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Auto Sprint

Auto Sprint

Auto Sprint

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Download Xbox 360 Auto Sprint Mod Instructions

What Is Auto Sprint Mod?

Auto Sprint mode is designed for Call of Duty and BattleField games. If you are tired of constantly mashing the left thumbstick to make your soldier sprint – the Auto Sprint is just what you have been looking for.

How Does Auto sprint Mod Work?

When Auto Sprint is enabled, all you have to do to make your soldier sprint is specify the direction and flick your Scope Button (Left Trigger). Now you'll never have to press your left thumbstick again.

NOTE : Auto Sprint mode cannot be used with Sniper Breath and Quick Scope simultaneously.

How Do I Operate Auto Sprint Mod?

To enable/disable Auto Sprint Mod:

  • Hold down the mod switch, then press and hold the Right Bumper (In Default Button Layout) and then tap your sprint button (Left Thumbstick). Special LED3 or LED4 will glow to let you know that this special feature has been activated.

You can always turn all exclusive mods OFF (Player 3 and 4 LED’s) by holding down mode switch on the back and tapping A Button.

What Games Is Auto Sprint Mod Compatible With?

Auto Sprint Mode is compatible with all Call Of Duty games, Battlefield games, Destiny and Titanfall.

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