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d-pad macro compatibility?


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58 minutes ago, Dec047 said:

The manual lists d-pad as a programmable option however the color coding is missing for it.



Thank you for your question. The color associated with the D-pad pairing is blue for all D-Pad directions.


58 minutes ago, Dec047 said:

Please confirm I can program the following macro:

[R2] > [d-pad R] > [d-pad L]

Not exactly sure what you mean by that. Our macro technology offers simple macros. Here is what you can do with any stock controller button. Please refer to the table below.


Source: https://megamodz.com/instructions/ps4/macro-remap


Please also note that you can only execute macros through the back paddles. The stock controller buttons themself cannot be programmed in any different fashion.

Instructions For PS5 & PS4 Macro Remap Controllers.png

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Thanks for the swift response, unfortantley that guide still isnt clear.


Will your modchip controller allow me to save and exectue the following macro:

Right trigger - Right D-pad - Left D-pad

I need it to exectue that macro every time I press the right trigger.

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