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Quick Scope

Quick Scope

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Game Credentials

The game is the fifth installment in Hitman games series and continues the plot from Blood Money. It is a beautiful extension of Hitman games saga made in its best traditions released in 2012. The title received mixed reviews with graphics, variety in environments and gameplay options being appreciated. Linear structure of the game was heavily criticised however. Despite the controversy, the shooter sold over 3.5 million units.

Gameplay Details

Game developers don’t want players to settle for simple solutions and easy kills, they want you to explore and experiment. You don’t want to rush through the game, instead you want to take it slowly, enjoying every opportunity the game has to offer.

47’s combat skills and connection to the environment have been improved thus making the game look a lot more organic and smooth. Graphics and sound effects are better now, shooting system has been modified as well. The game consists of 20 levels with many of them being divided into few stages. Players that are new to the game will require some time to figure scoring system out but the main idea is to stay unnoticed by civilians stay away from killing them and perform as many signature kills on your designated targets as possible.

Hitman Absolution Compatible Xbox and Playstation Controllers

Improve your Hitman experience using 2 exciting features compatible with the shooter. Rapid Fire mod pack delivers a number of preset speeds you can choose from to use with favorite weapons and a programming option for a more personalized gameplay. Quick Scope will help you to master your quickscoping skills by pressing buttons on your behalf so that you can concentrate on aiming more.

To conclude, Hitman Absolution is a very enjoyable shooter that will keep you entertained for days due to the number of options and abilities available for players.

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