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Mega Modz is ceasing operations and liquidating the beloved business following a combination of challenging economic factors and declining sales since 2023. This was an extremely difficult decision that we reached only after many months of careful evaluation. We want to thank all our customers for trusting in our brand for all these years.

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PS4 Macro Remap Controller

Mega Modz Macro Remap PS4 Controller

Fully Programmable For Any Playstyle, Any Genre. Mega Modz develops groundbreaking gaming controllers for the serious gamer. The all-new Exclusive Macro Remap technology allows the user to customize a gaming experience like never before.

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we simply call it a game changer

we simply call it a game changer

5 sub-modes technology

5 sub-modes technology

Adapt The Macro Remap Functionality For Any Playstyle And Genre

1. Simple Remap. Pair any stock button to one of the ergonomic Macro Buttons.

2. Turbo Mode. Make any stock button perform as a Turbo Button. (Timing can be adjusted).

3. Auto Double-Tap. Press a Macro Button, the modchip will double-tap the configured stock button. (Timing can be adjusted).

4. Auto Triple-Tap. Press a Macro Button, the modchip will triple-tap the configured Stock button. (Timing can be adjusted).

5. Continuous Press. Press the Macro Button and the modchip will hold down a paired stock button for a programmed period of time.

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Configure Your Own Macros

The Macro Remap functions come pre-configured with factory settings by default. However, since every game is different, the user is able to program the timing a button is being pressed (ON button timing) and the time between button presses (OFF button timing) via a programming mode.

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limitless customization in a programming mode

limitless customization in a programming mode

quick control led indicator for easy navigation and mods customizability

quick control led indicator for easy navigation and mods customizability

Get Instant Feedback And Consistent Awareness

LED Indicator lets the user interact with the modchip and be aware of what functions are active at any time. It also helps to scroll between sub-modes, set up custom values, and get notifications about active macros in real-time.

Each stock button is color-coded when it gets assigned to the macro buttons. At any given moment the user is able to detect which button is assigned and what configuration and set up it represents.

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Easily Press Button Shapes For Consistently Sharp Performance

Two large ergonomic buttons are located on the back of the controller in the area of middle finger placement. The Macro Buttons can be operated on any point of the actuator and in any direction.

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perfectly placed ergonomic macro buttons

perfectly placed ergonomic macro buttons
PS4 Macro Remap Controller

PS4 Macro Remap Controller Review

Find Out All The Aspect And Details


The PS4 Macro Remap Controller is a groundbreaking gaming product built to allow the user to customize gaming experience like never before. Regardless of whether you’ve had experience with traditional modded controllers or not, this product delivers a technology that is a step above conventional pre-configured mods. Using it in your game will add a remarkable value to your adventures online as it’s highly flexible, user-friendly and compatible with any video game on the market. Get yourself more familiar with this exclusive Playstation 4 controller by checking out a detailed review of the product elaborating on specs, cons and pros and its comparison to main competitors.


There are 5 available sub-modes offering the most popular macro functions, from a simple remap to a button continuous press. The easy setup process doesn’t require using an app, software or a PC, all functions are configured using controller components. Many traditional mods can be configured via the Macro Remap function. Popular functions such as Rapid Fire, Auto Burst, Sniper Breath, Auto Heal among some other mods can be created.

Creating your own macros is a simple process and completed via a programming feature. Any type of a single button configuration can be customized on macro buttons by following steps in instructions.


The controller comes with a pair of large, ergonomic back buttons located exactly in the area of middle finger placement. The buttons deliver a special design for easy access and the ability to be operated on any point of the actuator and in any direction. A color-coded LED Indicator keeps the user informed of active functions, sub-modes, and custom values at all times.

There are 3 levels of user experience offered when operating the PS4 Macro Remap Controller:

The beginner is a great start for the first-time user who has no experience operating a modded controller. A beginner will be able to assign the stock button functions to the Macro Buttons.

The Intermediate is intended for a user familiar with modded functionality. Intermediate will be able to pair stock buttons to the macro buttons and change between factory preset sub-modes, (in 90% of cases preset factory sub-modes are efficient for many games and gaming situations).

The expert is a user with sufficient knowledge and understanding of macro configurations who will be able to customize default timing in a programming mode.

Our online instructions offer detailed and well-explained steps on the feature to help any user to become an expert quickly.


The Controller Builder platform where you will able to find custom skins, colored, textured buttons, analog sticks, d-pad and much more to tailor the look of the controller to your personal preference. Flexibility in performance and design is what has been set as a product goal that has been successfully accomplished by our team to bring you complete personalized gaming experience.

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