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Platform 1.0 Instructions

Xbox 360 Modded Controller Mods Overview


Mega Modchip software 1.0 platform has been upgraded to deliver a better functionality and a more enhanced experience. It now has more mod features, updated factory pre-set speeds to match the latest gaming releases, easier “mix and match” option for mods without the need to scroll through massive numbers of functions.

LED Mods Indicator

Modchip platform 1.0 software doesn’t come with an additional custom LED indicator. Mods indication is done through an existing Xbox 360 controller LEDs around the Guide button. 3 mod functions can be enabled at the same time with each of 3 LEDs (Player 2 - 4) showing one of the activated features.

Player 2 LED always lights up in green colour indicating one of the following shooting mods: Rapid Fire, Dual Trigger Rapid Fire, Jitter, Akimbo and Auto Burst. Only one shooting feature can be activated at one time and it can be easily replaced with another one without any deactivation steps.

Player 3 and 4 LEDs indicate other special mod options such as Dropshot+Jumpshot, Auto Sprint, Turbo Melee, Fast Reload, Quick Scope, Auto Spot or Zombie Auto Aim. The colours associated with Player 3 and 4 LEDs are yellow and orange, respectively. 2 special mods can be activated at the same time in addition to one shooting option. Special mods will always take an available slot in the ascending order: Player 3 LED and then Player 4 LED.

Mod Switch

There is an extra button installed on the back of every controller that is required to activate/deactivate the mods, scroll between sub-modes and set up custom speeds via programming. To perform any of the above operations, you will need to hold down the mod switch first and then tap other corresponding buttons. Mod switch doesn’t need to be pressed for any other purposes during the game.

How to turn mods on/off

To turn off any shooting mods, hold down the mod switch and press Button Y. The LED 2 will turn off. There are two ways to turn off the special mods:

  • To press the same button combination that was used to turn the mod on.
  • To turn all special mods off at the same time, hold down the mod switch and then tap the Button A. LEDs 3 and 4 will turn off.

Programming Mode

Programming mod allows users to change the factory settings and set up custom speeds and/or unit delays for favourite weapons/games. The option is included in Rapid Fire, Dual Trigger Rapid Fire, Jitter, Fast Reload, Turbo Melee, Akimbo and Quick Scope. In case there will be any game patches or for future games, you can use a programming mode to find the most effective settings.

Rapid Fire SPS Programming ( Rapid Fire, Dual Trigger RF, Akimbo, Auto Burst):

You can program firing speeds from 5 SPS to 99 SPS by setting tens, ones and decimals digits. (For example, 15.2 speed = 1 tens, 5 ones and 2 decimals). Keep in mind that game manufacturers set up a speed cap for each game meaning there is a limit for the max firing speed for every gun that can’t be exceeded. If you go above it, you won’t see any changes in the performance or your gun will shoot slower, or stop firing at all.

Unit Delays Programming (Quick Scope, Jitter, Fast Reload, Turbo Melee):

You are welcome to re-program unit delays to ensure optimal performance for favourite weapons in Call of Duty games. Check out All Mods page to find steps on how to program custom unit delays for available mods.

Reset To Factory Default

You can always reset your controller back to factory default settings following these simple steps:

  • Hold the mod switch and tap the Sync button and then release both buttons. All three LED’s will glow, the mod is now awaiting further input.
  • Hold the Back button and then tap the button A. A special blinking LED sequence will playback, the mod will erase and reprogram itself to the factory default settings.
  • Reboot the mod (turn the controller off and then back on).

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