meter is only for offline and is a different mini game that can be changed in settings. It is strictly mashing x button
  10. I've tried to find it for hours, I tried the min/max, many various combinations. Double triple and single tap. I even made the double and triple tap cycles equal to the pin time (3k milliseconds) using the formula. But none of these work can someone please help
  11. It's a mini game where you just mash the X button
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