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Fitting Hall effect sensors to Xbox Elite 2 custom labs controllers issues (crazy input!)

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Hi there,


I bought some hall effect sensors with the intention of fitting them to my Microsoft custom labs Elite 2 controller. Fitted them and the sensor input is going crazy, tested on hardwaretester and on the xbox series x. The input is going all over the place and constantly. I can post a YouTube video link if I am allowed to. 


The hall effect sensors were purchased from aliexpress and I also see the exact same ones listed on eBay, all claiming to work with the xbox Elite series 2 controller.


Just for reference I have been fitting normal potentiometer style sensors for years now, must have installed around 20 in total, all being successful - so I don't belive it is related to my skill level or experience.


I am wondering if it could be something else... maybe because its a custom labs controller, I don't know. I also have a suspicion they simply don't work with xbox controllers either way (even though they are listed or made for xbox elite 2 controllers).


Wonder if anybody has any input on why the sensors are going crazy. All other buttons seem to be working fine, all lights, switches etc, just the hall effect sensors.


Thanks for any help or input.

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