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mega modz rapid fire modchip specifications:

Major Shooting Games Compatible

Our modded controllers are compatible with the most popular shooting games on the market such Call of Duty series, Battlefield series, Destiny, Tom Clancy’s The Division and many more. We offer a variety of pre-configured multi mod packages containing all options compatible with a specific game for a hustle free controller built experience.


Online Undetectable Technology

Our products are 100% undetectable online due to the special digital-to-analog converter.


10 Mode Enhanced Programmable Rapid Fire

Our Rapid Fire comes with 10 default speeds delivering the optimal fire rates for the most popular games on the market plus a programming mode enabling users to set up custom Settings.

For more info: xbox one ps4 xbox 360 ps3

14 Exclusive Mod Packs for Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox 360 Controller

Our modchip offers up to 14 exclusive mod packs which can be ordered in a pre-configured multi-mode package, one by one or combined according to user’s preference in addition to main Rapid Fire function. Exclusive mod packs Dual Trigger Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Dropshot/Jumpshot, Akimbo, Jitter, Quick Scope, Sniper Breath, Fast Reload, Zombie Auto-Aim, Turbo Melee, Auto Sprint, Auto Spot and Button Layouts come with factory sub-modes and most offer a programming mode to deliver the most user-oriented experience possible.

For more info: xbox one ps4 xbox 360

11 Exclusive PS3 Mod Packs

Our modchip offers up to 11 exclusive mod perks which can be ordered in the package, separately or combined according to your preference in addition to main Rapid Fire Function

For more info: ps3

Mimic Re-programmable Paddles/Buttons

Installed on the back of the controller, mimic paddles/buttons copy the function of any stock button(s) thus enhancing the usability of the product tremendously. Mimic Paddles/Buttons are compatible with all games on the market.

For more info: xbox one ps4 xbox 360

Easy Navigation and Setup

Our Rapid Fire modchip offers easy navigation in between modes with exclusive mod selection functionality. Users will operate multiple exclusive mods ( 4 mod packs can be turned on simultaneously on Xbox One, PS4 and Xbox 360 controllers and up to 6 mod packs on PS3 remotes) using stock controller buttons and on additional button installed on the back - a mod switch.

For more info: xbox one ps4 xbox 360 ps3

Fastest On The Market, 16 MHz Processing Power, 64 KB Memory

Mega Modz Rapid Fire modchip comes with 64 KB memory allowing it to hold up to 15 exclusive mods and other features. Extra components installed on the chip on the Rapid Fire to make it run very fast to avoid any delay for button presses.


Constantly Evolving Modding Technology

With Sony Playstation and Microsoft upgrading their controllers hardware every season, we do so too to ensure our modchip stays up to date and delivers features compatibility with the latest controller boards. Experience our modding technology with an increased game performance today!

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