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Modded Controllers Compatible With Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs

Compatible Mod Packs

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Sleeping Dogs The Game

The development of the title began in 2008 and was completed by 2012 when the game was published for Microsoft and Sony gaming systems. This action-adventure video game focuses on the main character abilities to fight, strategize and shoot while making his way through the streets of Hong Kong where the action takes place.

SD received positive reviews for its voice acting and combat while the graphics and animations were heavily criticized. A remastered version for PS4 and Xbox One platforms featuring improved gameplay, sounds and graphics was released two years later.

Despite having noticeable flaws, the game managed to sell over 1.5 million copies within the first months after the release, but in 2013 it was announced by the publisher to be a failure that didn’t meet sales expectations.

Sleeping Dogs Gameplay

The idea that behind the game plot is very similar to the one of the hot selling GTA series, however it cannot be called another GTA clone. The main character of the game is not a typical criminal this time around; he is an experienced undercover cop whose initial goal is to get city’s criminal enterprises under control. The settings is very much like a real city scene that is significantly smaller than Liberty City but is more noisy and populated.

The game is dynamic and entertaining and will keep you on your toes all the way. Even a mission that has been completed offers a lot of replay value as the outcome will not be the same if you play your part differently. The main issue issue with the graphics is that camera complicates the navigation as it starts moving by itself.

The game truly shines in things like sounds, combat techniques and driving mechanics. Sleeping Dogs offers a cool mixture of Chinese and English languages that adds more charm to the dialogues. You will be very pleased with melee combat and gunplay; and driving around in a vehicle will become one of your favorite activities as it has been perfectly implemented by game engineers.

Sleeping Dogs Compatible Xbox and Playstation Rapid Fire Remotes

We recommend everyone to try this game as it delivers a great plot and very realistic scenery. GTA games genre fans will find it especially entertaining due to lots of similarities. An increased power of all compatible weapons offered by our advanced 10-mode programmable Rapid Fire pack will be a great advantage added to your combat in Sleeping Dogs.

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