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Due to unprecedented circumstances happening in the world lately, the video game industry is experiencing a boom, and our company is no exception. Due to the high volume of sales and limited staff, the order processing time has increased to 20 days as every controller goes through the building, then the testing stage and only then gets shipped out.

Same Day Assembly option may not be always available, you will be able to see its availability while checking out as well as the anticipated delivery date. We will do our best not to break our promises and deliver products to you on time.

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Download PlayStation 3 akimbo Mod Instructions

What Is Akimbo Mod?

Akimbo Mod not only allows you to control dual-wielded guns with only one fire trigger instead of using two triggers but with a new Akimbo submode technology you will have a full control of toggling in between primary and secondary weapons turning Rapid Fire on and off.

Unleash the hidden power of:

  • Fully-auto machine pistols
  • Single-shot hand guns
  • Dual-wielded pistols
  • Semi-automatic pistols

How Does Akimbo Mod Work?

For example, in order to fire dual-wielding CZ75 pistols in Call of Duty: Black Ops, you have to pull the left and the right triggers to fire both pistols. Akimbo is designed to give you an advantage in focusing better on your game by cutting down unnecessary finger triggering functionalities. It also adds the power of Rapid Fire to your guns. This is absolutely deadly at a close range.

How Do I Operate Akimbo Mod?

To toggle Akimbo Mod ON, while holding the Mod Switch on the back of the controller, tap left D-Pad button. The player #4 LED indicator will briefly twinkle and stay on lit to let you know that Akimbo is ready to rock!

Change Akimbo Sub Modes. By holding the Mod Switch (which is located on the back of the controller) and D-Pad Left button, Akimbo sub-mode selection moves forward. Player 4 LED light indicates which sub mode you have chosen. The number of times Player 4 LED light flashes will represent the number of your three sub-modes. The controller will always remember the last sub-mode played in before powering down.

There are several different akimbo sub-modes available that allow you to further customize your Akimbo experience.

Mods Weapon Notes
Primary Secondary (Akimbo)
1 Semi-Auto Shotguns, Burst Rifles, Single Fire Rifles, Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles Semi-Auto, Single Shot Pistols, Single Shot Handguns When you scope in your primary rifle, Rapid Fire stays turned on
2 Fully-Auto Sub Machine Guns, Fully-Auto Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, Fully-Auto Shotguns Semi-Auto, Single Shot Pistols, Single Shot Handguns When you scope in your primary rifle, Rapid Fire turns off
3   All Dual Wield Guns Akimbo mode stays turned on no matter what other buttons you press

To toggle Akimbo Mod OFF, hold the mod switch on the back of the controller, and tap the d-pad down button. Player 4 LED will twinkle and then turn OFF.

What Games Is Akimbo Mod Compatible With?

Akimbo Mod is compatible with all Call of Duty Games.

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