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Xbox 360 Mega Modz Mimic Buttons

What are programmable mimic buttons?

Two buttons will be installed on the controller back in addition to the mod switch.The buttons can be remapped to your liking at any time to any of the following stock buttons: Left trigger, left bumper, right trigger, right bumper, X, Y, B, A, back button, left thumbstick press, or right thumbstick press.

How do programmable remappable buttons work?

Just press a button to perform an assigned action.

How do I program my remappable buttons?

Program mimic buttons following the steps below:

  • Enter the mod’s programming menu by holding the mod switch and tapping the Sync button. All three LED’s will light up solid to let you know that the controller is waiting for further input. (LED Ring Lights may start spinning also)
  • Tap any one of your remappable buttons. The LED’s will blink and then shut off. The mod is now waiting for you to press a stock button.
  • Press the desired stock button.
  • Take your battery pack out and put it back in.
  • Power your controller ON.
  • Now you can press your remap button anytime and the modchip will press the stock button for you.

Download Xbox 360 Mega Modz Mimic Buttons Instructions

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