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Download PlayStation 3 Jitter Mod Instructions

What Is Jitter Mod?

Jitter mod Increase the firing rate of semi-auto guns.

How Does Jitter Mod Work?

When using any burst firing weapon, activated Jitter Mod decreases the time between bursts, making guns shoot faster. Jitter Mod is effective at close range, but it might reduce the accuracy at long range. Once a rifle is scoped IN, you can use normal firing. Jitter was patched in MW3 and, therefore, only works in games prior to MW3.

* Jitter Mode and Rapid Fire feature cannot be used simultaneously.

How Do I Operate Jitter Mod?

To enable Jitter on your controller, hold the mod switch on the back of the controller and tap D-pad UP. Player 4 LED will flash once and stay LIT, indicating you have turned Jitter ON.

A user is able to switch between different Jitter sub-modes by holding the mod switch on the back of the controller, and then holding the D-pad UP. The player 4 LED on the controller will blink to let a user know which mode he has just changed to. When the desired mode is reached, release the mod switch to stop changing it. (Example: Sub-Mode 2-Player 4 LED flashes 2 times and stays LIT) If a user changes sub-modes while playing, the controller will always remember the last setting he was playing with before powering down.

Four Jitter sub-modes are available:

Mode Notes
Mode 1 Jitter YY method. Jitter is always on
Mode 2 Jitter YY method. Jitter is disabled while you scope your rifle
Mode 3 Jitter XYY method. Jitter is always on
Mode 4 Jitter XYY method. Jitter is disabled while you scope your rifle

To toggle Jitter OFF, hold the mod switch on the back of the controller, and tap the D-pad DOWN. Player 4 LED will twinkle and then turn OFF.

What Games Is Jitter Mod Compatible With?

Jitter Mod is compatible with all Call of Duty Games except BO3, Advanced Warfare and Modern Warfare 3.

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