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Build your own PS3 Controller

PlayStation 3 Remote

Dualshock 3 gamepad has been providing an enhanced gaming experience to players due to its sensitive face buttons, bumpers, triggers, thumbsticks and a d-pad since its release in 2007. Equipped with a breakthrough technology for the time, SIXAXIS motion sensing system, the product immediately gives a rumble feeling in the hand of the user making every crush, explosion or hit feel very realistic like if you were right in the game.

Add-On Options

A standard PlayStation 3 gamepad comes in black color and black buttons featuring symbols on them, but you don’t have to settle for the standard look as you can make it look exactly your way using options offered in Advanced Controller Creator. Adding mod options is another way to get a more personalized product loaded with functions that fit your gaming style.

Check out our Informational Page that will provide you with the answers for any questions you may have about our products.

Hardware Upgrade

Our advanced modchip delivers the latest modding technology and offers an array of options designed to advance the game play. Available features will bring more character’s skills into the game and have a positive effect on your kills to death ratio.

Create Unique Look

Building a controller that will look like you have always imagined can be easily done by replacing product stock buttons and parts with available custom colored, textured, bullets and illuminating options.

Controller Shell

Check out all custom shells available for PS3 gamepads, from simple one-color models to sophisticated, unique designs.

LED Lights

Custom LED light will enhance the appearance of your gadget. Many solid colors are available.

Operational Buttons

PlayStation X, O, Triangle and Square buttons can be replaced with either chrome or solid color options for a more personalized look.

PS3 Thumbsticks

The product can get a dramatic look by having custom thumbsticks installed. Choose from available solid colors.

Bumpers and Triggers

Select from solid color options available for the buttons to make your gadget look truly unique.

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