PS5 DualSense Edge - The Best Pro Controller Is Here?

Hearing a lot of good hype about the upcoming controller from Sony, The DualSense Edge, but not sure if you want to invest in it. This article will get it sorted out for you.

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Sony officially revealed that the new controller will offer lots of customizations so “you can play your way”.

Indeed it's going to be the first customizable PlayStation controller ever made by the brand.

In the past, Sony did a great job with DualSense and created the most technically equipped controller on the market. Yet the level of in-game immersion the DualSense has delivered didn’t help it from losing to the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller customization-wise.

This may change on January 26, 2023, when DualSense Edge hits the market. The first countries to get the controllers are the USA and the biggest EU countries.

The $199 tag is competitively priced within a cost range of other premium pro controllers. Compared to Scuf Reflex Pro at $219.99, Nacon Esports Revolution Unlimited Pro V3 priced at $149.99, and Hex Gaming Rival Pro at $199.99, Edge price seems like a fair deal to us.

Interestingly enough, Sony rushed customers to place orders asap as the stock of DualSense Edge controllers will be limited. It could be a marketing trick to boost sales or not, we will find out soon.

Let’s dig into the product specs and design to see how PS5 Edge is different from the standard DualSense, how it compares to the Xbox Elite Series 2 and other competition, and if the hype is justified.

The Concept. What is DualSense Edge

The idea behind the new PS5 controller was to offer plenty of customizations for the most personalized experience. Is that so?

The new swappable components are:

  • Replaceable stick modules (sold separately) - omg, this might be a solution to the drift problem
  • 3 sets of stick caps you can use (standard, high dome, and low dome ones)
  • 2 sets of remappable back buttons (half dome and lever-like ones)

The new controller add-ons:

  • Trigger locks allow 3 trigger travel distances
  • Additional levers are installed on the bottom, right under the sticks, allowing to switch player’s profiles and settings
  • Lockable connector housing with a special USB braided cable that helps keep the cable in place

What else can you do with the PS5 DualSense Edge?

You can adjust the stick and trigger sensitivity and dead zones, vibration force.

With remappable buttons not only you can re-assign the functions of face buttons, but save optimal combinations to your player profiles and switch between them when you need.

And finally, you can save your best settings (for example, game-specific) to your player profiles, switch between them on the fly, and quickly access their settings menu to change any parameter.

The Difference Between DualSense and Edge Controllers

The Difference Between DualSense and Edge Controllers

You definitely want to know the difference between these two. Let’s check it out:


The DualSense Edge is priced at $199.99 which is 2,5 times the price of the DualSense. This can be an important factor.


The shape and size of both controllers are the same. The face buttons, triggers, and shoulders are identical as well. Grips have been upgraded with an anti-slip coating on the inner side.


The back of the Edge features 2 back paddles you can switch for 2 levers; and 2 sets of switches for trigger locks. One more innovation is a braided cable that locks into the controller.

Analog Sticks

It seems like Sony has managed to fix the most annoying and repetitive issue of the DualSense controllers - stick drift! With swappable analog sticks (available for purchase separately for just $20) you can now replace a broken component yourself. No more sending the controller for repairs and waiting for weeks. $20 and the issue is fixed.


Edge comes with all features that Dualsense has which are haptic feedback, motion controls, a mic, and a speaker.

And yes, Dualsense Edge does have adaptive triggers.

It also includes button remapping, sensitivity, and dead zone customizations for sticks and triggers, plus supports several player profiles now (along with instant access to them and modifying ability).


DualSense Edge comes with a stylish carrying case that serves 2 purposes - to have all swappable components in one place and to protect your treasure.


Last but not least, is product availability. Assuming you are reading this before the end of January 26, 2023, you won’t be able to get the Edge, just pre-order. The DualSense has been available since 2020.

The Difference Between PS5 Edge and Xbox Elite 2 Controllers

Most of us are familiar with Edge's closest competitor - Microsoft Elite Series 2 controller.
How does the PS5's newest controller compare to the Microsoft Elite Series 2?

The Difference Between PS5 Edge and Xbox Elite 2 Controllers


First, and foremost, the price. Elite 2's most basic Core version (available since 2022) can be purchased for $129.99, and the loaded one is $179.99 which is still cheaper than the Edge tag.


Sticks tension customization, which Elite 2 offers, is not available on Edge. But you can’t replace a stick module on Elite, and this alone can be a major selling point for Edge.

Sticks on both products come in three shape variations that differ in one set for each system - Elite 2 concave, dome, and tall concave sticks vs concave, dome, and tall dome sticks for the Edge.

Back buttons/paddles

Dualsense Edge comes with 2 mappable back buttons and you can change between paddles or lever shapes for them. On the other hand, Elite 2 offers four buttons and a paddle shape only (available in different sizes though).

More differences

Edge doesn’t offer two interchangeable D-Pad options that Elite 2 does but comes with the connector housing that's missing on Elite 2.

All other features are identical for both controllers. The two come with remappable buttons, support multiple user profiles, and quick “switching” between them.

Customizing stick sensitivity, dead zones for triggers and analog sticks, and the intensity of vibrations are being offered on both.

3 setting trigger locks are also available on each one. A stylish carrying case comes on both products as well.

What remains unknown is if Edge is fully compatible with the PC (like the Elite 2), and how long its battery life is.

Modded PS5 Edge Controller

Modded PS5 Edge Controller

Mods for the PS5 Edge include the same features that are already available for the DualSense controllers. By the way, Mega Modz will be the first third-party company to mod the Edge controller.

Many wonder what mods are and why adding them. Well, they are special options designed to give you a competitive advantage in the game.

Depending on the type of mod, better performance is achieved either through controller commands personalization (take remappable back buttons) or via adding more abilities to your character skill set.

Extra skills include super abilities like rapid firing, faster reloading, better aim, and “ninja” moves like shooting and jumping or dropping to the ground at the same time.

Probably the most attractive thing about mods is that you don’t need to spend hours in front of the screen practicing to start playing like a pro. With mods, you can achieve it much faster, sometimes even in a matter of a few hours or however long it will take you to get familiar with them. To find out more about options and specs, see here.

Customization For PS5 Edge Controller

Customization For PS5 Edge Controller

At the start, Edge will come in a standard black-and-white color scheme. Most likely, Sony will begin offering design for most controller’s components, similar to the Microsoft Xbox Lab.

Another question is that it took Microsoft a while to start offering this level of customization via the Design Lab platform, and that’s too long for most of us. Plus there are still only safe and mostly solid colors offered at the Xbox Lab. But what if you want to go wild?

You can do so with Mega Modz Controller Creator where you will be able to personalize your Edge the way you want it shortly after the product release in the first quarter of the next year (2023).

By the way, what upgrades would you like to have?

There will be custom designs for the controller body starting at $14.99 and the back body starting at approximately the same price. Many colors and textures are available for Edge trim, touchpad, triggers, bumpers, d-pad, face buttons, and analog sticks varying from $4.99 to $7.99.

If you can think of more cool customizations, not listed above, share them in the comments.

The bottom line is that Edge is loudly announced to be the new standard for a pro gaming controller.

Specs and capabilities sound amazing, but there is no innovation. We’ve seen all that on other brands.

Yet the power of the Sony brand and the DualSense controller are undeniable, and maybe cutting-edge haptics and adaptive triggers are enough for innovation.

Adding new customizations may just perfect the controller's abilities and confirm its market leader position for years to come.

UPDATE: We were finally able to get our hands on the new DualSense Edge and came out with a very comprehensive review, where our team experts covered every single aspect of the controller. Make sure to check it out, and If you have something to contribute, please do so in the comments section below.

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