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Mega Modz is ceasing operations and liquidating the beloved business following a combination of challenging economic factors and declining sales since 2023. This was an extremely difficult decision that we reached only after many months of careful evaluation. We want to thank all our customers for trusting in our brand for all these years.

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Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Halo The Game

Halo The Game Legendary Halo shooting series released its seventh installment, developed by 343 Industries and published by MS Studios, in 2012 making all fans tremble with excitement. At the time the game was the most expensive project of the franchise. With gross sales exceeding $220 million on the launch day and more than one million people playing it on Xbox Live during the first 24 hours upon release, the title got its strong position among the biggest FPS games ever produced.

Halo 4 received a lot of positive reviews and awards from the critics and the press for its new content in terms of the enemies, weapons and modes and a rich storyline.

Halo 4 Gameplay

In continuation of the original story, the title keeps featuring humans who fight against malicious Covenant alien enemies familiar from the previous games along with new opponents such as Prometheans. The campaign mode offers 2 ways of playing - alone or co-op with another player. The multiplayer is extremely entertaining and delivers a great speed where players get points by completing all challenges. Using Forge map-editing tool, users are welcome to changde default maps by adding weapons or changing spawn points. In theatre mode players are able to create video clips and view screenshots from the recent games.

Overall this Halo edition delivers plentiful content, great narrative, a wide range of battle spaces, an ability to have a truly unique gaming experience via available customization and social options.

Halo 4 Compatible Xbox Rapid Fire Controllers

Our next-gen modchip installed in every Xbox 360 modded product by default delivers tons of customizable performance improving options that can be utilized in many games on the market. This Halo installment is a perfect fit for our customizable Rapid Fire option that allows enhancing standard fire rates of all semi-automatic and single shot weapons featured in the game. Select the type of Xbox 360 design that appeals to your taste the most and personalize its look with options offered throughout an advanced Controller Builder platform and proceed to checkout. Rapid Fire mod packs will be added to your order automatically.

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