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Battlefield Modded Controllers

All Battlefield releases are compatible with Mega Modz modified remotes with 6 mod options being offered for the games. Mod packs include factory pre-set sub-modes and a custom programmable mod where you will be able to customize default settings to have a more personalized experience. You are welcome to select from BF pre-configured controllers loaded with all compatible features or create your own mod combinations with any unit available on the website.

Battlefield Games

The game can truly be called one of the most popular series of its genre with over 11 main installments and 12 expansion packs produced in nearly 15 years. The fourth BF installment and the third one were the most successful releases of the franchise with the sales figures of 13.8 and 15 million dollars, respectively until 2016 when Battlefield 1 took a leading position. BF Hardline, released in 2015, was a big failure for the franchise gathering three time less in sales as its predecessors mostly due to a poor choice of weaponry and not enough vehicle warfare featured. BF1 released in 2016 was a great commercial success with the record number of the game trailer views on Youtube platform the launch sales figures exceeding those of Battlefield 4 and Hardline combined.


Battlefield is known for its focus on teamwork, piloting vehicles and scale online multiplayer combat. A class system and weaponry unlocking based on player's achievements have been present in all games of the series.

Due to the game emphasis on playing in squads, a popular Auto Spot mod option is especially appreciated by BF fans as it was designed for this FPS and gives a great advantage by helping a team to spot the enemies on the radar.

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