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Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

The Last Of Us The Game

This spectacular Sony Playstation exclusive game with a strong plot will keep you involved till the end not leaving a second to get bored. The title is fully interactive, full of surprises and will put you right in the middle of the hostile environment making you wish for your characters to stay alive as much as you were right there with them.

Released in 2013, the title made a huge success selling over 8 million copies over the glove. The remastered version made specially for PS4 system, sold over one million copies.

Storyline and Gameplay Details

The plot circles around 2 main characters, an adult Joel and a girl named Ellie and their journey around the remains of the United States in 2033. The game offers a lot of value to the players and two most remarkable things about it is the graphics and the sounds. Every detail of the surroundings has been well thought and put together with a lot of attention. Streets, houses, mud on the ground feel so realistic that you immediately find yourself in the middle of destroyed cities of the US in 2033. The look of small things like letters, voice recorders, door handles etc just makes you to admire about the visuals even more. Every environment is unique and the game requires a lot of exploration and you can spend hours just going into every little corner to see the setup there. Another brilliant thing about The Last of Us is its crafting feature. It is up to you to decide how you want to use things like scissors leaving a lot of room for your creativity abilities.

The campaign is the strongest feature of the game as it brings everything to the table and offers so much variety and uniqueness since you will be the one building the game based on your thinking of what is right and the choices you will make.

The Last Of Us Compatible PS3 Rapid Fire Controllers

A brilliant PS3 exclusive release with impressive realism and amount of options offered is a must play game for all PlayStation gamers. Our modified remotes will be a great addition to your gameplay helping you to achieve more impressive results. Try out our modding technology to be quicker, better and more skillful.

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