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Modded Controllers Modded Controllers Modded Controllers

Build your own Xbox 360 Controller

Microsoft Xbox 360 Remote

Xbox 360 technology delivered by a wireless remote released in 2005 opened a new era of gaming for the players all over the globe. With an adjustable vibration response, an ability to play from any spot in the room with no wired connection, efficiency, speed, precision and the design offered by the gadget, it quickly became a hot seller leaving its closest competitor Sony DualShock 3 far behind.

Controller Mods

A modchip delivered by the unit features the next-gen modding technology providing you with a range of modification options designed to improve your gaming performance. Each option adds a special ability to your soldier combat thus making you a really tough target for your opponents. Another feature offered by our Xbox 360 modified remote is an ability to have 2 extra buttons installed on the back that can mimic the function of any stock button.

Controller Custom Options

Picking a modified remote that will come with all necessary features is not a simple task and that’s where our advanced controller building platform comes into play. Here you can build the product from scratch by selecting the functional and exterior design features. Before you start, we recommend checking out our Guide To Selecting A Modded Controller as it will provide you with the answers for the most common questions.

Create a unique look and express your style

We believe a modified remote not only has to perform great, but have a unique, distinctive appearance. Our Controller Customizer allows you to create a controller from scratch by selecting the color and texture of any product button or part. Use your imagination to build a gaming gadget you have always wanted to own.

Controller Shell

Start building from selecting the shell for your controller. Choose from solid colors, chrome, original limited edition and hydro-dipped designs.

Ring of Light

Changing a stock green LED color to a custom one will better the look of the unit especially in a dark room.

ABXY and Guide Buttons

Get rid of boring stock buttons and add more personalization to your remote via custom colored buttons.


You are welcome to select from colored thumbsticks or real shotgun chrome silver or gold ones for an ultimate look.


A selection of solid bumper colors is waiting for you. Pick your favorite one.


Don’t settle for standard triggers, customize them to your liking.

Buttom Trim

Choosing a colored trim will give a complete look to your controller. You can either match it with a shell or contrast it.

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