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Sniper Breath

Sniper Breath

Sniper Breath

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Download PlayStation 3 Sniper Breath Mod Instructions

What Is Sniper Breath Mod?

This mod was specially designed for sniper rifles in Call of Duty and Battlefield games. It automatically holds sniper’s breath when scoping in.

How Does Sniper Breath Mod Work?

Upon activation, the mod will hold sniper’s breath when scoping. You (the player) no longer have to push left thumbstick to hold breath.

How Do I Operate Sniper Breath Mod?

To enter into the Sniper Breath on your controller, hold the mod switch on the back of the controller and Push In Left Thumbstick. The Player 3 LED will twinkle, and then stay ON to let a user know that Sniper Breath is ready to use.

To toggle Sniper Breath OFF, hold the mod switch on the back of the controller, and Push In Left Thumbstick. Player 3 LED will twinkle and then turn OFF.

You can always turn all exclusive mods OFF by holding the mod button on the back of the controller and taping X button at any time.

What Games Is Sniper Breath Mod Compatible With?

Sniper Breath Mod is compatible with all Call Of Duty and Battlefield games.

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