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Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Grand Theft Auto 4 The Game

Another adventure in world popular GRA game series was released in 2008 with two more episodes added to the original game that completed the edition of GTA IV package. This third-person shooter had huge commercial success with over 22 million copies being sold. It is second only to the next GTA release that sold three times more units.

GTA 4 received a ridiculous number of reviews from critics and was complimented on almost every single aspect of the game: brilliant plot, captivating multiplayer, sounds, visuals, humor - you name it! It was pretty much recognized as a masterpiece.

GTA 4 Plot

An eastern European guy, Niko Bellic, who came to live on the streets of Liberty City, is the main character. He has to make a living and since he doesn't have experiences other than being a soldier in the Bosnian War, he starts is new life with robbing, killing and running from the police. The character will suck you into his lifestyle so quickly that you will feel like you are actually living it. Liberty City is a real sin city with drug dealers, prostitutes, strippers and other low moral human beings surrounding your character in his everyday life. The city was portrayed with such a talent: cars models, buildings, overall environments were recreated with an amazing attention to detail.

The core of the game is killing dialogues with fantastic voice acting and impressive soundtrack.

GTA 4 Modes

The game includes over 90 missions that take a decent amount of time to be completed. They never feel repetitive despite their similar agenda. To relax from the main tasks a little, you are welcome to enjoy mini games as well.

The multiplayer mode accounts over 12 modes that are a lot of fun and you can enjoy them. The best part of the multiplayer is Free mode where you are welcome to do whatever you want with up to 15 friends.

Co-op modes are very similar to the campaign and consist from a number of missions.

Depending on your skills and the attitude towards tasks, there are two possible endings of the games available.

GTA IV Compatible Xbox 360 Rapid Fire Controllers

The title uses an advanced gaming engine and a specific movement system making it hard for the most of our performance features to perform with the release properly. The next-gen Rapid Fire mod pack delivering 10 programmable speeds, however, works with the game flawlessly. Select from available Xbox 360 or PS4 custom designs, work on personalizing it to your exact taste via exterior customization options available on Create Your Own Controller platform and Rapid Fire will automatically come with the order. Explode the streets of Liberty City with your attitude, the thirst for victory and our state-of-the-art modding technology.

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