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Compatible Mods for Gears Of War games

Modded Controllers Compatible With Gears Of War 4

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Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire

GOW4 The Game

GOW 4 is the fourth game of the series that was released in 2016. It is the first entry that wasn’t developed by Epic games.

GOW franchise has been around since 2006 and includes several games which is not much compared to other popular shooters but enough to gain fans all over the world. The sales of the series exceeded 20 millions units sold worldwide and hit a profit of one billion dollars. A number of GOW novels and a comic book add to the franchise value as well.

GOW 4 Gameplay

As usual the action takes place on a fictional planet where the battle of the humans against the Locust Horde, the reptilian humanoids is in full swing. The game mainly focuses on a combat based on a cover with players using different objects to avoid the fire or engage the opponents safely. GOW4 offers several multiplayer modes with players either fighting against each other or building teams to battle Al enemies and campaign mode where users get to play in cooperation with another person.

GOW 4 Compatible Xbox One Remotes

Check out our custom remotes compatible with GOW and take advantage of 2 useful perks that will be added to the performance of your character. With the mods you will be able to turn all semi-auto and single shot weapons into fully auto ones thus getting more kills per second and spot your enemies on the fly every time you pull the left trigger. Improve your Kills to Death ratio with our products with no hassle.

Gears Of War Games



Development The very first GOW game was produced as a third person shooter that quickly gained the popularity due to an unusual storyline. Next Gears of War installments came out with a few years gap between them following the original plot.

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