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Modded controller for Call of Duty MW2 2022

Michael Garay

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Hi Michael, 


Yes they will. Mods included in the REINFORCED pack are confirmed to work with the upcoming MW II. 


It's been a pretty popular question in our Support Center, so it might be a good idea to order your mod now as the assembly time after the game release will be longer.


You can add the pack to your controller here - for PS5 system

and here - for the Xbox Series X :



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1 hour ago, Michael Garay said:

Thank for the reply. Did I get it right that the build with mechanical triggers, advanced back buttons and Juggernaut mods would be the best setup needed to improve my game?

100% correct! This will be the most loaded COD (and not only) controller we are offering. 

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10 minutes ago, Shawn Bridges said:

Looking at buying a ps5 controller with rapid fire back paddles and mech triggers. Just confirming that the back paddles can do rapid fire.



You will need to select the Advanced option under the Back Buttons Tab in order for the Back Buttons to be able to perform Rapid Fire.



Custom PS5 Controller Creator - Build Your Own _ M.png

Build Your Controller by the link below:


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1 minute ago, Yovan Nillo said:

Will warzone 2 and modern warfare 2 (2022) be supported for ps5 controller? Do I need 2 conrollers or which pack do I get?

Hi Yovan, 


Since you play both games, get the JUGGERNAUT (it has all mods from the Reinforced plus 2 more excl Warzone features - Auto Ping and Armor Repair Assist).
Please build your mod here :


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