Razer Wolverine V2 Pro VS Sony Dualsense Edge: Which Controller Should You Buy?

Our expert compared 2 hyped-out pro controllers, Razer Wolverine V2 Pro and Sony DualSense Edge in the ultimate head-to-head. Which one comes out on top?

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro VS Sony Dualsense Edge: Which Controller Should You Buy?

This review will provide you with an in-depth look at Razer's latest V2 Pro and how it compares to the most premium controller out there, the DualSense Edge.

We’ll go over everything from packaging, design, specs, and features such as weight, audio, thumb sticks, back buttons, face buttons, triggers, battery life, and product customization.

For each category, we’ll assign a score and declare a winner. And by the end of this article, you’ll know which controller reigns supreme.

Let’s dig into our head-to-head comparison.

Razer brand isn't new to the game; they've been around since the late 90s, creating a large gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software, and services.

In the last decade, Razer has focused more on giving gamers a more ergonomic, comfortable way to play. The brand has been developing multiple pro-level controllers that have seen a number of improvements throughout the years. The signature features of the Razer brand controllers are their striking design, adjustable triggers, and RGB lighting.

Razer’s latest release is the Wolverine V2 Pro Controller. Officially licensed by Sony and priced at $250, it arrived in January 2023 and instantly sparked debate among gamers. Want to know why? Keep reading to find out.

It’s fair to notice that the competition on the pro controller market is as cutthroat as ever in 2023, with big players such as Sony, Scuff, and Victrix all throwing their hats into the ring. The DualSense Edge, Reflex, and Pro BFG controllers have all arrived to battle it out for the title of ultimate gaming experience.

Who gets to reign supreme? We'll keep you in the know with our upcoming, consecutive reviews.

Packaging and Included Accessories

 DualSense Edge VS Razer Wolverine V2 Pro - Packaging and Accessories

Let’s start with the packaging. The V2 Pro controller comes in a white and blue matte finish box with glossy accents, mimicking the PlayStation 5 color scheme. At the bottom of the box, we have Razer's message to "go green", on the side of the box there is a Razer name, and the box back is completed with the additional product information.

As we open the lid to the box, we are greeted by the controller, which is nicely protected in foam padding from top to bottom. At the top of the box, black soft-touch foam padding is used with a cutout to accommodate the controller. The base of the box, a white hard case, has a more rigid foam padding used to keep the product nice and snug and in place during transport.

At the top of the white foam padding are the two additional thumbsticks as well as the HyperSpeed wireless dongle. There are no other additional accessories included.

The bottom compartment of the box contains the controller's user manual as well as the 4,5-foot-long steel-braided Type-C USB charging cable.

The DualSense Edge controller comes in a hard clamshell-style case with charging capabilities. The case houses the controller and all of its accessories in a molded rubberized and foam material, keeping all of its components safe and secure.

At the top of the case, there are additional stores that can be found, while the bottom contains an extra spot for an extra thumbstick module.

It’s a no-brainer, the DualSense Edge packaging has a more premium first impression, immediately delivering a sense of a top-tier controller. Will it overdo the V2 Pro with the rest?

The V2 Pro Design

The V2 Pro Design

Let’s take a look at the controller's exterior and layout. Razer's got a lightweight frame with a bulky Xbox-style shape, featuring an asymmetrical thumbstick design, larger bumpers, and triggers similar to the Xbox controller.

Eye-catching elements of the controller design jump out right away: a unique off-stick layout, RGB Chroma lighting, and a top-notch rubberized grip around the handles from front to back. The rubberized surface not only looks cool but also improves the grip. Plus, a glossy Razer logo on the touchpad adds a bit of style.

On the back of the V2 Pro, there are various buttons to switch between PC, PlayStation, wired and wireless play, as well as a total of six remappable back buttons. Two of the back buttons are located at the top between the bumpers and the triggers, while the remaining four are positioned on the lower-middle section of the backside. Trigger locks are also available for those seeking an even greater level of control.

Lack of Vibration Modules

It's worth noting that Razer removed the haptic feedback in the triggers, as well as the rumble motor, so there's no vibration to be felt whatsoever. It might be a dream for FPS gamers, but less-than-ideal for those who rely on vibration in other genres. This factor automatically makes the V2 Pro a secondary controller unless you play shooters 100% of the time.

USB Hyperspeed Wireless Dongle

Razor Wolverine USB Hyperspeed Wireless Dongle

The only way to connect your controller wirelessly to your PlayStation or PC is to use the provided 2.4 GHz hyperspeed wireless dongle, which allows for low-latency gaming. You'll notice that Razer has included their signature color on the wireless dongle and on their USB cable, which is very cool. Should you want to go wired, you can do so by using the provided four-and-a-half-foot-long steel braided USB Type-C cable.

Chroma RGB Lighting

Razer Chroma RGB Lighting

For those of you who are into RGB lighting, Razer has got you covered, offering various colors and styles to choose from. You can pick from a static color, a breathing effect, or have it cycle through all the colors. Or, if you'd prefer, you can turn it off completely.

While this article is aimed to compare the two controllers in great detail, we have a dedicated in-depth review of the Edge. If you are interested in learning our expert's opinion on the Edge in every aspect, click here.

PS5 Edge VS Razor Wolverine: Features & Specs

PS5 Edge VS Razor Wolverine: Features & Specs

We are at the part of the review that gets us all revved up - let's take a look inside the controllers and compare specs and capabilities. Unlike design, which is subjective and a matter of personal preference, hardware and features give us hard data. We'll look at each part in-depth and crown one controller the "superior" option.


The V2 Pro weighs in at only 279 grams, compared to the heavier 325-gram Dual Sense Edge controller. While a heftier controller may feel more luxe, Razer’s lightweight design will make sure your wrists and hands don’t get tired out before your thumbs do.

Although the Razer is too light and the DualSense Edge is slightly too heavy, I am giving the round to the Razer.

Weight Winner


The V2 Pro comes with a 3.5-millimeter headphone port and a Mic Mute button that only works when you're using a wired headset. Keep in mind that there won't be any notifications showing on the screen; only the Mic Mute button will turn orange.

You'll also notice that Razer has eliminated the speaker, making it impossible to speak through the controller, as there is no audio that passes through and comes out.

While the DualSense Edge controller retains the 3.5-millimeter headphone port, speaker, and a full Mic Mute functionality, that the original PlayStation 5 controller has.

Since Razer has eliminated a standard feature and limited the mic move functionality, the Edge takes the round.

Audio Winner


PS5 Edge & Razor Wolverine Thumbsticks Comparison

The Wolverine comes fitted with two short concave-style thumbsticks and two additional thumbsticks to choose from: a tall concave and a short compact. Swapping thumbsticks out is a simple procedure—just pull up the one that you want to remove and align the one you want to install. The magnet will pull it down and secure it in place.

On the other hand, the Edge comes with four additional thumbsticks to choose from, greatly improving the number of combinations that you're able to have with the thumbsticks and accommodating a wide variety of play styles.

For this round, I am giving it to the DualSense Edge, as Razer limits you with the thumbstick combinations.

Thumbsticks Winner

Back Buttons

PS5 Edge & Razor Wolverine Back Buttons Comparison

The Wolverine back button feature is pretty controversial, and I will explain why that is.

Its top back buttons have a tactile switch, making them super responsive and easy to use. With my natural grip on the controller, I feel very comfortable using the buttons between the bumpers and the triggers, although it took me some time to get used to, as you have to press two buttons at once with your finger.

The bottom four back buttons are not natural to use at all, as they are placed too much toward the center part of the controller. I have to overstretch my fingers just to reach them, which makes for an awkward, uncomfortable grip on the controller.

I should say that the current back button layout is not a good fit for gamers with smaller hands and a tighter grip. The layout would feel much more ergonomic if they placed the four back buttons more toward the edge of the controller. However, Razer is well suited for those who have a larger hand and a more relaxed grip on the controller.

I'm also finding, that there's not enough grip on the bottom four back buttons, resulting in fingers sliding off easily. At the same time, the bottom paddles curve up allowing you to rest your fingers nicely on them, which improves the reaction time.

The DualSense Edge only has two back buttons, which is a huge disadvantage for hardcore gamers. However, it offers two different styles: one with a back button that's placed more towards the center of the controller and another with a back button that follows the contour of the product. The Edge back buttons accommodate a wide variety of play styles and hand sizes, whereas not everyone will be able to utilize all six back buttons Razer has.

Surprisingly, even as a four-button fan, I'm giving this one to the DualSense Edge for all the above reasons.

Back Buttons Winner

Mechanical Face Buttons

All face buttons on the Razer controller come with the latest mecha-tactile action buttons, while the d-pad, touchpad, and bumpers are outfitted with the latest micro switches. The mecha-tactile feature enhances the reaction time with a 0.65 millimeter actuation time. It also gives that mouse click sound while improving longevity with a rating of over 3 million clicks.

These impressive specs greatly improve the experience in the games that heavily rely on the face buttons, including the FPS games, where you're using the bumpers to aim and shoot.

On the contrary, the P5S Edge controller has no upgrades done to the face buttons, d-pad, touchpad, or bumpers; they are the same as their original PlayStation 5 controller.

I'm giving this round to Razer, as mecha-tactile style action buttons and improved micro switches provide much better reaction times.

Mechanical Face Buttons Winner

Trigger Stops

PS5 Edge & Razor Wolverine Trigger Stops

The Razer controller comes with the HyperTrigger functionality; when activated, the trigger goes from acting like a normal trigger to a short-distance mouse click style, greatly improving your reaction time with the triggers.

On the other hand, the DualSense Edge has trigger locks with three different positions to choose from. Still, when both controllers are at their shortest, quickest setting, the V2 Pro comes out on top with the shortest distance due to that mouse click style HyperTrigger.

With the HyperTrigger technology in place, the round goes to Razer.

Trigger Stops Winner

Battery Life

Razer has an impressive battery life that varies depending on whether you have Chroma RGB turned on or off. With the lighting enabled, you'll see around 10 hours per charge, and with the Chroma RGB turned off, you'll get 28 hours per charge. The 28 hours are extremely impressive in comparison to the DualSense Edge’s 5.5 to 11 hours per charge, depending on whether the vibrations are turned on or off.

With such impressive battery life, Razer easily wins the round.

Battery Life Winner

DualSense Edge VS Wolverine V2 Pro: Software Customization

DualSense Edge VS Wolverine V2 Pro - Software Customization

To customize the V2 Pro controller to your play style, you need to enter the profile personalization menu and edit it. The only way to do that is through the Razer Controller mobile application, which feels pretty odd (or outdated, I should say?)

Regardless, to start customizing your Razer, make sure the controller is connected to the console, then open up the Razer application and follow the on-screen instructions and synchronization steps. Once connected, you'll be able to choose and edit one of the four profiles.

You can rename each of these four profiles and follow the same customization settings, starting with the remapping of the six back buttons. There are plenty of options to choose from, as well as the option of setting one of the back buttons to a sensitivity clutch. This option allows changing the sensitivity of the left or right thumbstick.

The last customization option offered is adjusting the chroma RGB color, with plenty of colors and effects to choose from.

The Dualsense Edge software is completely integrated into the PlayStation 5 and can be easily accessed through the controller. You're able to have up to 30 different profiles configured, with four of them being saved directly onto the controller for quick activation.

The Sony application is extremely powerful, allowing you to unlock the full potential of this controller and fine-tune your settings to perfection. From button mapping to adjusting stick sensitivities and dead zones, editing trigger dead zones and adjusting vibration intensity, you have it all in there.

DualSense Edge VS Wolverine V2 Pro: Software Customization Winner

The Verdict

 DualSense Edge VS Wolverine V2 Pro - Pros & Cons

The results are in: Razer Wolverine V2 Pro has some great features, notably the large hand grips, mecha-tactile action buttons, micro switches, and HyperTriggers for improved reaction time. The controller also has an impressive six remappable back buttons, a large battery life, and cool Chroma RGB lighting.

However, the V2 Pro still falls short of the mark. With the premium price tag, Razer is lacking standard pro controller features, such as a built-in speaker, full mic mute functionality, rumbles, and trigger effects.

The bulky design and awkward back button placement do not cater to all play styles and hand sizes, while the app is limited in what settings you can adjust.

Lastly, it does not come with a carrying case and only has two optional thumbstick choices.

Combining all the rounds together—Razer's Wolverine V2 Pro versus Sony's Dual Sense Edge—I declare the Dual Sense Edge the winner of this head-to-head.

Overall winner

Do you agree? Drop your opinion in the comment section.

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