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  1. That was my concern that mw2 anticheat will pick up the mods and get me banned. Now its been over 6 months using the controller on warzone, 2 dmz, and no issues whatsoever. Mega is legit
  2. I am looking into buying a gaming controller for my ps4. I have the fps strike pack dominator by collective minds but I want something a little more. What’s your input? I already have a controller built the way I want it I just don’t fully understand what I’m purchasing. I want to be sure I’m buying something for what I believe it to be.
  3. Hello Mega Modz Forums! What’s the difference between Mods and Macro... I want a ps4 controller that would have all the mods featured for Call of Duty..and have back remappable buttons.. Do I get all available mods with the macro controller? I watched a video and did my research but I am still not sure how is getting a PS4 controller with Juggernaut package and mod buttons on the back different from getting a PS4 macro remap controller? Except that buttons on the back will be different. Can you help please? I don't want to be stuck with he wrong product because of the lack of clarity
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